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  1. Looking for some .41 magnum hard cast lead projectiles for my dad. Shoot me a pm if available for purchase 👍
  2. ocotillo4me

    Leupold Mk 4 6.5-20x50 illum. TMR

    Bump for excellent glass. Used these on some late hunts for elk 12 plus years ago. Leupold is where it’s at. IMO, best maker out there👍
  3. ocotillo4me

    1991 Lowe Bass Boat

    Very nice fishing rig. It’s definitely that time of year for rippin lips👍Somebody needs to buy this.
  4. ocotillo4me

    ISO 7.6 Creedmoor

    Waiting for the Hoyt carbon Creedmore... Probably won’t find any arrows for it though..
  5. ocotillo4me

    Greatest deer killing cartridge EVER!

    Just as long it is a 6.5 something or 6.5 xtc etc.. etc...
  6. ocotillo4me

    SCAMMED What an idiot !!!

    Must be kin to DICK GRIPS.There’s still laws for hanging horse thieves , how about scammers?
  7. ocotillo4me


    Right handy or left handy? Or just handy?
  8. ocotillo4me


  9. ocotillo4me

    LMT lower Aero upper price drop SOLD

  10. ocotillo4me


  11. ocotillo4me

    LMT lower Aero upper price drop SOLD

  12. ocotillo4me

    Lapua .260 Rem Brass Nosler BT Bullets SOLD

    I will take it.
  13. ocotillo4me

    LMT lower Aero upper price drop SOLD

    Bump price drop
  14. ocotillo4me

    LMT lower Aero upper price drop SOLD

    That’s a good question.. It’s certainly accurate enough.
  15. This build has thirty rounds through it.Shot 75 grain hpbt, 62 grain and 55 grain psp. Shot excellent with all. Barrel is 10.5” 1/7” twist.Chambered in .556. Utg aluminum rear peep assembly. Comes with soft case in pic and three 30 round metal mags. This is a quality build. Red dot is a Sig Romeo 5. Located in East Mesa.Price is $950.00.Everything in pic goes with it. Need this gone.