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  1. triton

    Sheep Tag Drawn-24BN

    No part of 24B North burned at all.. Only South and Wilderness
  2. triton

    2018, Desert sheep unit

    In 2018-- 18B-181 4/8 28-189 3/8 41W-184 3/8 I don't think you've walked the entire state and looked at all the remaining sheep country besides 22/24B. There will be several 180+ rams killed in other units again this fall, proving you have no idea what you are talking about... Just wait it out for the tag, and don't act like you know what you are talking about. Who are you planning on hiring to find you your ram by the way??
  3. Selling my 16’x14’ Cabelas wall tent made by Montana canvas tent. Good condition, external A-frame, stove jack, no floor (I use tarp). Located in Phoenix. $700
  4. I have only measured coues deer. Don't hunt mule deer very often. Maybe someone will get measurements after they shoot one with their bow this month. Then post them for you
  5. Being a taxidermist and also wanting to know the vertical dimensions of the chest of a coues deer, I started measuring deer after they were killed in the field. After measuring about 10 mature bucks (90-112"), I got an average of 14" from the top of back to the bottom of the chest (right behind front shoulder) 14 1/2" was the measurement on a largest bodied buck. 13 1/2" was the smallest of the deer measured. Before I used turrets, I used these measurements to figure out "Hold Over" distances for 300-400 yds shots.
  6. triton

    Late Hunt - Rutting???

    In southern AZ, bucks were sniffing does, but not chasing. Bucks pushing others around, but still in bachelor groups. Like Ernesto says. Late Jan to early February. Does go in heat the same time every year based on length of days. Its only shenanigans with bucks until then.
  7. triton

    Weatherby 6.5 Creedmoor for sale

    Do you still have this?? Im interested
  8. triton

    Coues deer cape for sale in AZ

    Sandy, congrats to both of you. Also, its a great idea to offer up the cape for sale for someone who needs one. There are plenty hunters every year who need capes for a variety of reasons (damaged, hair slippage, improper caping). They want to mount it and need a cape. Coues deer capes are actually hard to come by. Just ignore the negative comments and someone will want it. They will be thankful that it didn't get thrown in the garbage like so many do. Good luck
  9. triton

    Alamo Crappie and water levels

    I was there last week. Absolutely no sign of algae or dieoff. A ton of bass (caught 30 in 3 hours). Trolled minnows over schools of crappie near bouyline and caught 20 in 3 hours. All trolling minnows. Most of those were small and nothing like the jumbos caught this spring. Im sure it would would be good at at night near all the exposed trees up lake.
  10. triton

    Elk pose

    He probably was quoted $250 extra for 90 degree turn "bugling". Open mouth bugling mount require more time and work. The jawsets are more money also. The pose Norteno posted looks like the McKenzie right turn, off-set semi sneak, antler Clearance form
  11. triton

    Results are out

    Bob, I had the 2nd hunt last year and harvested my bird the 2nd week of the hunt. PM me for info Hens were not sitting on eggs yet. They start a little later for the Goulds I was told by G&F
  12. triton

    Who drew antelope tags??

    I drew the 5A rifle hunt and am probably going to sign tag over to my son who is 16. Congrats to all who drew tags!!
  13. +1 on topknot!! Talk to Matt or Luke
  14. triton

    Sons first Javelina

    We endured the wind and rain for 2 days and only saw 1 buck. Ran out of light before we could get in range. Sunday, we had a couple bucks walk out of sight a mile away. We then glassed up a herd of javelina. We got to within 200 yards and set up. My son made perfect shot and dropped one. Was a great time, even with the poor weather...