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  1. jpsciteacher

    WTB some light 38 spl ammo

    Bass Pro earlier today
  2. jpsciteacher


  3. jpsciteacher

    Garmin etrex 12 channel GPS

    Has some scratches but works well. $40 obo or looking to do trade deal for Bushnell TRS-25 red dot scope thanks, Justin
  4. jpsciteacher

    Red dot for turkey

    My son has shocked me recently and has decided he would like to start hunting and to start off with a turkey hunt. I wanted to see who uses red dot scopes for turkey hunting? He really does well with aiming that way and was hoping for your recommendations or suggestions on if it’s a good method and if so do I need to break bank on one or not. Thanks always.
  5. jpsciteacher

    RTIC coolers on sale

    I preordered the rtic light cooler; couldn’t pass up $200 off.
  6. jpsciteacher

    WTB rangefinder

    I saw that one and I also will use for rifle hunting as well. Thanks for info.
  7. jpsciteacher

    WTB rangefinder

    Looking for something decent but on the cheaper side. New to archery and would like something reliable to use. PM if you’ve got something you’d sell, or post your recommendations below. Items/models/brands to stay away from also would help. Thanks.
  8. jpsciteacher

    OTC Archery

    Any tips would be appreciated. Not sure if the beards would still be gobbling at this time or not. If not, do we sit water or just hope for the best?
  9. jpsciteacher

    Cooler recommendations

    I want/need a new cooler and wanted to know if I really needed to spend money on a yeti style or if there is a better alternative. Let me know what you guys like or use. Thanks.
  10. jpsciteacher

    Blackhawk serpa holster

    Sold please delete
  11. jpsciteacher

    Blackhawk serpa holster

    Right hand Blackhawk Serpa Concealment Holster matte finish H&K P30. never really used; just prefer an iwb text preferred 480-390-8923 Justin
  12. jpsciteacher

    HK 416

    Pm sent
  13. jpsciteacher

    7E Late Season Bull Elk Hunting

    If you get drawn let me know; I found bulls everyday during my cow hunt this year.
  14. jpsciteacher

    Vortex bino advice

    I’ve got a low budget and want an opinion. Would you buy a barely used older model vortex Diamondback 10x42 or a brand new vortex crossfire HD 10x42?
  15. jpsciteacher


    Bump $65