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  1. 3rd gen native

    New pup outings

    It's always a treat to see a young canine learning to hunt with his/her life partner in hunting. I lost two in the last month, one to cancer the other from a mojave snake bite. Put them to rest and found another to learn with my older shorthair. Had forgotten what a joy it is to watch the light bulb go on. Good luck with that good looker!!!!
  2. 3rd gen native

    To early to tell on quail?

    I have a very effective way of dealing with road runners on my property, I've been using a large falcon trap baited with a mouse tied to the trapdoor release. set it up and wait a couple hours, Roadrunners are very territorial and cover a lot of ground on a patrol, take R.R and cage to work and release about ten miles away. Has sure thinned them down in my area.
  3. With the few rains over July I've seen a number of winged walnuts following mom and pop both Gambels and scaled. numbering any where from four to twelve in a group. On my own property I have four pairs that nested in a mesquite brush pile a couple days ago they all rolled out, numbering fortytwo little ones. Don't know who belonged to who but it was quite a site!! These were all Gambels, Scaled so far I've seen two bunches numbering eight to ten on the far end of my property. Still seeing pairs running around undecided,So maybe just a little to early to tell what the upcoming season will be like but it's sure looking better than last year!!!!!
  4. Horrible weather yesterday evening/night here in sierra vista hard and heavy rain with the prediction of same in the morning. Got up to a bright sunny day. went in to work, But will be out this after noon. nice photo's Lance !!!
  5. Rain is back every day, Spots that had good flights last week are gone birds are spread all over now with plenty of water in road pockets. I was on the verge of claiming we would have a good season now that rains are gone. guess it was still to soon for that prediction LOL.
  6. With the rains in southeast AZ. slowing I've been out scouting for bandtail pigeons, this year is looking good, Birds are dropping down from the north sooner than last year. An above average mast crop is helping to sustain the increased population of canyon rockets as well as mineral heavy water tanks which these birds are often found hanging around. I've hunted these big birds most of my life in AZ. from Prescott to the rim country and now in Cochise county. Finding them can be a chore without bino's they love sitting on tall dead pines in the mid morning and if they haven't been shot over will often times sit until you are standing under them, Gawking at you until nerves take over and they launch from the perch, Be ready as they will surprise you as to how fast they can be!! Shooting at passing flocks in canyons with towering trees can be a real challenge!! So what say you? any others that chase the canyon devils :D
  7. 3rd gen native

    Blue grouse hunting in AZ

    There are some relict populations still at several of the old initial transplants done by game &fish, While still living in the prescott area on several occasions saw them on and around mingus Mtn, Cataract canyon out of williams holds some as well along the train route into the canyon. I've chased the red legged devils on several trips to snake gulch& Hacks canyon, Like Blues/Duskies they are addictive and delicous!!!
  8. It would appear that Lances dogs and mine were schooled at the same academy, With five Short hairs under my roof it's sometimes a real chore to keep the peace with all of them. They can't all go hunting on the same trip and invariably I get the cold shoulder and sad eyes upon leaving with just a couple. Upon return all is forgiven if they get to "smell out the trip" with the promise that they will get next trip out. Lances explanation definition is the best I've seen yet, Matches my crew to a tee.
  9. Was having an evening cocktail with a couple buds I frequently hunt with and the subject came up dove hunting down in Hidalgo/Los mochis. We hadn't been down in the last couple years so started laying plans for a weekend trip. As the discussion unsued, Jaeger my senior G.S.P. heard the words bird hunting one to many time and started doing the tail chasing lets go boss dance. Dog understands a little to much. The guys were rolling the dog was barking I couldn't get a word edgewise.Finally got everyone quieted down to make some calls, Contacted exec. terminal placed order for fuel, everyone has a passport,Made reservations at lodge, Thousands of birds hitting several maize fields was Angel's reply (head of the lodge and district game warden) Will file a flight plan next thurs. Lift off at0330 my F33A bonanza will have the four of us and this crazy dog back on the ground in under three hours ready for a morning hunt. Blood pressure is spiking just getting ready for this!! nothing like mid between season tuneup just for the dog of course. pics will follow.
  10. Although we have some that stick around all year in town the whitewings showed up in masses a couple weeks ago. Some that have arrived are juveniles from hatchings in mexico, Easily identified by the not yet powder blue eyelids that only adults attain with age.
  11. 3rd gen native

