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  1. Zoltar

    7mm Mag or 300 WM ?

    So true. It is quite dangerous to be out in some areas And very few of the shooters have a clue what they are doing. Just blasting away because they bought them selves a long range rifle And bathe TV or you tube
  2. Zoltar

    Bull Elk 22 South

    Excellent advice! I one saw 2 guys dragging a cow behind their quad on FS 29. They had no even gutted it. Complete butt hats and disrespect for the animal
  3. Zoltar

    How do I send a message to a board member

    Thanks for the advice Ill give it a whirl Looking to reach Butch who I believe is AZELKHUNTER
  4. Would like to send an message to AZELKHUNTER but i do not know how Advice please Thanks very much
  5. Zoltar

    Chocolate colored bear

    Dude that video is a winner for sure!! Now I know who AZelkhunter is. I have seen 2 bears on that tank in the last 10 days. You draw any tags this year?
  6. Zoltar

    Late Archery Bull... Whose been successful?

    late archery started in 22n 1992. 50 tags first years bull only. I drew first year and killed a spike. Not sure when they aded cow tags but it was not long after they bull hunt started I would always put in bull first cow second . Drew one or the other almost every year until 08 when I started putting in for the early archery 22 tag. I drew early archery in 2016 and did not kill but had one of my greatest hunts ever chasing bulls and only saw 2 other hunters. Killed 3 cows and a 370 toad bull in the late archery. Sitting water, salt or a hot game trail. Most hunters bail after the first week as they do not realize how difficult the hunt is. Good luck to you
  7. Zoltar

    .243 for elk?

    Having hunted for many years and seen what your buddy in Montana saw from his early days of hunting I feel his pain. We all see these lousy hunting practices as the woods get more crowded every year. 243 will drop an elk no problem. Good luck to your grandson and have a great time in woods with him. Always special time hunting with kids
  8. Zoltar

    Dad's Lion

    Excellent first lion!! Very cool that you got him on your first chase with you own dogs and your father/family together on the hunt. Did you chose up on the Rim?
  9. Zoltar

    Lost Meopta binos

    Just noticed there is a lost and found on the site. I would have posted sooner and i know this is a long shot. I live right below Roberts Mesa in Unit 22. In early October 2117 I was busting through shoulder high manzanita on Roberts with a small day pack. The strap from My 8X42 meopta binos must have hooked on a branch and got yanked out of my pack. Did not notice until I was at the nest glass spot.Felt like a complete dumb butt. I have looked several times with no luck. All of that shoulder hi manzi looks the same and it is difficult to follow the same route through it more than once. Perhaps some one found the binos during one of the December bull hunts. If any one has found them or they turn up in the future I will gladly pay a reward as the binos were fairly new.
  10. Zoltar

    Regs are out

    5b- 1.7%4a- 3% Should be guaranteed the 4a tag in 2-3 years if you don't get lucky before then. Thank you sir
  11. Zoltar

    Regs are out

    22 points for antelope 4A rifle 5B rifle I am hopeful I can still walk when I get a tag!!
  12. Zoltar

    Overnight Hiking Trip / Creekside

    Agree on Horton. I live 4 miles from the trail head and hike it often. Can be crowded in the summer but right now its great
  13. Zoltar

    Grimaldis Pizza hosting antihunting fundraiser

    I live North of Payson and don't often travel to the Valley. But I am thinking about driving down to attend this so I can listen in to the BS that gets spouted. Does any one know if there is a petition that can be signed that is in opposition to the AZ for wild life campaign bill? I would certainly sign it as i am sure many members on the forum would. Perhaps some of the members of this forum would like to plan an event where food is served, donations given and whatever type of petition is needed would be there to sign if you so desire. I fear there are not many years left to hunt lions and bobcats the way things are going.
  14. Zoltar

    Bear Stew

    I will certainly try out this tasty sounding recipe with my recent kill as this bear is the BEST tasting I have ever taken. Hunted 16 days this season. Mostly with dogs but also sitting tanks, glassing and calling. Astounding amount of bears in my area, 22 and 23, this year due to strong acorn crop .Treed 11 bears, glassed 2 and saw 7 come in to water while sitting tanks. All of the bears on tanks were sows with cubs so no kill but heaps of fun watching. Killed a 4 to 5 year old sow last day of hunt. When skinning her out she was loaded with fat and in prime condition. Using all 4 quarters to make ground, sausage and chorizo. Kept the back straps and loins to grill. Also one rack of ribs to put in the smoker. Helped a buddy whose wife had a cow tag pack out her kill Sunday. Monday night we had the celebratory elk loin, backstop spuds wine and roasted peppers feast all cooked over mesquite coals. Along with bear t loin for appetizer. NOW for the point of this post. The bear t loin was incredible. Cooked through just past medium it was tender juicy and not gamey in the least. All present who sampled agreed it was almost as good as the medium rare elk. And as we hunters know medium rare elk loin be some dang tasty fare.
  15. Zoltar

    Thieves among us.

    You have nailed it. This is not hunters but shoot bag meth heads who have found out during hunting season to cruise around and look for easy pickings . Need to bait them and sit back in the trees with a ball bat. Knock a few more teeth out and bust a knee or 2