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  1. Beaton

    Tick Tock

    Had a friend get hit last night at 11pm for 10 early archery bull with 2 points. Another friend got hit this morning for unit 9 early archery bull with 2points. Nothing for us.
  2. Beaton

    Holy crud!! Got a hit

    It's on!
  3. Beaton

    "went with the old 30-30"

    Congratulations! That's the way to do it with open sights much funner when you get close to em.
  4. Beaton

    Tick Tock

    Yes I remember those days. I remember dropping mine off at the office on Greenway at the last minute. Line was long.
  5. Beaton

    Who's still waiting for portal updates?

    Looked at mine today. Elk app is still not showing but it has an option in manage account and it says resident since. I looked at it and it said August of 1981 so I called and I said I was born here in 1978 I'm a native. She fixed it and said when the merge happened it just assigned you a random resident since date I was like WTF!
  6. Beaton

    Tick Tock

    23 for me. My odds are still really low unit 9 rifle.
  7. Beaton

    Rejected card bonus point question

    Creed did you screenshot everything when you were trying to update the card. You were doing it before the deadline. There system should not be your fault. I dont think she should lose anything
  8. Beaton

    18,000 new elk apps

    Agreed. Everyone had to put in online. So that many extra apps should not matter. They were upgrading portal information etc to there new system. I question the accuracy and integrity of this draw too. But my Antelope app shows in my portal so I think they should just give me a tag 🤣
  9. Beaton

    18,000 new elk apps

    It doesn't help when the you tube guys from out of state blast how to put in for az and how our whole system works. Also the way they blast all over your tube about our otc archery deer tags. Honestly they should put a cap on the NR otc archery deer tags but then that would mean azgfd would lose money so that will never happen. Just my opinion.
  10. Beaton

    Pissed off

    Creed. Call the Yuma office thsts what I did and they helped me when my father in law was getting an error. Could not get through to the main office here. I called the yuma office and got through immediately.
  11. Beaton

    Longest two weeks of the year

    Yep! I'm not expecting a hit I only have 5 points
  12. Beaton

    Longest two weeks of the year

    Only my antelope shows on my portal not my elk. I have a receipt though. If the results say no application received and I have my receipt then I'll be calling game & fish.
  13. Beaton

    Kids pig

  14. Beaton

    Longest two weeks of the year

    My antelope app shows in my portal but not my elk app. But I have an email verifying that my elk app was successful. There system is messed up. The lady at azgfd put us in cause of errors on my father in laws information. She waited until I received an email that we were put in and verified hunt numbers before we hung up.
  15. Beaton

    Trouble putting in for the draw

    I didn't use the portal either. She said only some applicant are receiving the error. It was only my father in law who was getting the error and she said lots of people are getting the same error she had to reset my father in laws portal and use the customer ID on his portal instead of his original sportsmans id which was his ssn#.