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  1. Vowell

    Bull Elk are Tough!!

    You mean WAS ha ha
  2. Vowell

    Bull Elk are Tough!!

    Toughest bull in 22 North This is a late rifle bull from 22n I killed a few years back. If you look close you can see a arrow shaft and wackem broadhead. While gutting/cleaning this bulll as I was reaching into the chest cavity I thought I felt a broken rib. To my suprise there was this arrow shaft completely lodged in from side to side healed up. There was a baseball sized white mass healed up around the broadhead protecting the gut inside. This guy had this arrow lodged in him for some time!!!
  3. Vowell

    Just a little overkill

    Well no meat grinder required, I’m sure it’s all hamburger under that hide. I agree ☝️ he should have listened to the OP
  4. Vowell

    Friends Archery Bull elk down

    Wow those 3rds are nice!!! Congrats to your buddy
  5. Vowell

    First Elk Down!

    Wow good job to your nephew man!!!
  6. Vowell

    The First of Many

    Wow nice job
  7. Vowell

    1980 Chevy 4x4 for sale or trade

    Pm sent
  8. Vowell

    2A,2B,2C Hunt

    That’s the shop you need to go visit
  9. Vowell

    2A,2B,2C Hunt

    These 2 where taken from these units a few years back, heard they where running together theres a gunsmith up there in Holbrook, you need to go check out, more big bucks mounted in his shop than anywhere I know.
  10. Vowell

    2A,2B,2C Hunt

    There are some big bucks in these units
  11. Vowell

    2A - trophy unit?

  12. Vowell

    Son's first Antelope

    Awesome job! Wow
  13. Vowell

    Another first Antelope

    Great buck and write up!!!
  14. Vowell

    First ever pronghorn!

    Nice job, I have a buddy hunting goat there as well!
  15. Vowell

    White Mtns. Fishing?

    Nelson’s it was, number 1,3,4,6 from left to right are my kids. A buddy caught wind of us going there so he tagged along with his 3 kids. Of course we had to take turns in the boat, catching 15 then running back to shore to trade out. Definitely all about getting the kids excited. Folks fishing from the shore did not do as well as we did but they still managed to pull a couple in but not like we did. And it was a chore cleaning them all up but I’m glad they like to eat fish.