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  1. Beaton

    Number 3 down 2021

    Thanks man!
  2. Beaton

    Tessa’s Wyoming buffalo

    Congratulations Tessa!
  3. Beaton

    Otc pig down

    Congratulations way to get er done!
  4. Beaton

    Number 3 down 2021

    Finally got back out today and I filled out 3rd tag good luck everyone. Sideways pictures of course.
  5. Beaton

    Daily Double with my oldest boy

    Nice job!
  6. Beaton

    #2 down for us

    Thanks luckily there are 3 or 4 different herds in there!
  7. Beaton

    #2 down for us

    Got it done again today. My boy filled his tag. 30yd shot. 2 more to go. Good luck everyone
  8. Beaton

    1 pig down so far 2021

    Thank you!
  9. Beaton

    Son's first archery pig

    Very nice congratulations
  10. Beaton

    1 pig down so far 2021

    Got on em today. It was so thick we could hear them but we could only see this one. My buddy made a good shot. Back at it tomorrow. Good luck everyone sorry for the sideways picture
  11. Beaton

    Rutting 2020

    Saw a really good buck last Sunday in Central AZ rutting pretty hard with 15 does. Made a stalk and got to 80yds and the does fed out below me and they winded me before I even saw him. Saw some small bucks that were not rutting also.
  12. Beaton


    This bows shoots great. Great guy buy with confidence this bow has been well taken care of.
  13. Beaton

    2nd year!!!

    Good job in A tough unit. My daughter had this tag and missed a bull over 300inches opening morning and I glassed my eyeballs off and never saw another elk. Unfortunately we missed our opportunity and she had to come back for work or we would still be up there.
  14. Beaton

    Draw results

    Results on the phone!