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  1. Workman


    Sad day for sure. Jason truly was a innovator and a exceptional conservationist for the hunting industry. Prayers to Kirstyn and the family. RIP Jason you will be missed.
  2. Workman

    Drop Tine Coues

    Sweet dick duster dude!
  3. https://www.azgfd.com/hunting/units/mesa/24b/
  4. Workman

    Savage 14 American classic .270wsm

    Sold. Thanks Will K
  5. Workman

    Savage 14 American classic .270wsm

    Sounds good, give me a ring and let me know whats works best
  6. Workman

    Savage 14 American classic .270wsm

    Bump. Make a offer if interested
  7. Workman

    Camp Masters....

    Make sure your carbon monoxide detector is good and always double or triple check the stove before heading to bed. Personally I always shut the bottles off unless its really cold and need to run the heater at night.
  8. Workman

    2018 antler growth

  9. Workman

    RaffleTags and Trail Cams

  10. Workman

    Where am I???

    My guess is youre at Your house. The picture is At the intersection of San Tan village Pkwy and Pecos rd heading south.
  11. Workman

    fance/gate builders

    Faulkner fence is who I use. Eric Faulkner 602-739-1919 hes in Chandler. I own a Masonry company if you need block work done. He builds and installs all the gates and iron fence that we do.
  12. Workman

    Where am I ?

    bingo-the crater marsh on top. saw my first blue grouse there. i don't get around much anymore-gotta look at other peoples pics now lee Yeah its pretty neat up there. I try to go at least once a summer and visit with the ranger Allen Allen up in the tower. Hes a good guy with a lot of cool stories. If you havent been up in the tower with him Id recommend it at least once.
  13. Workman

    Where am I ?

    Lake Mountain
  14. Workman

    Savage 14 American classic .270wsm

    Ive only had it out once since I bought it and shot a box through it. The first few were sighting it in, the rest were shot from 100-300 yards. I felt it shot good with the ammo I was shooting but I didnt Spend to much time with it, that and Im not all that great of a shot to begin with.