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  1. Bassmaster

    ISO ATV & UTV Mechanic

    Tom196, I believe he used this guy in Queen Creek. He was happy with the service provided.
  2. Bassmaster


    Bump for a good seller!
  3. Bassmaster


    sweet gun!
  4. Bassmaster


    I will take it if the sale falls through
  5. Bassmaster

    WTB sheds

    Want to buy a pair of mule deer sheds for rattling. Anyone have some for sale or can point me in the direction i can buy one? thanks
  6. Bassmaster

    ISO ATV & UTV Mechanic

    Not sure the best place to post this on here, But my dad is in need of a Mechanic for both his ranger crew utv and his sportsman's 500 atv, Im looking for a reputable mechanic. Anyone know of any? Located in Gilbert
  7. Bassmaster


    Pm sent
  8. Bassmaster


    Thanks and good luck on your hunt!
  9. Bassmaster


    Need gone.
  10. Bassmaster


    Sitka ascent pant size 38 $70
  11. Bassmaster

    *PRICE DROP* Firstlite camo

    Puffy pending pickup. I got the puffy a size bigger so it could go over all my other layers. Typically only wore it on a ranger ride at first light.
  12. Bassmaster


    Sick pistol!
  13. Bassmaster

    *PRICE DROP* Firstlite camo

  14. Bassmaster


    I am not sure about the fx part. Im not sure how to tell? I am in gilbert az
  15. Bassmaster

    Sitka camo

    Lost alot of weight so ive got to downsize all my gear. Sitka core lightweight hoody in subalpine pattern XXL (10051) $80 **SOLD Sitka core midweight zip tee in subalpine pattern XXL (10036) $60 **SOLD Sitka core lightweight crew long sleeve in subalpine pattern XXL (10033) $50 ** SOLD Sitka core lightweight crew long sleeve in open country pattern XXL (10033) $50 ** SOLD Sitka Ascent pant in subalpine size 38. $125 ** SOLD Sitka ascent pant (older style) size 38 $90