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  1. Beaton

    Who does euro mounts?

    I do them im in north peoria/ surprise area
  2. Beaton

    Swavely kids 2020

    Nice work! I really miss those hunts! Congratulations
  3. Beaton

    Time for the 243

    Love my .243's it will do the job easily. I load 100 sierra Spitzer botails with h4350.
  4. Beaton

    Prairie Dogs

    Anita Station rd west of the 64 in unit 9
  5. Beaton

    Youth Cow Hunt

    I am so glad it worked out for you guys! The smile on his face says it all!
  6. Beaton

    Tessa’s bull

    Nice bull! Congratulations
  7. Beaton

    Savage 17HMR-SOLD

    Man I missed this. My son was looking for one and I live in north peoria. Good deal!
  8. Beaton

    Rut Activity

    The hunt was over today we would have sat water in the evening but he had a college exam in the evening. What happened just happened its public land we just ran into an unethical hunter at the wrong time.
  9. Beaton

    Rut Activity

    Just joking but he does shoot a bowtech
  10. Beaton

    Rut Activity

    Yes it does. Grinding it out since the opener with nocturnal elk and a bad rut and on the last day its probably gonna work out and that happens. By the way my son is part of the bowtech crew 😆 and he has a dodge.
  11. Beaton

    Rut Activity

    Well got on a really big bull this morning. Dropped my son off at 4am and hiked back in to where we knew they went everyday. Im back glassing from far away and it barely gets to where I can see and there they are. Then a guy in a grey dodge pulls up behind me and I wave him off. He stops and glasses the elk. Then he pulls up and says to me thats a giant and I said yes he is and my son is set up on him back there. He say ok and I continue to glass and he drives off. Then the elk spook 15 minutes later so im waiting for my son. And he comes out and says the elk were 120yd walking right to me and I was gonna have a good shot at the big bull and then o heard someone cow calling and they spooked. That guy drove 200. Yds from the elk in his truck and cow called and blew them out. My son was furious. I went and told him how I felt about it considering I told him my son was in there. He said nothing back to me. That was ridiculous!
  12. Beaton

    Rut Activity

    5bsouth is my favorite unit but we like 7west as well my son drew the tag. We are seeing elk but it just hasn't worked out. Im sure there are pockets that they are talking better than others but we haven't found that yet. Congratulations on filling your tag!
  13. Beaton

    Rut Activity

    7west is the worst I've ever seen it and I know the whole unit very well. We have people in all different parts of the unit and once and a while in the dark before sunrise you might hear 1 or 2 bugle and then its complete silence. Other units may be a little better but not 7west.
  14. Beaton

    Rut Activity

    Crazy cuz 7west is dead. We hear 1 or 2 bugles before the sun comes up then silence. We have seen some good bulls though and they have all had cows a couple of them had 30 cows. Sitting water in the evenings and nothing. All of our cameras have bulls on them hitting water at 1 to 3am. We have gotten close spot and stalk hopefully one of our stalks works out or things get better as far as the rut goes. Good luck everyone!