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  1. Cell4soul

    Backcountry Tent

    I use a Hilleberg Soulo. It is heavy for its size, but also bomb proof and 4 season. I do a lot of my hunting in Wyoming and feel the weight sacrifice was worth the tent construction. I’ll eventually get a lighter tent for trips I know that weather will cooperate. For a lightweight tent I will be looking really hard at the Tarptent Notch LI.
  2. Cell4soul

    Kimber mountain ascent rifle

    I’ve got one in .300 WSM I picked up through the classifieds on this website. I picked it up for $1,100 with 75 pieces of new Nosler brass and Redding dies, so I couldn’t pass up on the deal. Figured if I couldn’t get it to shoot, I’d put a new barrel on it and have light weight stock, action and decent trigger for a rifle build. I did a little load work before life got busy and I had to put things on hold. I found a couple loads that shot sub MOA, with the best being a load with the 200 ELDX. The load went sub .75 MOA and was only a seating depth test with a mid charge weight using H4350. 6 shots were basically touching. The rifle seemed to like the loads further OAL, but I would have to check my load data for how far off. I never messed with charge weight before I stopped development. So, I think you can get one to shoot. As was already stated, that light of a rifle is gonna be really finicky and enhance all shooter errors. I am really considering swapping the barrel anyways, even though I know I can get it to shoot. For some reason, I really want to build a .270 WSM throated to shoot the Berger 170 EOL’s. I think I could push them close to 3,000 fps with a BC close to .700.
  3. Cell4soul

    Ballistics Calculations???

    Time to start reloading. Your velocity spread is huge with either of those factory ammo and the further you shoot the more it will affect you.
  4. Cell4soul

    Sig Sauer BDX

    2 of my hunting buddies in Wyoming just bought these units. With no adjustments to BC or muzzle velocity in the app they are holding sub-MOA to 700 yards. I think this technology will be a game changer and other companies will soon follow suit. I will probably give the system a little more time and wait for a scope on the 3-15 magnification Range, which I am sure will be out in 2019.
  5. Cell4soul

    Wyoming Adventure

    Congrats. Just made it back from Wyoming myself. No buck tags, but I do have 3 points built up, so I should be guaranteed a buck tag next year. I had 2 doe tags. Killed one at 360 yards and the other at 578 yards. I was hunting unit 73 and this year was more difficult than year’s past due to rain making bentonite dirt roads impassable and significantly shrinking the accesible Hunting areas. Nice buck.
  6. I have the same pistol with the 4”barrel. I love the pistol, shoots great. I just had it out shooting some of the Buffalo Bore 180 grain bullets, good times. Free bump for ya!
  7. Cell4soul

    Base layer question

    I think the key to getting cold was the sweating on the uphill hike. I don’t hike into areas with base layers on. I’ll hike in with just a T shirt on and no base layer under my pants. I’ve even hiked in shirtless. This is even if temps are in the 20’s. If I am hiking hard, the exercise keeps me plenty warm. When I get to a glassing spot, I’ll let myself cool down and stop sweating completely. I then strip down, add base layers and glass. If I move to another glassing spot and know I’ll be hiking hard and sweating again, I strip down again. I do a lot of my hunting in Wyoming where the wind is brutal. Sweaty clothes and wind with a little chill is no good. I am not sure there is a base layer made that will keep you warm once you’ve sweated in it and stop moving.
  8. Cell4soul

    Leupold Alumina Covers?

    I use them on one of my hunting rigs with a VX6. I really like them. Good peace of mind. They keep rain and dust off the scope and are quick to open if you have to make a quick shot. I use Butler Creek caps on my other VX6 and to be honest, they work just as good and are a lot cheaper.
  9. Cell4soul

    Just a little overkill

    Bad butt. What caliber and projectile made that hole? Doubting that was a .50 BMG.
  10. Cell4soul

    Vortex Razor 12x50

    These are sold.
  11. Cell4soul

    Vortex Razor 12x50

    The cheapest I am seeing these online is $999. I’ll drop the price down to $800 to make these a good deal for anyone interested.
  12. Cell4soul

    Vortex Razor 12x50

    Ready for hunting season
  13. Cell4soul

    Vortex Razor 12x50

    Vortex Razor 12x50 Binoculars. These are in excellent condition, no scratches, like new, used for one season. They come with original box, case, straps, cover, etc. $800.00. You can call me or text me at 760-212-1102. I am located in East Mesa
  14. Cell4soul

    Swarovski EL 12x50

    I would say most of my glassing is done with a tripod, probably 80-85%. I have the Outdoorsmans medium tripod with the pistol grip. That said, I do hand hold as well. This is mostly if I am on the move to a new glassing spot or giving a quick look into an area before I hike through.
  15. Cell4soul

    Swarovski EL 12x50

    For those of you that have made the switch to the EL 12x50’s, do you find it difficult to hand hold these? I am currently using Vortex Razor 12x50’s and think I am ready to upgrade my glass. I think the Razor 12x50’s are a little much to hand hold and wondering if the same would hold true for the Swaro’s; or, is the fact that they are better optics going to help with that. Because I have been getting into backpack hunting, I really don’t want to carry a bunch of different optics so I can save weight and bulk in the pack. Thanks for any feedback.