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  1. azgary

    UNIT 11 M for 12/13/2019

    I’m feeling better already.
  2. Hey guys, can someone help out an old disabled Veteran? I haven’t shot a deer with stick and string in over 50 years, and not from lack of trying. I have lived here in AZ for over 25 years and been hunting Coues and Muleys here for the past ~10 years. My diet has been TAG SOUP. Granted, I missed a few shots, but I have been honing my skills and it feels like this could be the year. Yes, I got drawn for GMU 11 M but I have never hunted it. Either sex? Wow, I’d be super happy to shoot a mature doe to go with all that soup. Anyway, this old guy doesn’t have that many hunts left in him, so I’m a little desperate and would appreciate any advice you can provide. Do I hunt from my treestand? On the ground? Spot and stalk? Any general locations better than the rest? Thank you brothers in hunting.
  3. azgary

    Got My 2017 Archery Buck Back

    Awesome buck. Congrats.
  4. azgary

    Got a grandpa Christmas eve

    Hey Brow, is it OK to ask what elevation you were at?
  5. azgary

    Mule Deer Rut

    I know you can't be serious trphyhntr
  6. azgary

    Mule Deer Rut

    Does anyone know if the Mule Deer rut has started near Tucson?