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  1. Bubbacoues

    White dodge in buckeye

    Jasinski middle school.
  2. Bubbacoues

    Way right?

    Don't have a scope level on it. This is the second scope on this rifle and I was also shooting to the right the same way with the old one. I'm shooting off of a bi pod and a rear bag, so maybe I'm not lined up right on the target and shifting around putting unnecessary torque on the stock? I'll double check the mounting on the scope and look into a cant level as well. Thanks for the responses, greatly appreciated!
  3. Bubbacoues

    Way right?

    So I just got back from our make shift range. After checking zero and shooting through the chrony, inputting my data and shooting a few round at 700 & 800, elevation was good(minor adjustments) but my rounds were way way right, holding dead center I was roughly 24" to the right at 800 and 18" at 675-700. I know where I have to hold to make the hits with my reticle but is this normal? Some what new to long range don't plan on shooting at game that far just trying to figure things out.
  4. Bubbacoues

    Minox 15x56 BL Binoculars

    Smoking deal! Great glass! love mine.
  5. Bubbacoues

    Miller welder

    Price drop $800 obo stick setup $1150 obo tig setup
  6. Bubbacoues

    Ord Fire

    I seen it when it started on Sunday, way up on top. on the way back down from scouting.
  7. Bubbacoues

    Miller welder

  8. Bubbacoues

    Miller welder

    Miller max star 150 stl Lift start tig setup/stick welder Will sell with tig setup for $1250 obo Stick setup only $900 obo Currently wired to run on 220v can change plug out for 110v
  9. Bubbacoues

    Meat processing recommendations

    Right on EJ! Let's see the pics!
  10. Bubbacoues

    Savage take offs

    Weekend bump
  11. Bubbacoues

    Savage take offs

    Take off 308 blued barrel unknown round count? $75 Take off stock from same rifle model 11 detachable box mag pillar bedded. $50 Standard bolt handle $10 Sharp shooter supply trigger I was having problems with it maybe you can make it work $50 they sell for $100. Replaced it with a SAV-2. Removed from a rifle I put together. Never shot out of the barrel. All prices obo.
  12. Bubbacoues

    found some please delete.

    Found some! Thanks guys.
  13. Bubbacoues

    found some please delete.

    No I haven't. I'll give it a shot, rifle seems to like the Sierra bullets over hornady. Thanks guys.
  14. Bubbacoues

    found some please delete.

    I won't have room or time. October is completely out of the picture for me work consumes my life for the whole month. I I've got 3 weeks to scout find a round my rifle likes and complete my hunting rig.
  15. Bubbacoues

    found some please delete.

    That's where I bought my first 200 rounds. My rifle loves it. Tried other ammo today didn't go so well. I actually spoke with sg and they don't plan on importing anymore.