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  1. Zoltar

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    This is sad news. I agree it does not look good. Even if they did not get washed away spending a night out in freezing temps at their age would be tuff. Please post if you have any updates.
  2. Zoltar

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Any update regarding Phon and his wife? I have not seen or heard any news. I sure hope they were found safe and sound
  3. Zoltar

    IDK Where You Are But it's Pouring Here

    Im under the Rim close to Tonto Creek 10 degrees at 7 am and 18 inches of snow
  4. Zoltar

    Sold Old model Ruger single six

    I wish I lived closer to you. I would take it as I have been looking for one. Im north of Payson and currently snowed in. 10 digress and 18 inches of snow
  5. Zoltar

    Smith & Wesson S&W 686 No Dash Pre-Lock

    Stunning revolver, I knew it had to be a scam due to price. buuuut at first i was really excited
  6. Zoltar

    Bonus point ?

    How long has the bonus point system been in place? Meaning what year did it start? Over heard a conversation in which a fellow was saying he had 43 points for Antelope. I did not know that was possible If so I feel pretty sad with only 27
  7. Nice buck right there I would be really happy with that . Congrats to you in your pursuit
  8. I have 2 first time archery hunters staying at my cabin in 22 . One was successful and tagged a nice 290 class bull. He would like to have the skull cleaned to make in to a euro mount. I have seen the work the young man has posted on the forum but can not find his contact. Would like to send these guys his way. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Zoltar

    In market for meat grinder

    Tractor supply has great quality and good deals on their grinders I bought one 2 years ago and its had a lot of meet pushed through with no issues
  10. Zoltar

    Remington Nylon 66 Black Apache .22 lr

    I would buy it if I lived closer. Awesome 22 rifle. Good price too Have had one since i was kid that has shot thousands of rounds with zero issues. I own 3 other ones all great shooters
  11. Zoltar

    Using blanks to train a pup

    I have been training my new pup,4 months old today, by exposing him to all sorts of noises while acting calm and continually telling him he is a good boy. Shop vac, air compressor, nail gun, table saw and motorcycle have all been accepted with a no concern on his part at all. I live under the Rim and we have had a few thunder storms in the past 2 weeks. Distant thunder was the first he heard and it got his attention but again I sat nest to him acted calm and reassured him he was good pup. Had some big crashing thunder a few days ago which did not phase him in the least. I started out 2 weeks ago I sat out with the daisy red ryder and shot coffee cans while he was next to me with the same reassuring drill. On our morning walks in the woods I have been carrying a 22 Marlin so he has a gotten used to that. Last Saturday shot some cans with a 22 short so he could get used to the noise. He sat next to me as it all was normal. Good luck with your new pup
  12. Zoltar

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    I have 26 lope points and so far no credit card hit. I hope I can still walk whenI finally do draw
  13. I agree that the woods have never been so crowded. I live right under Myrtle point 3 miles from Tonto Creek. I see groups of 10 to 15 toy haulers in one camp site. Razors ripping all over the place with very little respect actin like they are the dunes. Many of the groups will park a trailer or set up a few tents then run tape from trees to "mark their spot". Then leave and come up with a shoot ton of buddies the next week end. All of em have to have a giant fire burning .Sadly this will be the new norm as the butt hats have all "discovered " what they feel is a new play ground after the whole virus fiasco. I am so so glad they fire restrictions have been implemented but from past experiences there will be many who completely disregard and continue to have their fires. Only way to stop them is to close the forest which will happen soon.
  14. Zoltar

    Draw odds

    Im dumb and would like to know how you find the info posted by catfish kev?? I have 24 antelope pts and would like to hunt while I can still walk..... should have 5 to 10 years before I would have to crawl Not interested in archery as I have waited this long.
  15. Zoltar

    Elk don't shoot back

    Jim Harrison was a fantastic writer. After I stumbled on to "Dalva" many years ago in quickly read all of his works. Agree with you 100% re 'legends of the fall' and 'the woman lit by fireflies'