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  1. naturebob

    Archery Goat Down

    Beautiful Christian. Congrats!....................BOB!
  2. Bridge was built in 1912 , used by Union Pacific. the news said it was Inspected recently. I say some one didn't do there Job or the Rioters did something..................BOB!
  3. naturebob

    Red Letter day , a viable tag

    Glad You got a tag Jimmy. How many buddies coming out this year? I been meaning to call You........................BOB!
  4. naturebob

    OHV decal

    Did a 3rd party Yesterday for the Quad I got last Weekend and They said MVD is all screwed up.!.............BOB!
  5. naturebob

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    Watch who and what you are calling them you worthless Pedophile Primadonna .Piece of garbage. You started the name calling not Me. I merely put up a post with my opinion. You don't know me and have no right to accusations. Go back to Church ......................BOB
  6. naturebob

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    Maybe Your just jealous cause You never were great. And I didn't say i was great anyway , But Iv'e had a Great life , Thanks for the kind comments Shows Your class too. Happy Hunting ................BOB
  7. naturebob

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    Flatlander ,That is a Imature statement, By far, I know You wanna be somebody in the hunting world,be my guest. Put Your Kid on TV and in magazines . Why should a Kid get an advantage over a Person who has led the way for these kids? All I am asking for is a level playing field. And if I wasn't sick 2 years ago on my hunt I would of killed a much bigger Buck. But I wouldn't have been in magazines or Videos . heck I killed a Great Buck in 1 day at 62 years old sick as a dog. When I was your age I would have made You look like a turtle. And I had 2 Sons Who didn't want to hunt and I didn't force them. They are Successful Bussiness men today , and Great Human beings. Thats all care about. I never put My Wife or Mom or Dad in for the draw either. Thats where I think it is BS. I know You don't like Me Junior and thats good. By the way I never had Pneumonia I ended my hunt Quick so I didn't get it. Get your FACTS straight before you talk kid. Keep beating me up if You want , It will just show your immaturity, I won't respond as I am just giving My opinion. Talk all the crap You want..Really no need for Your post as this is an open Forum and I am Merely giving My opinion . You already gave Yours and I responded...............Happy Hunting .....................BOB
  8. naturebob

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    Yes , Year long Lion season is needed! Don't give in to the Anti's. This isn't California! And last Kids get to many tags handed to them and Great tags too! they don't even know what they have or no idea what they are doing . It is Bullcrap that the older guys like me have to wait years for those great tags. Screw hunter Recruitment , there was 1 million people when I came here in 77 Now 5 million just in metro Phoenix. There will always be plenty of kids hunting without tags handed to them. Here's an Idea.If we can hand tags to Kids Why can't we hand em to Seniors who have kept this wildlife thing going and spent 10's of Thousands at Banquets over the years I know I will piss off some of You Daddy's , But make it a level playing field. Maybee now that I am retired instead of spending all my $ at Banquets I will lobby for old Hunters. Not a bad Idea ....................BOB!
  9. naturebob

    Freezer wanted!

    Thanks Much to Elcy, another Great Coueswhiteail Member found Me a freezer. Brownie points for tonight.............BOB!
  10. naturebob

    Freezer wanted!

    Girlfriend is looking for an upright Freezer. Said she would sttle for a regular freezer if she has to. Thanks call BOB at 602 422 0353. Brownie points for Me if I find one .Stores are out of them. Or if anyone know a store that has some........................BOB!
  11. naturebob


    Scumbags , Somebody turn them in Please..............!
  12. naturebob

    Docter 40x80/500 $2600

    No tri pod needed! Can be held up with crane or a backhoe. LOL Good luck with sale . Good Eyes there.............BOB!
  13. naturebob

    Wanted Quad!

    Boots on the ground My Asz . I did that for 40 Years , I am a Duwane Adams fan . I will let the Glass do the walking. I still have it in Me and can do it at 64 , but I do it once I see an animal nowdays. Thanks For the advise and Good luck. My Dad passed last March at 98 and never used a cane or a walker. ,I plan on the same thing but gotta be smart about it. I hope to be on here in 20-25 years telling Y'all about My hunt. ......BOB!
  14. naturebob

    Leftover tag

    Yes You are both Brian. You have have some great sucsess.............BOB!
  15. naturebob

    Quad ramps for sale

    OK ,I know somebody needs these RAMPS . My fault for not checking width when I bought it last week. Seller was good guy ,but He should have told Me width. I didn't have the machine yet or I would of measured.....................BOB!