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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that there are 6 campgrounds in the Alpine District that will be closed to overnight camping this year. They are mainly campgrounds with horse corrals in unit 27. I'd hate for anyone to get ticketed for something they've been doing for years. This also set's a pretty ridiculous precedent that I would hate to see expanded to other districts and forests in the future. I suggest reaching out to the district office for more details.
  2. PackerMenges

    Elk Options

    If interested in a private ranch cow elk hunt in New Mexico let me know.
  3. PackerMenges

    How bout them Devils!

    That ASU bandwagon must be on fire right now.....
  4. PackerMenges

    Davis tent panniers?

    When I pack elk quarters/meat I prefer panniers without lids. To me they're just in the way and serve no real purpose. It's easy to drop the hinds on one horse, the fronts and misc on the other, tie a couple box hitches and roll. I don't think you need to over think it much, just get what is easy and makes sense for you. If you're in the Tucson area and looking for packing equipment I have some panniers and a saddle that aren't getting used much.
  5. PackerMenges

    Davis tent panniers?

    I prefer these http://www.outfitterspackstation.com/utahpanniers1.html Simple and tough.
  6. PackerMenges

    Unit 27 Mule deer help

    The most important thing you probably said in that was "as long as it's not too rough for my wife's barrel horse." And I say that from experience dating a barrel racer for over 2 years now. We take the horses into that unit but we know exactly where we're headed and I kind of know which trails are "barrel horse...worthy?" Ha. What Alpine said is very accurate. Just be careful, it can not only get steep, it can get narrow, rocky as heck, brushy, spooky, and if there's any weather, boggy up higher..hence bowed tendons and bad news for performance horses (and barrel racing husbands or boyfriends) in most cases. There are some great areas though, thinking beyond the rim and the blue that hold great deer and are friendlier to equine with maybe not as much rock mashing, middle of nowhere experience.
  7. PackerMenges

    Unit 27 Mule deer help

    Congratulations on a great tag! As ghost said, they are spread all over the unit. It depends more on where you want to hunt, what kind of vegetation/topography you prefer to hunt in, the type of hunter you are, and your tolerance for other hunters. PM me if you would like. Good luck
  8. PackerMenges

    Deer Leftovers

    Having minimal deer points I put down two hunts as my 4th and 5th choice that had leftovers last year...I came up empty in the draw so I am pretty curious to see what the leftover list looks like this year.
  9. PackerMenges

    Tale of Two Sheds

  10. PackerMenges

    Tale of Two Sheds

    All I know for sure is that it is a big, unique shed worthy of hauling all day, which we rarely do on older whites. Our mission that day wasn't to seek out sheds as much as it was to get to a particular spot. The primary quest now is pretty much going to be based around that shed and figuring out what is going on in that area in terms of genetics. Hopefully I can add to this story in the near future.
  11. PackerMenges

    Tale of Two Sheds

    Went out this last weekend and put 14 miles on the boots. Found some great stuff but wanted to share these two sheds. The small is a neat little bladed out forky with eye guard, in some circles considered a micro. The other scores just over 70". Update:3/14/2017 Was able to make it out again this past weekend and found some more sheds. The big mulies are dropping, found a fresh set and 2 large fresh singles. Also found last years shed from the same deer the original post was based around.
  12. PackerMenges

    Best Rifle Season (nov 25 to dec 4) units?

    Congratulations on the move! If I were in your shoes I would prioritize my draw choices by where I want to hunt more. Sounds generic, but the 36's and 34B are all possible to draw. There's some time between now and the draw, i would allocate a few days to do some exploring and figure out which unit appeals to you and go from there.
  13. PackerMenges

    Best Rifle Season (nov 25 to dec 4) units?

    There were 13 rifle hunts in 2016 during the period you've stated you can hunt. My answer assumes you're applying as an out of state resident and have zero bonus points. Based on last year, the odds for this scenario were 100% for 32, 35A, 36A, and 36B. From there, the odds get tougher. So it just depends on what the priorities are. 33 is at 34% draw odds for you. Good luck, pm me if you have any other questions!
  14. PackerMenges

    Losing Our Public Lands

    Obama locking up over 500 million acres of public land is what bothers me. A state deciding to sell a little piece here and there pales in comparison to the damage done by this President and his pen. There is a huge difference between fear of something happening vs what is actually happening.
  15. PackerMenges

    Sundowner Guide Service