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  1. Beaton

    What does he score???

    Sweet buck!!
  2. They are very clean. I have a pair as well and your probably only gonna get about $1200- 1300 out of them.
  3. Beaton

    Who does Euro Mount?

    I've done hundreds of euros. Dead heads are hard to get looking really good that one was in horrible shape with bleached antlers. I have many pics I could post, but I think the Draysen does an excellent job. Take it t o him you will not be disappointed. But if any west sides ever need a euro feel free to pm me.
  4. Beaton

    Who does Euro Mount?

    I would do it for you but I'm in north peoria.
  5. Beaton

    Mobile mechanic or shop

    Also if you cleaned the throttle body sometimes the computer needs to do a relearn. That will also cause an erratic idle.
  6. Beaton

    Mobile mechanic or shop

    Vacuum leaks can be hard to track down. With it getting a little better with it warmed up it may be a leak at an intake gasket. I hope you find it.
  7. Beaton

    Mobile mechanic or shop

    More D is correct also. My daughter's ecoboost had a new coil with a pinhole in the coil boot. I fought it forever and finally took it to my dad who is a mechanic and he found it. It had a bad miss under acceleration and no check engine light.
  8. Beaton

    Mobile mechanic or shop

    Do you have a check engine light?. Im not a mechanic by trade but I work on them a lot. Could be an intake gasket or a vaccum leak. Ford is notorious for have there plastic vaccum lines break. The shop i trust is in surprise. I dont know anyone in the east valley
  9. Beaton

    Got a 21 mule deer tag.

    21 is loaded with whitetail now, but I've hunted it my whole life. Killed lots of mulies there. I would hunt Mustang Hills or towards Bartlett. Make sure you have 4x4 if you gi into Mustang Hills.
  10. Beaton


    I've always used flatline, but I just purchased onx and I love it.
  11. Beaton

    .243 for mulies?

    I stand corrected I should have said GMX. I think those are the copper ones I got for my daughter for the .243.
  12. Beaton

    .243 for mulies?

    .243 will work very well. If you want non lead for the kaibab I recommend hornady 95grain super performance sst. If your gonna shoot lead i recommend 100grain.
  13. Use the .243 I load sierra 100grain Spitzer boat tails with 38grains of h4350. Its deadly in all of my .243's.
  14. Beaton

    Results up on AZGF Portal.

    I put in for 12awest and 12a east early rifle with 5 points no go. My kids always get tags so I get to go hunting. I'm holding out for a kaibab tag. I archery hunt a lot so I may get it done in August or December!