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  1. jpsciteacher

    223 55g $0.55 each. 28 Nosler now at Bass Pro

    I paid $7 for a box of 20 just before summer there. Crazy how things change. I can find 223/556 for $12 anywhere so not a total loss.
  2. jpsciteacher


    Do you use just regular type ammo or something like CCI game point?
  3. jpsciteacher


    Anybody use for coyote?
  4. jpsciteacher

    Turkey ammo questions?

    I have been checking local SW and haven’t seen turkey ammo in forever there. First, I’m asking for recommendations on what is best if it ever shows up again. Or, should I just buy whatever I find? Pics below are all I’ve seen lately. Any tips would be appreciated.
  5. jpsciteacher

    WTB Savage A17 ammo

    I bought them all at my nearby Walmart when they were in stock. No Walmart’s have any? Maybe I’m glad I bought what I did.
  6. jpsciteacher

    My new 10/22 Kit

    Lol, that was worded wrong and very incriminating. You knew what I meant.
  7. jpsciteacher

    My new 10/22 Kit

    Friend of My girlfriends husband just happen to have one For sale and I couldn’t resist. Made by scottwerx but I guess he stopped making them recently. So even better for me I guess.
  8. Super stoked about this recent purchase and had to share. Plus I was the only one on the planet that didn’t already own a 10/22.
  9. jpsciteacher

    Makarov ammo

    I have a box of Hornady critical defense Makarov 9x18 95 gr $15 located in Gilbert
  10. jpsciteacher

    WTB Cz 75D

    Thanks for replies; we found a nice one today and you can remove post!
  11. jpsciteacher

    WTB Cz 75D

    Looking specifically for the compact model in 9mm. Thought I would try here first before venturing out in the craziness. Yes I’m local and have CCW.
  12. jpsciteacher

    WTB some light 38 spl ammo

    Bass Pro earlier today
  13. jpsciteacher


  14. jpsciteacher

    Garmin etrex 12 channel GPS

    Has some scratches but works well. $40 obo or looking to do trade deal for Bushnell TRS-25 red dot scope thanks, Justin
  15. jpsciteacher

    Red dot for turkey

    My son has shocked me recently and has decided he would like to start hunting and to start off with a turkey hunt. I wanted to see who uses red dot scopes for turkey hunting? He really does well with aiming that way and was hoping for your recommendations or suggestions on if it’s a good method and if so do I need to break bank on one or not. Thanks always.