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  1. ocotillo4me

    Zeiss 15x56 HD sold

  2. ocotillo4me


    Bump for an awesome lil round. I love my .260. Very impressive cartridge. 143 gr. Tack driver. Shoots 120 nosler ballistic tips into tiny groups as well.👍Don’t think anyone will be disappointed with one of those..
  3. ocotillo4me

    Zeiss 15x56 HD sold

    Ttt price drop
  4. ocotillo4me

    Zeiss 15x56 HD sold

  5. ocotillo4me

    Zeiss 15x56 HD sold

    Zeiss 15x56 HD binoculars. Glass is 100 percent scratch and blemish free. New condition with no scuffs or abrasions on armor as well. Comes with everything from the factory. Lens caps, zeiss locking adapter with stud installed, box, paperwork, case and straps. These have excellent glass in low light conditions.I would put them in between the Swaro 15hd and the Swarovski neu 15’s. Buyer will not be disappointed. Price is $1150 shipped if needed. Located in Prescott valley.
  6. greetings, can you give me an accurate weight of your tripod? how tall does it extend to?


    thanks, randy

  7. Vortex Summit ssp tripod for sale or trade.Tripod comes with vortex head and one 1/4-20 plate. Cash price is $80.00. Or trade for a larger Manfrotto, field optics, or? Tripod is in excellent condition.Located in Prescott valley. Pm for any additional information. Thanks.
  8. ocotillo4me

    Swaro slc 10x42HD

    Pm sent.
  9. ocotillo4me

    Carhartt jacket and vest.

    Looking to sell a new carhartt vest xl size and a lightly used heavy insulated jacket. I bought these when I was working in Iowa about five years ago. Taking up space.Vest has never been worn. Jacket worn a couple times and in excellent condition. $60.00 for the jacket and $40.00 for the vest. Located in Prescott valley. Can meet part way if interested.
  10. ocotillo4me

    .22LR & .410

    Pm sent
  11. ocotillo4me

    MEOPTA vs SWARO???

    I bought the swaro hd 15x56 when they first came out. Had the swaro 15x56 light green finish years ago. Bought some zeiss 15x56 hd for 1100.00. Just about half the money I paid for the swaro hd. Like I said, very nice glass and I can’t tell the difference.Thirty or so years ago when I started learning how to glass tripod assisted, zeiss was the go to . I think whatever works best for an individuals eyes is most beneficial. Keeping up with the Jones’s make all the manufacturers a lot of money.... mostly Swarovski.
  12. ocotillo4me

    MEOPTA vs SWARO???

    Try the zeiss 15x56 HD. Been looking through all different kinds of glass on a tripod for 30 years .. Very hard to beat the zeiss no fault warranty . Imo, they are excellent in low light conditions.Also they are a lot less than I paid for my swaro 15x56 hd. Can’t tell the difference other than the price tag. Since this an opinions thread , let’s hear some more..