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  1. blackout

    Kuiu Clothing f/s

    sent you a PM
  2. blackout

    WTS: Yakima MegaWarrior Price Drop

    what are the other dimensions of the basket?
  3. blackout

    WTS: Yakima MegaWarrior Price Drop

    would the clamps fit on a roll bar ie sxs or samurai?
  4. blackout

    7MM Federal 140 grain

    Sent you a message.
  5. blackout


    Sent a PM
  6. Have you sold them yet? If not would you take 80? you can reach me at 520-840-4850 Im in Florence.


    1. hvyhlr


      Pending pickup on Monday. I’ll let you know if he doesn’t take them

    2. blackout
  7. blackout

    Corona palm tree

  8. blackout

    Gone delete

    Sent PM
  9. blackout


    would you take 165 for the carbon tripod set up
  10. blackout

    Gear and reloading clean out

    Is the bipod still available?
  11. blackout


    whats the reduced price?
  12. blackout

    Anybody own a Sig Sauer Kilo 1800 rangefinder

    I have the 2400 sweetest range finder I have owned...
  13. blackout

    New dash mat 2017 ram 3500

    sent PM
  14. blackout

    Vortex Razor Ultra HD 20-60 x 85 SOLD

    sent you a PM
  15. blackout

    BNIB Vortex razor 22-48x65 spotter Price reduced

    Are you interested in a Huskemaw rifle scope, 4-16x42