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  1. Thanks for the help guys.. Boxes and crates went to a member that's moving in the Flagstaff area and the mower is being picked up tomorrow.
  2. If anyone is interested, I just moved to Surprise AZ and have a crap ton of boxes and storage crates that I will give away to someone that may need them for a move or whatever. I also have a lawn mower that is in great shape that I will trade for a leaf blower. Text for pics of lawn mower if you are interested. I may not see responses in this thread because I just had a knee replaced and just not sitting behind a computer that often. Call or text 602-722-5432
  3. Moving and want to give away some things I don't want anymore. Grill (no propane tank), Duck decoys. oars, old set of clubs and a water jug. First come first serve. west valley. text for address. 602-722-5432
  4. Wow.... Free treestand....Free ladders.... and free hunters safety vest.... no calls. I guess anyone who might need this is out hunting.
  5. Free Big Game Tree Stand and ladders to the first person who can pick it up at my house. Cannot have this unless you also take the Hunters Safety Vest and promise to use it. I'm in the west valley near Northern and 35th Ave. 602-722-5432
  6. norsemen

    CBE 3D/Target sight

  7. norsemen

    CBE 3D/Target sight

  8. norsemen

    CBE 3D/Target sight

    Approximately 6 years old (not really sure). It has a 8" dovetail, 1 5/8" shrewd scope with 4X Shrewd Feather Vision lens $175.00. If interested, call or text 602-722-5432
  9. Like new. Purchased a year ago and never used. If interested, call or text 602-722-5432
  10. norsemen

    Post up your success in tags

    Unit 1 early archery bull for me
  11. norsemen

    Official Official Hit Thread

    Unit 1 early archery bull tag. I'm pumped
  12. norsemen

    Credit Card Hit

    I got early archery unit 1 bull Elk. My card hit at 9 a.m. I had only 7 points. My son had 10 points and hasn't got a hit yet. Hoping it's just the order of the card hits
  13. norsemen

    9' Fly fishing pontoon

    Kinda confused why this is still in my possession. Never had any problems selling sporting equipment on here, This is a $600 dollar pontoon in like new condition. Anyway if someone doesn't at least come over and pick this thing up for $250 it's gonna get dis-assembled and thrown in the trash.
  14. norsemen

    9' Fly fishing pontoon

  15. norsemen

    9' Fly fishing pontoon