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  1. Ernesto C

    Chronograph, which one?

    LOL and wish I had yours To bad we do not live in the same town Chris, we could go 50/50 on the Chrono.
  2. Ernesto C

    Chronograph, which one?

    Well, after that interesting reading and reviews I will be ordering the Magnetospeed...the labradar to rich for my blood.
  3. Which Chronograph do you guys use? I was going to order the Magneto Speed Chronograph but decided to ask you guys and see which one your recommend? This one looks cheap to me but is a good one? https://www.amazon.com/Caldwell-720001-Ballistic-Precision-Chronograph/dp/B00HTN5DTE/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1535999857&sr=8-7&keywords=magnetospeed+sporter+chronograph Any suggestions? Thanks guys. Ernesto C
  4. Ernesto C

    6.5-06 head stamped brass

    Well, let me take advantage that we got off topic here :) But nothing beats hunting in Old Mexico and in the USA.!! :) why not do both? There is mesquite wood on both sides and nothing beats eatin some fresh venison stake/backstraps by the camp fire with real mesquite wood and having 30,000 acres just for your self! Aaahhhh LOVE IT! Hunt here and then hunt there, double the pleasure.
  5. Ernesto C

    6.5-06 head stamped brass

    I praise the Lord because on my 23 years taking hunters down there and helping outfitters from both sides of the border I have never had any issues. If you guys do your home work you'll be fine. On the stamped barrel and brass...How many times we go over the speed limit and don't get a ticket? It only takes one time...like I said before "if" they check your ammo versus the gun, it better match. Ernesto Cibrian.
  6. Ernesto C

    6.5-06 head stamped brass

    For the purpose of taking it to a hunt in Mexico, the caliber must be stamped in the rifle barrel.
  7. Ernesto C

    Bulldozer in the 6.5 WSM

    Wow and I was about to aks you Doug what was your reloading recipe for your 6.5 WSM.
  8. Ernesto C

    6.5-06 head stamped brass

    Guys, I have the solution for your problem..I think Bertram Brass will have in a month or so brass stamped in 6.5 SAUM, 6.5 WSM, 6.5 PRC and some other besides the ones they already selling. And yes, your ammo casing or brass must match what is stamped in your rifle barrel. They (Mexican Customs and/or Military) may not check your ammo, but if they do, it better match. Here is a link to Bertram Brass..check them out. Maybe they have what you are looking for or ask them if they are planning to make it in a near future? https://bertrambrass.com/ Thanks. Ernesto C.
  9. AZJake, please check your inbox, you got a pm, thanks.
  10. OMG!! Great deal!!
  11. Ernesto C

    Rem 700 Semi Custom 6.5 Creedmoor

    Is that a MagnetoSpeed Chronograph? or what brand is it and how do you like it? Ernesto C. Yessir Ernesto that is the magnetospeed sporter. I really like it and so far it has been super easy to use and Ive never missed a reading. To do it over again I dont know if I would go magnetospeed or lab radar. I dont shoot at busy ranges so the lab radar would be sweet not having anything on your barrel. The magneto has always changed my point of impact but I cant say for sure its changed group size. Im sure it influences it. In conclusion its been really good to me and its super convenient not having the setup a conventional chronograph. Thank you Cj I apreciate it. I'm going to buy one...just undecided between the Magneto Sporter or the lab radar..was leaning more towards the Magneto....we'll see, thanks again.
  12. Ernesto C

    Rem 700 Semi Custom 6.5 Creedmoor

    Is that a MagnetoSpeed Chronograph? or what brand is it and how do you like it? Ernesto C.
  13. Ernesto C

    6.5 WSM or 6.5 SAUM?

    Hey STOMP and Doug, Thank you very much, you guys made my day.
  14. Ernesto C

    6.5 WSM or 6.5 SAUM?

    Hey STOMP or anyone else shooting a 6.5 WSM...What's your overall catridge or round length in the 6.5 WSM? did you make it the same as the 270 WSM? Thanks. Ernesto C.
  15. Ernesto C

    Trius Clay Trap Thrower FS

    65 includes shipping to Yuma?