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  1. Hatchet Jack

    Our 2021 Coues Season

    both outstanding bucks. That first buck is what dreams are made of. What porro prism binoculars are you using there? They obviously work well 😎
  2. Hatchet Jack

    Swarovski HD 15s trade for Alpha 10s

    Any interest in Zeiss victory ht?
  3. Hatchet Jack

    Draw Results Posted?

    do you, by chance, have a famous youtube channel? Congrats
  4. Hatchet Jack

    Draw Results Posted?

    Did not draw a 29 Thanksgiving coues tag with 2 points as a Resident; Unbelievable
  5. Hatchet Jack

    Tick Tock

  6. Hatchet Jack

    Tick Tock

  7. Hatchet Jack

    More late kaibab action

    Thanks guys. Yeah bob it was diy if you can count 6 guys in camp as diy. heres my unpopular opinion: as far as pure adventure and hunting style I prefer a early season backpack coues hunt. But there’s no denying the kaibab is a special place and I’m grateful to have got to hunt it.
  8. Hatchet Jack

    More late kaibab action

    I got lucky and drew a random 12aw late tag this year. I honestly expected to see more bucks per day, i'd say we averaged seeing 10 bucks a day, but roughly half of those we saw were pretty good bucks in the 160-165 range, with a handful of 170-175 bucks over the course of 5 1/2 days. They seemed very pockety to me, one draw would have a bunch of deer with some bucks kicking around, the next draw with the exact habitat would have nothing. The evenings were very slow for us, at least the first few days since it was so dang hot. Most of the mature bucks seemed to be hanging in the pines right before it opened up into the oaks. My dad found this inline buck on day 3 and i figured he was on the bubble; good deer but i wanted to hold out for a few more days. Day 4 we couldn't turn him up and considered him gone to find new does, but we hung around to see if new bucks would move in. I was able to put glass on him the morning of day 5 in the same canyon and knew he was a shooter. After several days of looking at what i'd consider good bucks, he stood out a lot. I knew he didn't have great mass or width but was long and had character so i couldn't resist.
  9. Hatchet Jack

    Early Kaibab Rifle Reports???

    Dang. Email I got from g&f said it’s now open. So does forest service just expect 75 camps to hang out at the gate until midnight of the opener? So instead they’ll have 150+ trucks going over top on the snowpack roads Hauling trailers to get to west side, but they claim to 22 road is closed because it’s a hazard. Bunch of idiots running the show. keep us updated if they open it, I’m headed there Wednesday.
  10. Hatchet Jack

    12aw late

    Does anybody have insight on the road situation? I called the forest service and the kind lady said there's a chance they could extend the 22 road closure if it's a safety hazard; i'm hoping she's lying. Also I saw that ADOT closed SR67 after this last storm. Will ADOT typically reopen this road once it's cleared or do they just shut it down till spring? Even if USFS opens the 22 road on Nov 20th it's gonna be a cluster F on opening morning.
  11. Hatchet Jack

    12aw late

    I was under the assumption if there’s a big storm it would be hard to get back out over top on that road. Maybe I’m thinking of the wrong road? I’m still learning.
  12. Hatchet Jack

    12aw late

    It sounds like the biggest worry is the 22 gettin washed out with all those big canyons being torched, then the only access is going out over top which can probably be a pain if it gets a couple feet of snow.
  13. Hatchet Jack

    12aw late

    Yeah I heard that. Is it a factor of the snow being too deep to get around or more that the roads wash out or get too sloppy to get around? I have access to snowmobiles so if snow is the problem I’ll just treat it like a wy late cow hunt and if the camper has to stay until March so be it 🤘🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  14. Hatchet Jack

    12aw late

    thanks for the input guys. headed back down in a few weeks to see what made it through the early hunt. i'll let you know if i see anything worthwhile.