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  1. 520HUNT

    Cellular game cams

    I use Buckeye Cams. It is the only way to go out here in AZ. It's pretty simple to set up and will pay for itself in no time. And best thing about it, is that you don't need cell service where you want to put a camera! Options are unlimited with Buckeye Cams. I've been using them for 5 years now and love them. I've used other cams (Spartan, covert, Bushnell, Reconyx), but there are so many limitations with these other cams, it's not worth it in my opinion.
  2. 520HUNT

    Forest service shot at

    Good job boys!
  3. 520HUNT

    25 point?

    The guy with the tag! Hopefully he is a smarter hunter, than he is at applying.
  4. 520HUNT

    25 point?

    Who puts a 3rd choice on a sheep application???
  5. 520HUNT

    Unit 42 Elk Pics!!!!!!!!!!!

    Covert Cams are not made well. You kind of get what ya pay for.
  6. 520HUNT

    2017 Buffalo House Rock Ranch

    After reading all of this and talking to 3 different hunters who used Russ and were not happy, I'm leaning more to supporting the federal snipers to come and eliminate the herd. End all of this BS.
  7. 520HUNT

    Side x side opinions

    I have a 2014 Ranger 900 XP and have used it a lot. No maintenance except regular oil changes. Top speed of 72mph (that was a little squirrelly). It will go anywhere and always has more than enough power.
  8. 520HUNT

    2017 Buffalo House Rock Ranch

    What an A$$ ^^^
  9. 520HUNT

    And now...unit 33 is Burning...

    Catalinas are off limits to you guys with bear tags right now.
  10. 520HUNT

    And now...unit 33 is Burning...

    No monsoons yet.
  11. 520HUNT

    2017 Buffalo House Rock Ranch

    You are correct, I had no idea that outfitters thought it was ok to block roads, or run other hunters who got their first off. I wasn't raised that way and assumed that most other hunters had ethics.
  12. 520HUNT

    2017 Buffalo House Rock Ranch

    I would suddenly get the urge to begin target shooting if some guy came in and was going to shoot over my shoulder. This outfitter obviously has no ethics if this is how he runs his camps!
  13. 520HUNT

    And now...unit 33 is Burning...

    This is exactly the same route and pattern as the Bullock fire 16 years ago. Too many fires not enough resources or crews.
  14. 520HUNT

    2017 Buffalo House Rock Ranch

    Once you leave your salt and blind on public land it is considered abandoned...