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  1. Hey Guys, Looking for a Sandhill Crane guide for AZ if anyone knows anybody. I have the Nov hunt which occurs over the Thanksgiving break so looking to go either the day before or day after. Thanksgiving is off limits this year due to missing it last year on my Strip hunt says my wife lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. cowboyfp

    338 RUM For Sale $5500 OBO

  3. cowboyfp

    338 RUM For Sale $5500 OBO

    Hello all, I am putting up for sale my custom 338 RUM built by Brad and Keith Johns from Phoenix Custom Rifles. The gun is three years old and has never been fired due to deployments etc. At the same time this gun was built I also had them build a custom 6.5 SAUM which after load development by Brent Jacobs of Western Precision Rifles in Safford, it shoots about 1/4" groups at 100 yards; I am confident that this gun will do well below MOA with custom loads. Here are the specifics of the build: 28" stainless steel Bartlein cut rifled barrel American Precision Arms (APA) little bastard muzzle brake APA bottom metal LA for detachable magazines AICS magazine which is modified to fit 338 RUM case Defiance Rebel Long Action with fluted bolt and Defiance 20moa picatinny rail Jewel trigger Manners MCS T-2 stock (90% carbon) with custom Kryptek camo dip Vortex rings made by Badger Ordnance 5x25x56 Nightforce ATACR scope with 34mm tube and MOAR-T illuminated reticle (brand new) Desert Tan Cerakote I have decided to sell this gun because given my back issues with arthritis and the fact that this gun is a bit heavy at 13lbs I figured someone out there who is younger and willing to tote this bad boy around can put it to good use vice sitting in my gun safe (perhaps someone who has drawn that once in a lifetime Dec sheep tag :). In any case, I am now negotiable on the price of $5500 (would also consider a trade for a new or like new 20 or 28 ga O/U shotgun or side by side of equal value). I am also pricing this scope at my Mil/LE price point which anyone familiar with NF knows that discounts for their products are hard to come by. I prefer to sell the gun whole vice parting it out; it is being sold as is. The gun is local in Tucson and I am happy to meet and show you the gun. Cash or certified check which can be verified at a local AZ bank is the only form of payment. Any out of sale would be via FFL transfer and buyer would pay shipping and would also require funds to clear before shipping. My contact # is six one nine - 857- three one 26. Also, as an FYI, a carbon barrel on this gun would take it down to the 8.5 or 9 lb range which is doable but I don't want to put any more money into this gun.
  4. cowboyfp

    German Lantern

    wow, that is cool
  5. cowboyfp

    NightForce NXS 5.5-22x50 w/ NP-R1 reticle

    SirShagalott, I have a NF 5.5x22x56 that I am looking to sell when I get back to Tucson in December for xmas leave (I am AD military) and if interested at the time I can email you pics. The scope is mounted on a Christensen Arms Carbon 1 hunter and my guess is I have around 300 rounds through the gun with the scope on it and there are no dings or scratches and the glass is crystal clear. I am the original owner and it was purchased from Bear Basin circa 2005 so it is non-zero stop which is why I am looking to sell it. I have a Kenton industries target turret on it now and the scope has always worked well but now I am into the MOA side of shooting so I plan on getting a new 5.5x22x50 or 56 NXS, haven't decided but this will be a great scope to anyone who buys it and of course I will allow a potential buyer to actually hold and look over the scope. Just figured I would through this out there since you made an honest effort to buy from a dirt bag it sounds like. In any case, I have not researched what the scope is worth but I can say I won't ask beyond what it is honestly worth. Cheers, Frank
  6. cowboyfp

    8Lb jug of H1000 for sale

    I have purchased other items from Bruno's i.e., Jewell triggers and the deal was good but I bet I have been on their back order list for H1000 for close to two years now and so long in fact I had forgotten about it until now. I now have enough powder to last me quite a long time so if I ever do get that call from Bruno's and I decide to go ahead and get it I will turn it around and list it here for CW members. 3rd gen shooting supply is where I got my 1lb bottles and I got the notification of stock via gunbot.
  7. cowboyfp

    8Lb jug of H1000 for sale

    Sorry so long to reply but have been off the grid for a while until today. I sold it a couple weeks ago to a CW member. I got it from Natchez shooting supplies and they are a great company to work with. I have had better luck finding the 1 lb bottles vice the 8lb jugs but when I got the call this was in I figured what the heck and picked it up. Keep your eye out on gunbot as that is how I found the 1lb bottles.
  8. cowboyfp

    In Search of a Camo ASU Hat

    "You buy a hat like this, I bet you get a free bowl of soup.” BEAR DOWN! Go Cats
  9. cowboyfp

    Benelli Super Nova in Camo $475.00

    Any pictures?
  10. cowboyfp

    8Lb jug of H1000 for sale

    Sold pending funds
  11. cowboyfp

    8Lb jug of H1000 for sale

    I have an 8lb jug of unopened H1000 that I got a few weeks ago from Natchez shooting supply. I was holding it for a buddy but he said he picked up a couple pounds this past week in Montana so he is gonna pass. The price is $205.00 which is splitting the cost of both shipping and the hazmat fee. If interested, please PM me at 619-857-three one two six. Cash only and since I am in Tucson and shipping would incur extra fees (you would end up paying twice for shipping) it is better to do an in person deal. Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. cowboyfp

    WTB 338 RUM ammo or brass

    we may be looking at the same thing on Gunbroker. I am finding some loaded ammo around town for 60 for 20 rounds but hate to break down ammo just for brass but may be the only option; trying to get to 100 pieces which should last me quite a while if I only use for checking zero and hunting.
  13. cowboyfp

    Any Gunsmiths On Here

    Call Brad or Keith Johns at Phoenix Custom Rifles, they are in Tempe and their work is good
  14. cowboyfp

    WTB 338 RUM ammo or brass

    I am building a custom 338 RUM and I am looking for brass or loaded ammo which I can disassemble and use to make custom loads.
  15. cowboyfp

    FS 2014 Lowe V1467 Boat

    Dropping price to $6,800. Good deal for all new stuff.