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  1. Don’t know much about any vehicle newer than 1985, but I’m in Dewey so not far away. Happy to look at it this weekend, but people on this site are the best so couldn’t take money for something like this.
  2. Bpursell

    P80 Polymer and 870 12 gauge

    Remington 870 Marine Magnum, 12 gauge 2 3/4 and 3”, Mesa tactical pistol grip with AR style collapsible stock, side mount shell holder. $800 OBO P80 80% lower, new in the box, glock lower. $100 OBO
  3. Bpursell

    Saiga 223

    Saiga 223 one ten round mag, I have about 60 rounds through it with a 30 round mag. 30 round mag is included, however, tab on 30 round mag is damaged (damage while using a slide fire stock). Original stock on the gun. See pictures. $1200 obo. Included; rail system with cheaper red dot, flip up 45 offsets, and possible 2nd stock if wanted.
  4. Bpursell

    SOLD Silver and gold coins

    SOLD. Had an emergency come up and need to liquidate some gold and silver items. Will be posting some firearms later tonight. Wiling to meet on I17 and 69, or reasonable location. Listed on Craigslist for higher price. Asking $1,340.00. Text is best, 928-380-8781. Five silver Eagle one ounce coins Two Maple Leaf silver coins Nine silver one ounce round coins One one ounce Englehard bar One silver four ounce $100 bill bar Two Apmex five ounce bars One tube of Apmex 1/4 oz, 20 pieces One 1/10 ounce gold Maple Leaf coin
  5. If you are headed north. I will take it on I17 and 260
  6. Bpursell

    FS/T: Federal 209A Shotshell Primers

    Thanks. Let me know if it falls through
  7. Bpursell


    If you’re coming back via I40 and the 17, I could use a pound of herco.
  8. Bpursell

    Sold- FMJ Model D Derringer

  9. Bpursell


  10. Bpursell

    Tick Tock

    Wife and I both hit. My first choice was unit 8 Bull with 7 points. Hers 19a cow with 2. Now watching the “pending” on the account and hoping it goes through
  11. Bpursell


    What type and how much you wanting to trade for?
  12. Bpursell

    Fiocchi 209 primers and Triple 7 powder

    Pm sent on primers
  13. Bpursell


  14. Bpursell

    Shotshell Hulls Once Fired SOLD SOLD

    If any left I would be too.