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  1. naturebob

    WMAT Turkey hunt

    I'm going to New Mexico. Well worth it if your into it. Turkeys happen to be one of my favorite. I have 4 of the 5 Species. Only lacking the Osceolla. Was going to Fla. to get it this year but gonna wait 1 more. No way I pay 1700 $ for the Rez . They can keep there birds. I wait in unit 1 and call them over the fence...........BOB!
  2. naturebob

    God Bless Our Troops

    NO Tags , So I don't like Iranians. BFD...To each his own............BOB!
  3. naturebob

    AZ, DBacks.+

    Quietly the DBack's have made some good moves in aquiring some descent players this off sesason. They got another good bullpen guy and possible closer today from the Astros.. Maybee they can inch up this year and contend instead of pretend. They are trying anyway thats all You can ask for. That more than you can say for the Suns. With them , I think coach Montey Williams is a little over ratted. He needs to kick some of these Guys in the butt and quit being so soft..To his credit He doesn't have a bench. But I don't like some of His rotations and play calling. Just My opinion. People are getting on Ayton, I say He needs time. He is just a kid , should be in 3rd year of collage, and He hasn't played very many years of Ball. He needs time to grow up and a good big man to teach Him..............BOB!
  4. naturebob

    Late rifle coues

    Yep, Very nice ,Congrats to all!.............BOB!
  5. naturebob

    God Bless Our Troops

    I haven't followed this ,been on the road ,but if I had to Bet, I would say it was shot down. When I heard there were Canadians I felt like what are they doing there? Now that I see they were Iranian Canadians , No problem.............BOB!
  6. naturebob

    AZGFD accepting applications for 2020

    Thats Me Tony! I will be 64 this year and loosing a little gusto for roughing it and trying to Hike Hills. Think I will just put in for all Trophy Hunts and see what happens.I only have 4 Elk points ,14 Antelope ,2 Deer , 27 Sheep, 4 Turkey which I will have 5 for next Spring. I can keep hunting them as I only hunt the Spring and call them to Me. Good Luck ALL!..........BOB!
  7. naturebob

    Lost a good friend

    Very sorry. Happens way to much ,to Good People Too!..........BOB!
  8. naturebob

    Lifetime licsense!

    Yep ,I'm gonna grab one in may before I leave.. Might be back soon ,but I know I will be back someday. Matter of when. If I end up out of State for a while I will just put in for Trophy hunts and I have 27 points for sheep, 14 antelope ,only 4 for Elk,2 Deer, 5 Turkey.........BOB!
  9. naturebob

    Lifetime licsense!

    I moved to N. Dakota for 4 years in 2011 to work in oil field when construction was bad here. So I might not Qualify ,even tho I been here since 1977, I was gone for 4 years. We will see how Summer goes. Thanks a lot ,I didn't think about that. I might get to use it a long time. Mom lived to 88 and Dad to 98 ,He just passed in March. I just have to eat better and get exercise. Got the Genes!............BOB!
  10. naturebob


    Its a shame period. In the Gila of New Mexico that was there best Elk area of the State as far as Tropy potential goes and White Mtn's of Az .as well. Makes Me sick!..............BOB!
  11. naturebob

    Lifetime licsense!

    Forgot ,Our 3 Kids are all over now, From N. Carolina to Illinois and one in California. So they can come visit or we can do some Travelling.............BOB!
  12. naturebob

    Lifetime licsense!

    I for got about the lifetime license You can buy at 62 + for $296 . I am 63 now and just a month ago bought my Hunt and fish for this year, Dammit. .This is for Az. Res . only. I will go buy it this spring as I am pretty much done working in 4 months and gonna play snow bird and go back to Youngstown ,Ohio for 4-5 months and try to get back with the Wife. We have been separated for 4 years now but get along great. I visit twice a year and all is cool. I just don't wanna live in the Crap back East. Being pretty much retired it is very cheap housing back there as there are no jobs. She likes the change of seasons and Winter I hate the cold. So I told Her we will see how things go but I wanna play snowbird even if it has to be a mobile home or big travel trailer out here in winter. I think if all goes well I can get Her back her full time eventually. She lived here 35 years and knows its beautiful. I was on the prowl for 3+ years and never found a keeper. I know what I have in Her and just have to devote more time to her. I grew up 90 miles away from Her in Erie ,Pa and have 2 younger sisters still there and cousins. She has lotta family back there and only 1 sister here that she is not that close with. I wouldn't mid being a snow bird . Worked outside in Summers here since 1977. I can take the heat but if You can get out of ,You may as well. Just in case I would stay back there I want that life time lic. so I can allways be put in the resident draw. First gotta work 4 months and Spring Turkey Hunt then head out. Just don't know what to take, or put stuff in storage or pay to leave it here at Roomates house. I think He would like the storage $. I don't know what storage costs here. Thanks for reading My story ,It was intended to be fore lifetime licenses. any one over 62 I think its worth it..........BOB!
  13. naturebob


    Great Stuff Tony, Thanks..............BOB!
  14. naturebob

    2020 Antler growth???

    I only have 4 points, but got lucky in 1996 and drew early rifle bull in unit 1 with just 3 points. Back then 6000 apps and 50 tags. I see now over 8000 apps and just 40 tags. Odds are gettin tougher. Good Luck all...........BOB!
  15. naturebob

    Max Bonus points

    You can Go Hunt Wyoming every Year cheap if you must have an Antelope while you are waiting to draw here. ..........BOB!