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  1. naturebob

    Coues rut

    Trphyhunter ,What bar were You in this week. Were they going at it Hard?,,,,,,,,,,,,BOB!
  2. naturebob

    20 points

    Go to bed . don't worry, it is what You get. Pisses us all off.........BOB!
  3. naturebob

    3 points- early archery?

    Gotta play the game. Just like lottery which i don't play. In 1996 there was 40 or 50 tags unit 1 Early rifle Bull. I had 3 points and drew it. ,,,,Miricle ,it was one of the worst drought years in history, The guides still talk about it. I had a great hunt . Didn't know what I was looking at or for. But if You found water ,You found elk. 2nd nite ,2 bulls fighting on the Rez. 1 came in My meadow. then went back to the Rez. He was fighting another Bull , You could here it but not see it. I made up My mind If He came back out ,He's dead. He must of won the battle. He came back to 35 cows and 5 smaller Bulls But never got the chance to get laid. 80 yards 1 shot Bob ! Done Deal, it can happen. You don't need all them Bogus points Thats why next year I am done with Wyoming. I didn't know how to score back then. But the Bull went a pinch over 330. I was Happy for first Bull. He has been displayed on the wall at Trailhead Outdoors on 35th ave few blocks north of Thomas for 22 years now as My old house in Cave Creek had low ceilings. Someday I will get Him home. I have 2 bulls ,1- 330, 1-331 . Botth big tops and main beams, but short front 4. Play the game and win and Hunt. Play a couple States to up Your odds...........BOB!
  4. naturebob

    Love hunting in the snow...

    Congrats Kevin. You Da man. No Bait No cams. ,Teach Your generation how to do it.And for You dreamers I don't want to hear one post about ,Bobs drinking again. Just got back from Cabazon , California in the big rig. I met and respect Kevin, He was in camp on My Kaibab Hunt. He is a good hunter and a good Guy...........BOB!
  5. naturebob

    22 Points

    G & F have ruined unit 1. For Elk and Turkey is going south too. But as far as Ruggednes I don't see that ,even at 62..........Good luck. I prob. would do 23........BOB!
  6. naturebob

    Love hunting in the snow...

    Congrats Kev. You earned it................BOB!
  7. naturebob

    Cleaning smoke off a mount

    Smoked fish for dinner! Glad evrything is ok Kev............BOB!
  8. naturebob

    Mule Deer Cape

    I sold My Wyomig cape to My Taxi. I will try to get hold of Him Tomm. It was from a 4x4..........BOB!
  9. naturebob

    Prayers for my son

    Praying for Your Son. Hope it something that Meds can control and nothin worse...........BOB!
  10. naturebob

    Year of the mule deer

    Very nice, Congrats. Beautiful Deer!..........BOB!
  11. naturebob

    My lifetime tag

    A BIG Congrats to You and all that helped..............BOB!
  12. naturebob

    2019 regs

    The lack of pronghorn is a serious problem in this State. The drought this year really hurt. Anyone have ideas what G & F can do besides arial gunning and hauling water.?.............BOB!
  13. Yote, I will save Your Lives and get You a great hunt in AZ. Give Me a call 602- 422 -0353. . I have been there 5 years and won't go back. Me and My roomate just got done talking about N. Dakota 10 min. ago. Miss some things from there but not the cold LOL...........BOB!
  14. naturebob


    Back in the early 90's when I had my cabin near Vernon there was some type of inversion there and it was like -10 for a week and temp didn't change at all. White Mtn's can get really cold. I believe Hawley lake is the State record low. someone tell Me how cold..............BOB!
  15. naturebob

    Hunting Report ?

    I was in southern part of 21 ,not much hapnen............BOB!