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  1. Beaton

    Nightforce NX8 4-32x-50 FDE New in box

    Where are you located i have a buddy who may be interested
  2. Man i really appreciate the offer. If we didn't already find one i would take it!
  3. Thanks for the comments everyone we ended up finding a cape
  4. Beaton

    1 of 2 tags filled

    Good job. Nice buck!
  5. Beaton

    A Good Day

    Nice buck! And great shooting
  6. Thank you! The shot was 515yds
  7. Thank you for all the comments. Good luck to everyone that has tags i hope your all successful!
  8. My daughter shot a coues this morning. Pretty good buck. The angle of the shot was severely uphill and the exit came out benhind the neck right on the spine and left a hole the size of a baseball. Im going to euro it for now till i find a cape. This is what the buck looks like. I will trade a cape for a euro if anybody is interested. Thanks!
  9. Beaton

    Spring Draw Results are Posted

    Archery javelina and 20a turkey 1st hunt tag #9 out of 10.
  10. Beaton

    They are hitting cards

    Yes it is. I had the tag 4 years ago and ot was awesome i was surprised i drew it with only 5 points
  11. Beaton

    They are hitting cards

    Archery Javelina and 20a turkey!
  12. Shot my new tikka roughtech 7mm mag and it loves this ammo. Gonna eventually work up a load for it. I have 37 more loaded 162 eldx. Let me know if anyone has any they want to sell. Thanks!
  13. Beaton

    If found- bull elk 5b south

    Also it was shot the evening of the 19th right before dark
  14. Beaton

    If found- bull elk 5b south

    Yes it was a 6x6. We backed out because the blood indicated liver. The shot was 3 inches back barely missing the lungs but blood was for sure a liver shot which is fatal. We did the right thing and backed out. Problem is it rain at 2am when it wasn't supposed to and washed the blood trail away completely. We searched all day. And put almost 10 miles on our boots gridding the whole area. Broadhead was sticking out the other side after the shot so good penetration was not an issue.
  15. Beaton

    1 for 3 so far

    Have 3 tags for my kids. 2 in 5bsouth 1 in 6a. Bugles have shut off by 7am in both units. All the big herd bulls we are seeing have 20 to 40 cows with them. We got lucky with one small 6x6 so far that split from the herd bull and his cows and called him into 46yds and he made his arrow count on his 1st archery bull. Bull went 15yds and was down. 2 more tags to fill. Hopefully its kicks in a litter better. Good luck everyone