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  1. I got one too. Man those guys in TX have everything.
  2. Bpursell

    WTB Lee Loader 12 and/or 10 gauge

    That’s so cool, I’m actually building a cart right now. Owe you one.
  3. Bpursell

    WTB Lee Loader 12 and/or 10 gauge

    Good tip thanks. I
  4. Bpursell

    WTB Lee Loader 12 and/or 10 gauge

    Interested. Pm you
  5. Might be a long shot, but looking for a Lee hand loader for 12 and 10 gauge shotgun shell. And any component thereof. (Shot, blue dot powder, primers etc) 10 gauge buckshot was almost impossible to find even before the ammo shortage and haven’t found 12 gauge 000 buck in years. So I thought I might try my hand at making my own. So if you have something you are will to part with that would be great.
  6. Bpursell

    Looking for shotguns

    count me in for helping with this. This year, next or whenever.
  7. Bpursell

    Bushmaster AR-15 Mod XM-E2S only used it one time.

    Sorry didn’t mean to cut in on your deal. I can’t touch tree fiddy 🤫
  8. Bpursell

    Bushmaster AR-15 Mod XM-E2S only used it one time.

    Still no price and MyRights is right. I paid about $450 for mine before the price gouging. I will give him $400.
  9. Bpursell

    Knife Makers

    I agree 5160 would be better. But if you are wanting a family keep sake and not a hardcore chopper, I think it’s a cool idea. I have a forge and a hammer, but haven’t turned it on in years. Read up on it and I will loan you my forage and hammer.
  10. Bpursell

    Recurve bow

    If idgaf doesn’t take it I’m interested.
  11. Bpursell

    Mechanic Needed

    I am hoping someone on here is or knows a good mechanic in the Prescott Tri City area. I need a Ford 302 motor rebuilt. I have an ‘88 F150 with a 302 in it. I also have another 302 and transmission in the shop. Looking for a complete rebuild and install. This is my son’s truck, trying to help him out. If anyone can do the work or knows someone who could do it at a decent price, please let me know.
  12. Bpursell

    Canyon cooler 35

    I will take it if it’s still available.
  13. Bpursell

    GUN cleanout

    I would like to see pics of the O/U
  14. Bpursell


    For whatever the reason, 2nd on the 357.
  15. Bpursell

    WTB SOCOM. Seeing what’s out there

    Thanks for the tip, but they are out of stock. Still might be the best bet, just have to wait.