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    Loving God and preaching His word,loving my wife, loving my family, ranching cows, bow hunting.

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  1. CanilleBowhunter

    custom flintlock muzzleloade .54 pictures added

    Did you know a man named Pappy Sulfulk that built custom flintlock rifles? He lived in the Phoenix area and moved to Canelo when I was in high school. He moved away and I haven't heard anything about him for years. His work was amazing.
  2. CanilleBowhunter

    Atv/utv ramps goose neck conversation

    Would he sell just the goose neck conversion without the plate?
  3. CanilleBowhunter

    Mathews Heli-m or Z7

    How much do you need for this setup? I really like the Heli.
  4. CanilleBowhunter

    FHF Large Bino Harness $50

    Do you have any pictures of the bino harness? Could you text them to me at 520-559-0155 please?
  5. CanilleBowhunter

    Handyman Helper Needed Immediately

    It's been my experience that the kids that grow up with an agricultural background (i.e. farming and ranching) have a better work ethic than kids who don't. But I will have to agree, it is the parents who make or break the kid. If every dad would allow their son to spend a summer bucking hay we would have a much more productive young culture. And they'd be ready for football camp! Just my opinion.
  6. CanilleBowhunter

    Cabelas Wall Tent 16x14’ Sold pending funds

    Is this wall tent still available?
  7. CanilleBowhunter

    Kuiu icon pro 1850

    Why are you wanting o sell this pack?
  8. CanilleBowhunter

    Kuiu icon pro 1850

    Do you ever get to Tucson or Oracle?
  9. CanilleBowhunter

    Kuiu icon pro 1850

    Where are you located?
  10. CanilleBowhunter

    Left handed bowtech

    Could you send me some pictures please to 520-559-0155? Thank you.
  11. CanilleBowhunter

    Left handed bowtech

    Is this bow still available?
  12. CanilleBowhunter

    Left handed bow set up

    Is this setup still available?
  13. CanilleBowhunter

    WTS Kuiu Icon Pro 5200

    Is this pack still available?
  14. CanilleBowhunter

    Gear dump - some hunting some not

    Is the 3 way refrigerator still available?
  15. CanilleBowhunter

    Moultrie Trail Cams for sale

    Are these cameras still available?