    Dragoons and Chiricahuas

    Late morning before I was able to meet up with Brady and Evan, Truly a great couple of guys to hunt with!!! Most area's that were holding birds had been hard hit with dog trials in the last few weeks. coveys were reduced to a half dozen or so, Most getting up at the fifty yard or better mark. Evan had the most amazing event, A single scaled flushing at fifty yards flying another fifty landed in a mesquite tree, Evan walked up and the bird stayed frozen, Standing under it Evan nocked it out of the tree with his gun barrel never firing a shot bird plunges to the grass where Evan reached in for a retrieve!! Never seen anything like this!!! Looking forward to a retrial next year Guys!! On to fishing
  12. 3rd gen native

    Dragoons and Chiricahuas

    The cherry cows are a hard hunt where most of the mearns reside as well as a lot of private lands posted. The dragoons have mearns, Easiest way to get to them is middle march pass out of tombstone. When you get to the top of the pass the road snakes down to the right with a cutoff to the left, Used to be known as china camp. Following this will take you to a couple of dirt tanks surrounded by typical mearns country, This is in the middle of the dragoons. Used to hunt the three sisters ranch before it got posted, Took several slams in there over the years. You will pass that ranch on the way up the pass. On middle march there is a golf course on the right (locate by the dead and dying palms seen from the road now defunct) gambels and scaled are both in the area. A couple of open steel tanks on the right will place you in the foothills. P. M. me if you decide to try it, I'll be out for the season end also.
  13. Had a red shoulder that came within five feet twice this last weekend while hunting scaled quail, Handsome fellow would land close and watch as we cleaned birds. Acted as if he had been handled at some time in the not to distant past. Sitting on the tailgate talking to him he would cock his head and listen, I made no attempt to get closer, Short sleeved shirt and no face protection was not good enough odds. That was the closest I've ever had one in the wild approach.
  14. Have a good hunting bud that shoots one and really likes it, Was using it the past three weekends on scalies in N.M. got the job done real well!!!!
  15. 3rd gen native

    Mearns Hunt

    I was absolutely thrilled to meet and hunt with Kenny Annie and mags!! Tried to show them our south eastern hospitality but weather was heck bent to foul it up, took the crew to a favorite spot of mine where taking a limit of scalies is/was an easy deal before weather set in, Could'nt even get them to show a face. kenny ,Annie and mags finally got into a small covey of gambels where we've only encountered scalies. Day Two: Weather again was set to be foul but we headed for mearns country on the way saw one single scalie cross the road take flight and plop into snow covered grass. Headed into the hills and finally connected with a couple coveys of mearns, Annie was standing almost on top of them, Kenny was moving to take a right side approach Mags on the right my Jaeger on the left Annie could'nt see them I was standing back watching the birds spin in circles looking for an escape path all I could do was stand back and smile, First contact with mearns is always a special treat!!! Got into one more covey before sleet and snow started making the day miserable, On the way out we spotted a large herd of mulies walking single file across the snow driven grass. snow was on their backs as they walked away from us, In the middle approx halfway was a huge buck sporting a 4x2 and a half rack looking way off balance, Either an unlucky shot or fighting for does had left him lopsided. snow was coming down in flurries now, Another mile down the road was a herd of antelope feeding as if nothing was out of normal. Snow piling on their backsides, Just another day for them. Day Three: Kenny and crew are feeling frisky and want another rematch on the mearns, I was about halfway shot, A back injury a couple weeks ago was making it hard to keep up with long legged Kenny!! This guy can flat travel!! On our way thru the grasslands of sonoita we spotted a pair of mexican wolves, I've only seen these twice before, They were headed down the same trail the mulies used the evening before and quickly were lost as we traveled on. arriving it didn't take long to shake up a couple coveys and drop a few birds, Beautiful day clear skies and great new friends to hunt and make memories with. had to cut it short as Kenny and crew had a long drive home