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  1. naturebob

    Weimaraner for sale!

    Hey AZ bird hunter boy. You can't comprehend anything either. I said I just got off work like I did just now. I drive A Semi to Palm Springs and back Daily. No time to drink, Bone head. And as far as punctuation or what ever and spelling I don't give a dam . This a hunting website not a 3rd grade spelling class .No body cares ,look in the mirror, Your buddy Your backing on this post couldn't even spell the name of the dog He was selling. Then You use the word GOD in your post but yet call me a retard. ,You junior have issues.. And the post zack got mad about I said PERHAPS. I did not acuse him.. We have still not seen pictures of the dog or much info. Maybe I was right. PERHAPS.... I get a kick out of dumb people that doubleback talk on their ownself and don't realize it.. The last person that accused me of being drunk I told them if the did it again I will call them a Pettafile or however you spell it. Havn't heard from them yet. ... No Pics this thread should be shut down.........BOB
  2. naturebob

    Happy 72nd Birthday

    Edge, My Dad that passed away 6 months ago at 98 was in the Air Force in WWII. Tommorrow He would have turned 99. Born Sept. 19 ,1920 . I am Going to AZ .Veterans Cemetary Tomm. and say a prayer for Him . Great stuff and thanks..........BOB!
  3. naturebob


    Matt Andreise Sucks too. Need a whole new bullpen basically. The other thing with Torrey is Moving players around in too many different positions. I know injuries make that happen sometimes ,but Guys don't get consistant playing time either. Example. Jake Lamb drove in 4 runs Monday nite ,Torrey was talking big about Him today then tonite He is not in the line up. Only pinch hit . And He has proved He can hit leffties. So another dumb move right there for example.............BOB!
  4. naturebob


    Great Bull.............BOB!
  5. naturebob

    Weimaraner for sale!

    I just got home from work. This tool of a guy Zack ,Pms me and ask's me if I have a problem . thats all he said. On My post I did not bad mouth Him I said PERHAPS. Don't jump the gun Bully. MY God mello out and desert dog You too Calling Me an Idiot , Your another tool . dang young punks are . well never mind . I wont say it. Waste of breath. It was Zacks first post here. We don't know You and if You are legit. heck You might be a Great Guy but don't jump the gun and come barking up my tree. Not wasting any more time here on this post . Hopefully its a Weiner dog and Desert dog can Suck it..............BOB!
  6. naturebob


    One last thing . Hazen Might be good but if His hands are tied By the owner He Can't spend $ which seemed to be the case this year.....BOB!
  7. naturebob


    I disagree 100% My friend. .Torrey Sucks . He talks like He's coaching High school players. He would not motivate Me. They gave away all the good pitchers but it doesn't matter cause He would not let them make a difference anyway . 2-3 players over achieved and that kept them in it for a while but they were never a real threat. The Starters couldn't have any motivation ,when they know they will get taken out in the 5th inning with a lead and never get a win. . Pitching coach Butcher needs to go . I know they wont let Torrey go but they should . 2 terrible Septembers in a row and they lost series to the worst teams in the league.They have plenty of hitting and I will side with You some as Management . is worse by not spending $ on a bullpen when you are so close. Like I said they should be right with the Dodgers. They may no contend for 10 more years . When you are there You gotta go for it Like 2 years ago when they got Martinez. But this year its pitching they needed. Archie is not a Closer. He has nothing special. How they let Holland go so long Blew the season Maybee You know more about base ball than Me and I will listen to You if You make scense. Basket ball is My specialty and no one can get me on that. Peace My Friend they won but doesn't matter now.....BOB!
  8. naturebob


    I am so done with Torrey Luvello . Last year He blew it . This year is worse I just got home and its the 7 and Robbie Ray gave up 1 Hit the whole game. In Hi ussuall trend He takes Him out winning 3-0. First pitch 2 run Homer , 3-2 game . releiver walks 2 more and as I write they just threw the ball away. 3-3 now the score. Bullpen has blown over 20 Games, I was saying Luvello blew another 7-8 ,but now its probly up to 10 with His bad decissions. What a shame. They should be tied or leading the Dodgers. . Some of it is Managements problem as they didn't acquire any bullpen guys. Terrible . We had plenty of hitting. Bullpen coach needs to go with Torrey .The rest are Ok. Marlin just scored and still no out after they took out Ray. 5-3 marlins all in 15 minutes to one of the worst teams in baseball. Well Dodgers have won 7 Straight western division Titles and no World Series , So they really havn't acomplished Shitt . I rib them fans all the time. In the 60's and 70's when I was a Kid and teenager,they went 9 innings and Pitched every 4 days not 5. Some team needs to get the balls and bring that back. In AZ's case why not try it. I am pumped right now, I am Eating Kaibab Burgers................BOB!
  9. naturebob

    Weimaraner for sale!

    Perhaps He found it or took it and trying to make $ on a great dog. I hope not..........BOB!
  10. naturebob

    Weimaraner for sale!

    Is She to Hyper for You? I had a great one for 13 years. Bit the mailman once Great watch dog and Family dog. Very protective. I had a male and brown in Color not Blue .Good luck find a good Home. .........BOB!
  11. naturebob

    Fruits of success.

    Randy doesn't do anything For Me. He is a nice Guy but Does nothing a good average hunter can't. He get His audience from the Eastern wanna be Western Hunters and All the 5 or 6 States up North an Dakota's , Where they don't Know how to Glass or Hunt. And He is not a Great Glasser .. Rather spend a week with about 6-7 AZ guides in the woods than Him . Nothing against Him ,But leave it at that.........BOB!
  12. naturebob

    Heads UP!! UPDATE $30K

    Makes Me feel better going to the White Mtn's Or Rim in a few days SOLO. . Hang EM . What happened to the good ole days......BOB!
  13. naturebob

    Had A Visitor

    Nice . You give em water year round they will make it a habit. I lived up there for 15 years. The problem is the Javalina come to and eat Your whole yard.........BOB!
  14. Thanks for the post. I would never have the patience to take the Pics and write it all up like You did. Honor to You It all happens for a reason thanks ....BOB!
  15. I did get a year older on this Post! went from 62 to 63 last Friday. Seems like a whole year waiting for the finale. Hope its a good one...........BOB!