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  1. Adamp70

    RzR 4 w/turbo xp

  2. Adamp70

    RzR 4 w/turbo xp

    Trade you a custom Harley for it? https://sierravista.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2007-harley-davidson-road/6365055932.html
  3. Adamp70


    SPF local
  4. Almost brand new XL harness. Used it this last hunt maybe 3 times is all. Everything included. Located in Sierra Vista. $65 plus shipping. Call 520-250-7183. Thanks
  5. Adamp70

    FHF Nino harness

    PM sent
  6. Adamp70

    Leica vs Swarovski 15x

    I have a pair of the Leica Geovid 15x HD's. I bought them last year on eBay basically brand new for $1850. If you look hard you can find a good deal. These have proven to be priceless when hunting coues and the long range shooting that we do today vs yesterday. I previously used the original 7x Geovids with laser rangefinder but sold these to a friend when I got the 15x. I had the 7x Geovids for close to 20years and never had an issue with them to include any electronics. If I can get close to 20years out of the 15x with no electronic issues, then I will consider that money well spent. It's definitely nice having 15x binos and rangefinder in one package. It does suck having the range button on the left side for sure but definitely not a deal breaker at all in my opinion. Just my 2 cents
  7. Adamp70

    Big boy hits the dirt.

    I saw that buck as well yesterday and got a pic of him. I looped around to the next canyon too but everything was posted private and no hunting...
  8. Adamp70

    Mature Coues Deer Cape

  9. Adamp70

    Mature Coues Deer Cape

    I have a Coues deer cape for sale. It's been in my freezer for a few weeks now. All skinned out and ready to go. The cape was off of a 90" buck. There is plenty of cape as I cut it mid-body. I'm located in Sierra Vista but I get up to Tucson often. Really a beautiful cape. I can send pics of the buck if needed. Asking $100. 520-250-7183
  10. Adamp70

    Leica Geovid tripod adaptor advice?

    Sounds good guys, I appreciate the response!
  11. Hey guys. I just bought the Leica Geovids 15x56 and I am wondering which tripod adaptor you guys have had good luck with? Been looking at the platform one especially for the Leicas with the strap as well as the adaptor "ring" one from the Outdoorsman. Looking for one that is quick on and off the tripod because I will use the Leicas around my neck on stalks as well. Thanks!
  12. Adamp70

    Looking for a coues cape

    I've got a cape from a 90" buck I shot last week that I'd sell you. Buck weighed 95 lbs.
  13. Adamp70

    Complete AR15 Uppers

    PM sent
  14. Adamp70

    Coues deer capes for sale