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  1. chadt45

    Anybody on TRT?

    I am 43, get my blood checked every year. I was told my levels were normal but i did some research and learned my levels were normal for a 80 year old. I was experiencing low energy, night sweats and inability to lose belly fat even though i workout daily and maintain a health diet. As for the cost my insurance pays for it so i pay $7 per month. I do the shots myself and at first i was nervous but its really easy.
  2. chadt45

    Anybody on TRT?

    TRT= testosterone replacement therapy
  3. chadt45

    Anybody on TRT?

    I started about 2 months ago. It made a huge difference. Low t levels cause lots of problems.
  4. I am interested, just need to know they will fit my truck. PM sent.
  5. Was your GMC a half ton? Sent you a PM. thanks!
  6. chadt45

    Garage part 3...

    I will take the agility ladder. I am available all day to pick up.
  7. chadt45

    Looking to buy a youth hunting rifle

    I recently bought a Ruger American compact in a 6.5 cm. It is threaded for a break and my 10 year old shoots it fine. Highly recommended. Shop around and you can find it for under 400.
  8. chadt45

    Glock G27 40 cal pistol $375

    Sorry, it sold.
  9. chadt45

    Ruger american predator price drop 400

    I have the same rifle. I think Ruger American is the best for the money. Good luck with the sale.
  10. My cross streets are 79th ave and Thunderbird road in Peoria.
  11. This is practically new, hardly shot. I have some good ammo to go with it. I reduced the price on my other gun so I guess I’ll reduce this one too. Great shooter!
  12. chadt45

    Glock G27 40 cal pistol $375

    I offered this to someone for $375. So it’s only fair to reduce the price. First come first serve. It’s a great gun I just don’t carry it anymore. Check it out!