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  1. naturebob

    UofA seriously?

    I will just say WOW! Crazy,,,,,,,,,,,,BOB!
  2. naturebob

    How bout them Devils!

    They need to recruit some 3 point shooters. They were also dead today and it showed. Remy martin makes them go and He was hurt. Want any more excuses, LOL. At least Oregon won from the pac 12. Devils only lose Cheatam this year , Hope they add a few pieces......BOB!
  3. naturebob

    How bout them Devils!

    Same thing that happened yo the Marquette Warriors. and North Dakota Fighting Soiux. or however You spell it Nazi NCAA told them no more . Surprized they don't go after Sun DEVIL..........BOB!
  4. naturebob

    Big Lake Access Yet?

    They try to have it open for Turkey season ,but lotta snow this year.Might make Turkey honey holes up high a little different. I would think it would still be iced.............BOB!
  5. naturebob

    How bout them Devils!

    I cheer for both schools , But Miller has under acheived with the talent He has had. By now He should of been in 1-3 final 4's and elite 8 every year. He has recruted great but got caught cheating. Some other big name schools will get it too. Louisville allready has.. I bet Kansas ( a real bi under acheiver in my book They win confrence titles and thats all. Not much in Tourament.) N. Carolina is cheating as is John Caliparri. Miller is to sour in interviews for as much as He has accomplished in life. I think He knows He's out. too bad, This could be a good rivalry If Hurley keeps cleen. And as far the Devils this week They play cold they go Home. On other hand if the shoot decsent they could to sweet 16. They have alot of Horses. Could be fun or could be crying Weds................BOB!
  6. naturebob

    Dad Passes

    Thanks 10 Turkeys..........BOB!
  7. naturebob

    Dad Passes

    Can some one help rotate these I tried ,Gotta go to Bed .........BOB!
  8. naturebob

    Dad Passes

    Ok i got them down loaded off phone ,hope this all works as i am not to computer smart. I can say there were alot of people in Pennsylvania ,Ohio and NY. there and all so impressed with with how long Dad lived healthy with a memory and great health til 4 months ago. A lot of folks here in AZ.too.. I am so proud to be his son. We were poor but He allways found a way to take Me an Him hunting since I was about 7-8 years old .{left the 4 sisters at home}, Allways had an old car ,never a truck. Born in 1920 Dad cried 20 years ago when He told me He had to quit school in the 5th grade to help find food and clothing for his 4 younger sisters. {all Whom He out lived,} That was 1930 prime of the Great Depresion. . Gamps was a Mechanic and went on the road to find what ever work he could and send home $. Gram. was a seamstress and sewed rag together and thats what they whore, and She sold clothes to others. They lost their house and were living with grandparents. This was all in Brookville PA. now right on I 80 inthe central mtns. of PA. After the War they all moved to Erie Pa. to work in the facktories. I have so Many WWII stories Dad told me about 20 years ago We need all night around the campfire to hear them. Dad was in Africa and India in the war . These pics are from India and then back home ,some with Me and Him Thanks all and enjoy Your Dad. I was blessed to have him healthy till 98.There are so many good stories I want to tell but I cant type long enough. Again thanks and enjoy..Some pics are sideways I dont know why They are noy on My screen when I download em or were they taken sideways...........Robert Richard Baughman JR.
  9. naturebob

    Dad Passes

    Well I just got back Home. left the Wifes in Youngstown Ohio at 2 am not much sleep had 1 delay comming home too. Great ceremony , Flag draped casket. Got some great old pics of Him in WWII. will post later ,gotta get some sleep Thanks all for the prayers ,He is now with MOM............BOB!
  10. naturebob

    Dad Passes

    shoot now weather in Denver is so bad they just cancelled the flight to nite .I don'know what to do....BOB!
  11. naturebob

    Dad Passes

    Trip back east starting out bad allready. I fly to Denver at 8oclock then My flight to Clevevland is cancelled till 6 AM. get to sleep the night in airport. If all goes well I will get to funerall home as it opens at 2 PM .I have to rent a car and drive 90 minutes to Erie ,PA. Hope weather is Ok. There is a blizzard in Denver now I hope I can get in. They say it will be gone by 6 AM.I hope...........BOB!
  12. naturebob

    Dad Passes

    Thanks everyone for the thoughts and Prayers.I know I am not the perfect player on here and say some dumb things at times, I really appreciate You guys having My back in tough time. Its been a while too, Me and the Wife of 35 years been split up 3 plus year Lost 3 dogs to old age Lost Mom 3 Years ago Our 3 kids live all around the USA as they are grown up born and raised here then Moved on in adult life. No one Left here but Me ,Then I'm on the road 13 hours a day in Semi alone, It gets old sometimes. You guys Are like family to me in a way. We all love Hunting. I fly back tonite ,Showing Tomm. and Funeral Friday . Not a fun tine. Thanks again all so very much..............BOB!.
  13. naturebob

    Dad Passes

    Well My 98 year old Dad Past tonight. I allways bragged about Him. WW II Vet . Rest in peace My Mentor. Glad I went back to Penn. 5 weeks ago to see Him ,I knew it would be the last time. But still hard Pill to Swallow .Thanks ALL! AMEN..............BOB!
  14. naturebob

    Rifle 13a/b or 12B Late - Which one and Why?

    AZ, killer ,looks like You put a photo of yourself with your fav. hat. Looks like You would be ugly even with out it LOL..........BOB!
  15. naturebob

    Rifle 13a/b or 12B Late - Which one and Why?

    I drive semi to So Cal every day. I spend a lot of time listening to different guides podcast. Most say the Kaibab has the best genetics in the world. Yes s the Strip produces bigger bucks ,BUT not as many. And to get that 220 Buck you better spend your life up there or get one of the Bundy crowd for 7 k. And as good of boys as they are , I even herd where one was cheating. And it wasn't Brec. Thats all I will say. I am not a Rat , But when somoene goes against the Law and another Hunter I will say it. Good luck on Your Hunt. At 62 and 11 points I was happy with a late Kaibab tag . A 185 buck to me is better than cheating Or trail cams or baiting. I know the buck I shot was not on cam 4 months ago......Good luck all this year. And You jellous Mormon guys who call me a drunk ,cause I post this time of night, Remember I just got back from Mexifornia . I drive truck till 2 or 3 in the AM. ..... I am allmost 63, I have a few here and there like every good old boy will , But I can tell You every one cheats , all religions and all the so called good boys. . Even the Amish back East are not true anymore. They borrow alot of Modern equipment from there neighbors. You guys probably wonder where I am coming from with this post, welll I i am Just a wild Guy and an Honest man Had a sucessfull Buss. for 25 years put 2 thru ASU. ( never considered U of A) Amen. I guess My message is go Hunt and Harvest a nice Buck. Don't worry about Score. If anyone wants any Turkey help PM. Me I am allways willing to Help. And don't worry I am not crazy ,just post My Opinion.....BOB!