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    Pointguard Plus

  2. trophyseeker

    Taxidermist: Friend or Foe?

    IMO, the major problem in the OP wasn't that the taxidermist, tannery, milkman, candlestick maker or whoever got behind, it was the consistent LIES used to make excuses. That said, we've heard only one side of the story, of course.
  3. trophyseeker

    Anyone know what this is

    And another pithy brain fart from the Sesame Street crowd.
  4. trophyseeker

    Anyone know what this is

    They can still hold contests as long as they follow the law, especially the part in bold type. Rule prohibiting organized predator hunting contests is in effect Posted November 14, 2019 PHOENIX — The Arizona Game and Fish Department reminds constituents that a new rule prohibiting organized hunting contests for predatory and fur-bearing animals became effective Nov. 3. The rule does not apply to lawful hunting of predatory and fur-bearing animals (which is a valuable wildlife management tool) outside of contests as defined by the rule, nor does it apply to events such as fishing tournaments. For the purposes of the rule, “contest” means a competition where participants must register or record entry and pay a fee, and prizes or cash are awarded to winning or successful participants. Predatory animals, as defined by Arizona law, are coyotes, bobcats, foxes and skunks. Fur-bearing animals are weasels, raccoons, beavers, badgers, ringtail cats, muskrats, otters and bobcats. The Arizona Game and Fish Commission proactively proposed the rule in spring 2019 to address social concerns over formally organized and publicized contests that award prizes to competitors who kill the largest number or variety of predators or fur-bearing animals. The rule was approved by the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council (GRRC) in September.
  5. trophyseeker

    Anyone know what this is

    Lots of neat history in My Mentor about varmint hunting in Az. This is one reply from it. So I did a bit of googling and came up with this progression: The Arizona Varmint Callers Assoc. started in 1957. The Estrella Varmint Club began in 1959. In 1962 the Tucson Varmint Callers joined the association. The Mesa Varmint Callers were formed in 1964 as a chapter of the AVCA. In 1967 the AVCA disbanded and reorganized as the Phoenix Varmint Callers Inc. (PVCI is still around today and meets at the American Legion on 57th Dr. in Glendale) In 1976 the Tucson Varmint Callers became known as the Southern Arizona Wildlife Callers (still around and meets at the PSE building on N. Fairview) In 1995 the Mesa chapter was renamed the Arizona Predator Callers ( still exists and meets at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge on E. Main) There might have been others around the state; do you recall any of them?
  6. trophyseeker

    Celebration of Life Service

    Condolences. RIP 😢
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    I read that thread again. Take note that the “nailing the poacher” occurred after said poacher launched a personal attack of his own. Now back to the regularly scheduled programing about a POS poacher. 🙄
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    He whiffed on the prediction.
  9. trophyseeker


    Maybe so, but I'm fairly certain it didn't cause him to leave.
  10. trophyseeker


    I think that was just coincidental timing.
  11. trophyseeker


    Maybe ask him. I have no idea what zingers here you're talking about.
  12. trophyseeker


    Saw where Tony M. nailed him yesterday in this thread on MM. Although the poacher has logged in, he hasn't replied yet. 23 N Elk Archery Non-resident Bonus Pass
  13. trophyseeker

    BNIB Savage Axis 6.5 creedmoor $300

    Don't you have a phone, 'someone?' 🙄
  14. trophyseeker

    BNIB Savage Axis 6.5 creedmoor $300

    The actual charges aren't what counts. It's what the final plea deal included.
  15. trophyseeker

    BNIB Savage Axis 6.5 creedmoor $300

    I'm not up to speed on what type of felony the POS pleaded guilty.