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  1. trophyseeker

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    I thought crossbows had always been legal for a HAM hunt regardless of any disability.
  2. trophyseeker


    Report to Stanley
  3. trophyseeker

    Find the spike!

    The one near the bottom looks like a shooter.
  4. trophyseeker


    Many of the scammers do not post FS messages. They simply send PMs to users looking to buy items. Those are the ones to be wary of, especially when they have a low post count & tell you to contact someone else who might have the item.
  5. Shooting from one unit into another???? - Page 7 - The Campfire - CouesWhitetail.com Discussion forum
  6. trophyseeker

    Legal definition of a buck

    I think I still have some printed old regs around. Have a time frame so I can check??
  7. trophyseeker

    Legal definition of a buck

    I'll have to dig out an old reg book from the 60-70s to be sure, but I don't recall there ever being a minimum horn length for pronghorn in AZ for the last 50+ years. And of course, besides the longer horns, the other tip-off for a male is the prominent black patch on the upper neck/cheek. The only restriction I recall was the one on sheep where it had to be 3/4 curl or such.
  8. trophyseeker

    Heffelfinger on instagram

    See my other reply about why that happened. Also, now many of the licenses go unused for the same reason as the huge increase. They were bought just to apply for a big-game permit.
  9. trophyseeker

    Heffelfinger on instagram

    I didn't check, but that's probably when they made everyone buy a license before applying for a permit.
  10. trophyseeker

    Heffelfinger on instagram

    Hunter #s are not that far askew from what they were in the past. These are the USFWS figures for hunting license sales since 2014. 302,383 2021 304,789 2020 310,392 2019 305,214 2018 324,553 2017 215,444 2016 200,092 2015 195,213 2014
  11. Thanks. Appreciate the info.
  12. Perhaps others reading along might be interested in the "specifics," too. Just post them publically for all to read. A few questions... How much are you charging for the hunt? What's included? How many days?
  13. Thought that might be the case, given ..."I wasn't actually planning on taking another gemsbok, but with space in the freezer at home, I set out to try again." So as a SA native, do these 'properties' just let you hunt for free, or do you perhaps have some connection to them?
  14. Transplanted?? Do I detect an accent?? 😎
  15. Nice. Where do you live, Matt?