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  1. Hatchet Jack

    Wtb kowa 664m x2 plus eye pieces

    Go big or go home man. Guys he’s really looking for two 884s 😁
  2. Hatchet Jack

    Vortex razor 85 1st gen

    Great condition, never been in a pack, only used on the porch and used very little. Glass and body is perfect. Comes with lens caps and carry case. $850 tyd PayPal F/f or add 3%
  3. Hatchet Jack

    Big Eyes/ Twin Spotters

    yeah I could probably do that. I'm not a machinist by any stretch of the imagination but it flat out works and it's a lot better than paying $500 for one. I'm going to be a few weeks but i'll let you know how the new bracket turns out compared to my current redneck garage-fabbed version i've been using. I have a buddy with some better equipment so the new bracket should look a lot cleaner and i can trim a few ounces off too. Mine should be around 6.75 lbs for the whole setup with the spotters.
  4. Hatchet Jack

    Big Eyes/ Twin Spotters

    I was gonna build one for me and a couple more extras just to use up the material I bought
  5. Hatchet Jack

    Big Eyes/ Twin Spotters

    The 106” buck in my brothers freezer begs to differ
  6. Hatchet Jack

    Big Eyes/ Twin Spotters

    I have no IPD issues with my kowas. I have a friend who is basically a cyclops and he's used them. As for collimation issues, mine rarely get bumped off alignment and if they do it takes me about 45 seconds to get them back to where they need to be. My next bracket design should completely eliminate this issue anyway as i improve the tolerances on my objective saddles. I prefer the 2 spotting scope setup simply because I already had one spotter so getting another and making a bracket was pretty low cost compared to getting a btx. I was able to glass side by side with a set of highlanders a couple weeks ago on a hunt and, while the 32x82 highlanders are of course a little better with color and very slightly brighter, the twin 66s hung in there surprisingly well. In fact my buddy who owns the highlanders is considering going with the twin spotters since they're actually packable. I do wish kowa made a wide angle zoom eyepiece for the 66. If i want to get a closer look or take phoneskope video at a distance i usually pop in a variable 20-60x eyepiece that i pack with me but the FOV on that eyepiece is way too small to effectively glass with full time.
  7. Hatchet Jack

    Swarovski EL 12x50 SV

  8. Hatchet Jack

    Swarovski EL 12x50 SV

    There has only been one iteration of the EL 12s as far as the optics, these have the swarovision field flatteners same as the current field pro model. I guess you could say they are about as “hd” as it gets. No outdoorsman stud on this set.
  9. Hatchet Jack

    Swarovski EL 12x50 SV

  10. Hatchet Jack

    WTB binos

    This is very good advice. Or just buy my ELs on here 😁I promise you won’t regret buying either of them
  11. Hatchet Jack

    Swarovski EL 12x50 SV

    Purchased new in November 2015 and they haven’t seen much action. Selling for a buddy. I use this exact model and in my opinion these are the best do all bino for western hunting. Glass is immaculate, only blemish is the usual slight anodizing wear on hinges from taking out of bino harness. Comes with everything pictured. I can transfer warranty to buyer. $2050 tyd PayPal F/F or add 3%. If you want more pics pm me your number and I’ll send all you want.
  12. Hatchet Jack

    Swarovski Spotter 25-50x65mm STM HD

    That looks like an STM, hard to find and lighter than the sts. Plus the better eyepiece That’s a sweet scope.
  13. Hatchet Jack

    Big Eyes/ Twin Spotters

    i wish the 554 had an interchangeable eyepiece. What makes the twin 664s so good is the wide angle 30x eyepiece view. The apparent field of view is so big i almost feel a little tunnel vision when i switch back to glassing with my ELs. I think two 884s with that 25-60 wide angle eyepiece would be sweet, somebody with more money than me should try it and report back.
  14. Hatchet Jack

    Swarovski slc 10x42 hd **$1375

  15. Hatchet Jack

    Swarovski slc 10x42 hd **$1375