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  1. Beaton

    Our Epic Fall Continues (Part 3)

    Good times! It goes by fast enjoy. Heck of a year you guys are having. I'm gonna miss the youth hunts with my kids.
  2. Beaton

    Son's First!

    Nice buck
  3. Beaton

    Thomas did it again.

    Very nice! Love that hunt
  4. Beaton

    Daughter’s 4th Coues

    Very nice!
  5. Beaton

    Girls Trip

    Heck of a buck girls. Good job!
  6. Beaton

    Unit 22 Youth Hunt

    So awesome !
  7. Beaton

    22/23 Youth Deer Camp Success

    Love the 23 youth hunt. Good job congratulations!
  8. Beaton

    My son's first deer

    Wow! Nice buck
  9. Beaton

    Son's First Deer: Hooked on Coues!

    Congratulations looks like you guys had a great time!
  10. Beaton

    Sons 2019 muley

    Nice buck!
  11. Beaton

    Tessa’s first bear

    Wow! Good job Tessa! Beautiful bear
  12. Beaton

    Second day success

    Great job! I'm going to miss the 23 youth deer hunts with my kids. My youngest turned 18 before the hunt this year.
  13. Beaton

    Wifeys AZ Rim Country Archery Bull (Pics)

    That's a great bull!
  14. Beaton

    Another first for my son!

    Congratulations to both of you . Pretty bull!
  15. Beaton

    Rut Activity

    Temperatures in Flagstaff today high around 68 and overnight low 33