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  1. chadt45

    A.R.E Camper Shell $200 (Sold)

    What size bed is the truck? I have a 2004 chevy with the super short bed.
  2. chadt45

    01-07 chevy camper shell**PICTURES**

    What are the dimensions? I have a 2004 quad cab short bed and i think its close to a 5.5 foot bed. Thanks
  3. chadt45

    PSE Spyder youth bow

    I guess I should of asked if you lived close to Peoria?
  4. chadt45

    PSE Spyder youth bow

    I will take it. My 8 year old is needing a bow. I can meet you today of possible.
  5. chadt45

    ARE Camper shell and bed kit $800

    Could you tell me the measurements? I have a 2004 Chevy quad cab short short and not sure if it would fit. Thanks!
  6. chadt45

    2017 cannondale trail 4 mountain bike

    Thanks but I need to come with the funds first, still working on it.
  7. chadt45

    2017 cannondale trail 4 mountain bike

    Still available?
  8. chadt45

    2017 cannondale trail 4 mountain bike

    Interested in a trade, I have a DPMS AR-15 16inch.
  9. chadt45

    4A Success

    We arrived on camp Wednesday last week, the late start was due to hectic work schedules. After setting up camp my hunting partner and I decided to set the evening on a wallow. We left camp early for the 2 mile hike to the wallow. The conditions were not that great with very high winds but we were excited to be out there hunting. At about 4:30 after not seeing or hearing anything we heard a bugle and it was very close. I looked to the left and could see this bull and he was within 70 yards of me. It is amazing how quiet these giant animals can be. I continued to watch him close the distance until he was at 25 yards. I raised my bow and drew as his eyes were blocked by a tree and he continued to get closer. He finally turned broadside at 19 yards and I let the arrow fly. When the arrow hit I could tell it was pretty far back, it was a clean pass through and I could already see blood running down his opposite side. After a few quick calls the bull stopped at 75 yards to look back at us. I was pretty frustrated with myself because I rushed the shot and hit him far back. The bull slowly walked off as we watched. We remained still for an hour then slowly I retrieved my arrow. it was covered with blood so I knew it was a fatal hit. we began tracking and after about 100 yards the blood was getting very thin. I was walking small circles trying to find some sign when I scanned the hill in front of me and I spotted him on top of the hill. He had only made it about 200 yards! After quartering him out we started the 2 mile pack back to camp. The week was completed on Monday when my hunting partner scored on a nice 5x6 after we had sat on a water hole all day long. Thanks for reading!
  10. chadt45

    trail cam pics

    I think these calves are just playing, sibling rivalry I guess. As for the lead cow in a herd I do believe there is a head cow in every herd that is the "all seeing eye." I have heard that the lead cow is more difficult to fool than a bull but I am by far no expert.
  11. chadt45

    good luck

    Good luck to all the elk hunters going out this weekend! I will be out there too. Cant wait to see the photos, stay safe everyone!
  12. chadt45

    trail cam pics

    Thanks for the tip! So far so good with the camera. Picked it up at Cabela's for $59.00. The only strange part is it only has an off and on switch, to set the clock you have to install a new sd card and turn the camera on. Then you turn the camera off and remove the sd card and insert it into a computer. When you open your card with your computer there is a clock type program that you set to the correct time. Finally you eject the card and immediately put it back in the camera and its ready to go. I was a little worried when I pulled the card yesterday because there was some condensation inside not on the batteries though. So I guess it will work fine for my needs. Thanks again for the tip. Keeping my fingers crossed for a nice bull picture.
  13. chadt45

    trail cam pics

    I have an elk hunt starting next week and was hoping to get some big bull pics. Unfortunately no big bulls but I got some cool pics. Enjoy. I guess I should of bought a deer tag.
  14. chadt45

    Ross Archery

    Agreed, 100% top notch group of guys.