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  1. trophyseeker


    Good dudes don't intentionally trespass on posted property or leave gates open.
  2. trophyseeker

    Any Tax Professionals?

    Not a tax pro but I stayed at a Holiday Inn last week. 😉
  3. trophyseeker


    Makes no sense, but that's normal for you. Also appears as if you're not only trying to achieve dickhead status, but we can also count you among the idiots who skirt the laws, right? Probably why you still haven't answered this from another thread: Sounds as if you have some experience on the other side of the fence?
  4. trophyseeker


    Yup, that's just what we need. Then the ranchers can simply post "No Trespassing" signs for the entire ranch in response because of the idiots who leave gates open.
  5. trophyseeker

    Must be the full moon

    Sounds like all you did was just switch hands.
  6. trophyseeker

    God Bless Our Troops

    Thank you for the laugh. 🤣
  7. trophyseeker

    Anyone find a 3x3

    He'd be a fool to accept that invitation if he has kept up here on your experiences with whores.
  8. trophyseeker

    Finally ended my free range bison quest!!!

    Nice! Congrats.
  9. trophyseeker

    First deer ever!

    Way to get it done. Congrats.
  10. trophyseeker

    2019 bounty

    Looks yummy. Bon apetit! 👍
  11. Just curious...did you run that 'handgun' by any AGFD people for legality, or did you just decide on your own that it meets the AGFD definition of a handgun with the brace on it?
  12. trophyseeker

    Lifetime licsense!

    Good luck on the reunion.
  13. trophyseeker


    Happy New Year to all!
  14. trophyseeker

    Anyone had this happen while driving their hunting rig?

    Man, I would have to change my shorts if the air bag popped while just driving along. 😲
  15. trophyseeker

    Uno mas for my "Lucky Kids"!

    Very nice. Good work.