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  1. blackout

    Anderson 5th wheel hitch SOLD!

    I have the same hitch. They are great little hitches, they are pretty easy and light to take in and out.....
  2. blackout

    Bergara 7rem mag with Ammo and Projectiles

    Willing to separate with the superformance 162s?
  3. blackout


    Would you take 50 a box for the vital shock. I can buy this weekend in QC.
  4. blackout

    Wts wtt browning hc lr max in 6.8 western

    sent you a PM about a trade.
  5. I have a Browning western hunter, in 7mm rem mag with about 50 rounds down it. You can reach me at 520-840-4850, if your interested in trades. Mike. 

  6. blackout

    Maven B5

    I've looked through Mavens before, pretty good glass. Thats a good deal there.
  7. blackout

    Kuiu Clothing f/s

    sent you a PM
  8. blackout


    what are the other dimensions of the basket?
  9. blackout


    would the clamps fit on a roll bar ie sxs or samurai?
  10. blackout

    7MM Federal 140 grain

    Sent you a message.
  11. blackout


    Sent a PM
  12. Have you sold them yet? If not would you take 80? you can reach me at 520-840-4850 Im in Florence.


    1. hvyhlr


      Pending pickup on Monday. I’ll let you know if he doesn’t take them

    2. blackout