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  1. naturebob

    2018 AZ Pronghorn

    Congrats. Looks about like my one and only From AZ, 12 years ago///////////////BOB!
  2. I will go when its Gallon night................BOB!
  3. naturebob

    Where you born in Arizona? (original thread)

    KRP, The new poepele don't understand what AZ. used to be.///////BOB!
  4. naturebob

    First Elk Down!

    Yes, congrats to ALL ,now You have to get him a Goulds...LOL.................BOB!
  5. naturebob

    Hunting Coues archery

    Mattys281, thats what I was referring to on hunt talk. I had read that article a few years back..Most guys came on there agreeing after all .Just the first 2 dind't know what they were talking about. People come from all over America to hunt them and have no clew...............BOB!
  6. naturebob

    Hunting Coues archery

    What is Your problem Boy! Oh I see ,Laveen. I got a life. You sound like the one with issues. I was talking about Coues Deer. That what thsi site is about. If you don't have anything good to say or add ,them don't post...............BOB!
  7. naturebob

    In search of Civil engineer

    They are never cheap and most are know it all a holes. Worst people to do work for or with. ..... Good luck. Only thing close to as bad is Architects. . Not just complaining but talking from exp. as a Contractor or working for one for 35 years in the Valley...............BOB!
  8. naturebob

    End of the Line Hazen you silly loser

    When your hitting isn't working,I think they should Bunt more and steal more bases. He just sits back and hopes somebody hits. He calls it he is showing confidence in his players. He came from Boston where they had them and Buy them. We don't. Bullpen and hitting coach are crap.........BOB!
  9. naturebob

    End of the Line Hazen you silly loser

    Trophyseeker that was the exact play I was talking about to friends. He should have bunted or take every pitch, then the lead off hitter would come up with bases loaded and 2 out. I was thinking that all the way. Dumb. Move............BOB
  10. naturebob

    End of the Line Hazen you silly loser

    None of their off season or Summer aquired players have been worth chit. Souza was supposed to replace DJ Martinez. Whats He got with us 5 Home Runs 20 + rbi. Nough said. Allmost as bad as Robert Sarver of the Suns. All that great starting pitching going to waste............BOB!
  11. naturebob

    End of the Line Hazen you silly loser

    Manager makes a bunch of bad decissions. I could name some from tonite that cost the game. Strategic ones..........BOB!
  12. There are a few out of staters on hunt talk forum. That have hardley if ever hunted Coues. They say they are as easy as Muleys to stalk and kill. I have an argument going with them . I would like any members here to go there and chime in to back Me up. Bunch of know it alls on that site. Allways has been. Randy IE, Big Fin on other sites the owner of it has hunted them and I told Him to chime in and tell some of the uneducated out of State hunters the truth..,,,Thanks................BOB!
  13. naturebob

    U of A / ASU Football

    How bout them DEVILS. LOOK like team play from 30 years ago. .....CAN YOU say coaching..................BOB!
  14. naturebob

    Are there any decent bucks left in unit 21?

    You will do fine . I almost went for that tag with my 11 points cause I know 21 so well. Glad I put in late BAB cause got lucky and drew it. Living in Cave Creek for years I went out there alot. Allways saw Good Muleys from Xmas on...Good luck...........BOB!
  15. naturebob


    Same here............BOB!