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  1. Really I sent you and hunt harder pms and since you both wont answer me since I sent you both my phone number yet you will post it for everyone to see and huntharder I am not on the sauce pm me both of you with your phone numbers so we can talk
  2. sent you a pm so you could explain this .
  3. Seldom Drawn

    Turkeys and rain?

    pm me what unit if you want ,the wildlife manger here in flagstaff doesn't; know a whole lot he is really green the WM before him always ask me why I would call him he always said I knew more about all the units then he did they spend a lot of the time in the office trust me they are all the way up to 10,000 feet they have know idea what there talking about.
  4. Seldom Drawn

    Who drew antelope tags??

    Pm sent
  5. Seldom Drawn

    Who drew antelope tags??

    Hunt harder your a dip stick why would you waste 20 points to kill a 80 inch goat? tell me what you guys kill there or pm me if you want to talk. Did you ever hunt there when there were at least 3 bucks pushing over 90 inches? pm me never mind I will pm you
  6. 5guyshunting your a gem Sure it's nice to have friends to pull the truck up and load it up didn't you have Siryroal do all this for you on your hunt last year? Your amazing at telling people where to put in for to draw but I don't think you have much hunting experience.
  7. Seldom Drawn

    Who drew antelope tags??

    AZkiller Why do you think anyone would waste 20 points on 19A?
  8. Greyghost85 No pissing match, if any hunter can't pull out a 350 bull on there own maybe they need do need to ask for help, or maybe they need to get in shape or or hire someone to help them. I haven't personally helped or know anyone that has shoot a spike or raghorns, unless your a meat hunter why would you it is really sad to think a hunter a women or a man couldn't do this on our own.
  9. Seldom Drawn

    Turkeys and rain?

    kazpilot25, I don't know where you got this info might be true in some unit, unless you drew a tag in the unit you were told this, I wouldn't listen too whoever told you this.
  10. Seldom Drawn

    Turkeys and rain?

    Rain doesn't make them hunker down, I have seen them out soaking wet so bad they couldn't even fly but still feeding they live in the winter and struggle to survive with sometimes a 100 inches of snow each winter do you really think 2 inches of snow or .2 inches of rain have that much effect on them.my friends here kicked butt on the jr hunt with the snow you just have to know where the birds are.more then your favorite area.
  11. Seldom Drawn


    I am talking browns, but who cares I get just excited finding hard whites I leave the chalk ones where they lie.
  12. Naturegirl, I don't know why you would want to kill a spike opening morning and then go fishing, forget the ex 6a is a giant unit go find your Honey hole you will never see him stay away from his spots and go have fun explore the unit and enjoy your hunt.
  13. GreyGhost85, I am 56 years old 6'3" 250 and have packed 3 bulls and a cow out in September by myself one in the Wilderness in 22 straight up straight down and a couple 3-4 miles away from the truck and never had the meat spoil and I don't consider myself a SOB packing fool If you don't think you could do it on your own you might want to take a look in the Mirror. If you can't do this on your own you probably weren't taught how to do it right . I wasn't I had to learn on my own.
  14. Seldom Drawn


    Azshedgirl, In your post of Browns so far, I would guess you have 36-37lbs of antlers. I too do it because I love it don't care if I find a big one or a little one doesn't matter I don't go out like I use to, I only normally go for six weeks been out 4 times after work and 3 full days and found a few pounds I am done for the year.
  15. Seldom Drawn

    Heaviest brown ever!!

    That's awesome I think my biggest is 13lbs, you need to find the other side.