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    Loving God and preaching His word,loving my wife, loving my family, ranching cows, bow hunting.

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  1. CanilleBowhunter

    Need a Crossbow

    Thank you sir!
  2. CanilleBowhunter

    Need a Crossbow

    Thank you all for your concern but it has all been taken care of. Everything was filled out and he "Has the green light..." legally. He is a kid so maybe they had more mercy on him, not sure. Maybe your saw-bones was an anti hunter? 😉 Again, thanks for looking out for him.
  3. That's really a great thing to do!
  4. CanilleBowhunter


    What size is this? I have a 9 year old grandson that would think I was the coolest grandpa ever if he could wear this!
  5. CanilleBowhunter

    Need a Crossbow

    Thank you sir. If you can pm me your contact info I will have them get a hold of you.
  6. CanilleBowhunter

    Need a Crossbow

    I know but it was worth a try. He's in Southern Arizona, Sierra Vista area. He can probably tell you how to break yours.
  7. CanilleBowhunter

    Need a Crossbow

    A friend of mine drew an archery early bull elk tag but he broke his wrist a few weeks ago and now, for obvious reasons, is unable to draw his bow. He contacted Game and Fish to inquire about using a crossbow and they gave him a green light. Problem is he doesn't have a crossbow and doesn't want to spend the money on purchasing one for just one season. So, he reached out to me and asked if I knew of anyone that would allow him to beg/barrow or possibly rent a crossbow from them. I don't know anyone who owns one but I thought that I would ask on here and see if anyone would be willing to help my friend out. And yes, I have already spoken to him about taking the tag off of his hands but was told no in no uncertain terms. Thank you for any input you may have.
  8. CanilleBowhunter

    custom flintlock muzzleloade .54 pictures added

    Did you know a man named Pappy Sulfulk that built custom flintlock rifles? He lived in the Phoenix area and moved to Canelo when I was in high school. He moved away and I haven't heard anything about him for years. His work was amazing.
  9. CanilleBowhunter

    Atv/utv ramps goose neck conversation

    Would he sell just the goose neck conversion without the plate?
  10. CanilleBowhunter

    Mathews Heli-m or Z7

    How much do you need for this setup? I really like the Heli.
  11. CanilleBowhunter

    FHF Large Bino Harness $50

    Do you have any pictures of the bino harness? Could you text them to me at 520-559-0155 please?
  12. CanilleBowhunter

    Handyman Helper Needed Immediately

    It's been my experience that the kids that grow up with an agricultural background (i.e. farming and ranching) have a better work ethic than kids who don't. But I will have to agree, it is the parents who make or break the kid. If every dad would allow their son to spend a summer bucking hay we would have a much more productive young culture. And they'd be ready for football camp! Just my opinion.
  13. CanilleBowhunter

    Cabelas Wall Tent 16x14’ Sold pending funds

    Is this wall tent still available?
  14. CanilleBowhunter

    Kuiu icon pro 1850

    Why are you wanting o sell this pack?
  15. CanilleBowhunter

    Kuiu icon pro 1850

    Do you ever get to Tucson or Oracle?