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  1. I love AZ

    Tikka 7mag

    Pm sent
  2. I love AZ

    Hits Started

    I think it's over
  3. I love AZ

    Hits Started

    I've had a pending charge show a different amount then I actually spent before and then change once it cleared. $2100 is close to sheep and deer out of state cost.
  4. I love AZ

    2021 draw

    Hits are on
  5. I love AZ


    What's the weight?
  6. I love AZ

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    Got hit!
  7. I love AZ

    Info Desire: AZ G&F Cannot Charge CC Upfront For Tags

    What is the benefit of switching? Why would you want to just waste more money on fees? You get drawn when you get drawn wether the money is in your pocket or not.
  8. I love AZ

    Info Desire: AZ G&F Cannot Charge CC Upfront For Tags

    You get charged for every credit card you process so it's actually smarter not to run them all then refund them like New Mexico.
  9. I love AZ


    Sent a pm
  10. I love AZ


    Poundage and current draw length?
  11. I love AZ

    Pelican Elite 50 $150obo

    Willing to ship?
  12. I love AZ


    Please send a text or call my dad. I sent a message
  13. I love AZ

    Looking for Leica 15x56 Geovid or 10-15Duovids

    There is some duo vids for sell
  14. I love AZ

    1986 Honda 250R

  15. I love AZ

    Springfield XDM 40