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  1. If you are headed north. I will take it on I17 and 260
  2. Bpursell

    FS/T: Federal 209A Shotshell Primers

    Thanks. Let me know if it falls through
  3. Bpursell


    If you’re coming back via I40 and the 17, I could use a pound of herco.
  4. Bpursell

    Sold- FMJ Model D Derringer

  5. Bpursell


  6. Bpursell

    Tick Tock

    Wife and I both hit. My first choice was unit 8 Bull with 7 points. Hers 19a cow with 2. Now watching the “pending” on the account and hoping it goes through
  7. Bpursell


    What type and how much you wanting to trade for?
  8. Bpursell

    Fiocchi 209 primers and Triple 7 powder

    Pm sent on primers
  9. Bpursell


  10. Bpursell

    Shotshell Hulls Once Fired

    If any left I would be too.
  11. Bpursell

    Looking for and have to trade maybe sell

    Interested 12g reloading stuff and maybe the HS-7 but looking to buy. Only have US 869 powder to trade. Tried to PM you but it says you can’t receive PMs. You can PM me if you want.
  12. Bpursell

    12g wad info

    So, I loaded a handful of 2 3/4 WAA hulls, with 25g of Herco, cb 1138-12 wads, 1 1/4 (really closer to 1 1/8 due to size and number of 000) and tested them. Seemed kind of weak. They shot fine, but more like low recoil rounds. So looking for more recipes now.
  13. Bpursell

    12g wad info

    Delw those links are great. Lots of info. But one post about 5 pages in did say only to buffer if recipe calls for it. Something about acting as a solid mass that increases the psi. I stop by local store today and found Lee .375 lead balls in the clearance bin. Picked that box and some Win AA gray hulls and some Rem Gun Club hulls up. Ordered some 3" cheddite primed hulls, x12x plugs, Mylar wraps, and some Mix 47 buffer from BPI last night too. one day I will have so much stuff I can actually put something together
  14. Bpursell

    12g wad info

    Anything you can send would great. to all... while looking through recipes, none list shot type. I have read that the powder, hull, wad doesn’t care what shot is there as long as the weight is the same . Yet, that leads to buffer. I haven’t seen a recipe that list buffer. I know it’s used to stop deformities in the shot. But, I have read that a lot of people do not use buffer with the hardened buckshot because they will not deform. And, the buffer must be included In the weight. This leads to my question of... does /can buffer change the pressure of a load? Buffer vs no buffer with the same primer, Hull, wad, and powder?