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  1. Uncle H

    Hurry CCI large rifle BR2 at midway in stock

    Ouch! I got some. Thanks!
  2. Uncle H


    I'll take the Rl 16. I'm in Camp Verde. Let me know where you want to meet and when. Text or call 928 284 8703
  3. I'd like the RL 26 if you still have it. I'm in Camp Verde. Let me know.
  4. Uncle H

    RL 26 and RL 33 for sale or trade

    Where at? I could use some.
  5. Uncle H

    RL 26 and RL 33 for sale or trade

    Where you located and how much for the RL 26?
  6. Uncle H

    300 prc ammo available

    At Ammo for sale .com 65.00 a box
  7. In stock at sportsman outdoor superstore.
  8. Pm'd you if JLG can't help.
  9. Thank you Bryan! It was nice to meet ya and a pleasure doing business with you.
  10. Uncle H

    Amanda Heads up

    Fixed mine, thank you! 😁
  11. Uncle H

    Amanda Heads up

    Glad I'm not the only one having this problem. Can't sign in or go to the forums on my phone. Some times the desk top dose not work either.
  12. Uncle H

    Drop Tine Coues

    A guy I use to work with found this one.
  13. Uncle H

    Looking to buy 12AW and 12AE flatline maps

    I always wanted to get a buffalo but could never make it happen. Used to see them all the time down in the flats but guess they don't stay down there anymore.
  14. Uncle H

    6a Help

    I live in Camp Verde and will pm ya pal.