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  1. deserthntr

    WTB rem 700 action

    Looking for a rem 700 short action, or cheap rem 700 complete rifle, just want the action for a new build
  2. deserthntr

    Vortex viper 6.5-20x50 and reloading stuff

    reloading is SPF
  3. deserthntr

    Vortex viper 6.5-20x50 and reloading stuff

    TTT.... 300 OBO on scope 100 OBO for all reloading stuff
  4. Selling a vortex viper 6.5-20x50 with mildot reticle. Scope body has some wear but glass is perfect and the scope tracks correctly. $350 OBO Also have the following reloading supplies 67- 2x fired 6.5x284 lapua brass, some are loaded some are empty $30 1lb- unopened H4831sc $25 1/2lb H4831sc $10 or $30 for both bottles of powder 1 1/2 boxes 6.5 140gr bergers appx 150 bullets 40$ 6.5x284 Redding reloading dies $25 Can send more pics of scope if wanted. I'm bad at answering phone calls but leave a message and I will call back Call or text 480-284-3369
  5. deserthntr

    2017 Mexico !!

    you just had to kill a giant 2 point before i could kill mine great job and awesome bucks houston!
  6. deserthntr

    Swarovski 15x56 neu $1300

    binos are gone!
  7. deserthntr

    Swarovski 15x56 neu $1300

    binos are currently spf, with meet up tonight. if it falls through i will move down the list in order of pm's/texts
  8. deserthntr

    Swarovski 8x30 rangefinder $400

  9. deserthntr

    Swarovski 8x30 rangefinder $400

    Also selling my rangefinder. Have 2 only need the one. Comes with belt clip $400 call or text 480-284-3369
  10. deserthntr

    Swarovski 15x56 neu $1300

    I'm selling my swaros just to upgrade into the HD's. They are from 2013 and have no scratches on the lenses and will come with the Outdoorsmans stud but not adapter as I have other binos I use the adapter for. 1300$ Comes with warranty card box and soft case. Text me at 480-284-3369
  11. deserthntr

    anybody need work?

    i sure am! send him my way and i will get him set up. thursday is my day off this week but he can come in anytime!
  12. deserthntr

    anybody need work?

    16, bruce halle even has a scholarship program for kids who work for him that want to go to college!
  13. deserthntr

    anybody need work?

    ya swing on by anytime ill hook you up! im there open to close 5 days a week. thursday is usually my day off
  14. deserthntr

    anybody need work?

    thanks tj! i think you talk me up a little but i appreciate the kind words! hey now 208... some of us millenials arent so bad putting in 60 hrs of work a week and going to school full time but i do agree with you on most of them lol
  15. deserthntr

    anybody need work?

    flatlander thanks! reezenhunter ill send you a pm with more details and my phone number, could use all the weekend help we can get!