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  1. guyhaz

    What do you think this bull will score?

    Good stuff guys!!!! Thanks for the feedback and pics.
  2. guyhaz

    What do you think this bull will score?

    Thanks for the guesses guys!!! I will be helping a buddy on his elk hunt this year and I am not very strong a judging bulls. So I am reading up and practicing on the bulls we have on camera so far and wanted some other opinions. He will be looking for a 360+ bull and want to make sure I know what I am looking at. Any tricks you guys use in the field to judge those bigger bulls?
  3. Curious what you guys think this bull will score? Pic taken recently. I am guessing around 330
  4. guyhaz

    5B Turkey

    I wish that was the case for me. Hunted 5bs this year and last and I have had a hard time finding them. I got on one Saturday morning but I couldn't get him to commit. Seemed like a lot more hunters this year too. These dang birds are my nemesis, can't seem to give one a dirt nap. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  5. guyhaz


    I have been getting this a lot lately when selling something....the buyer is on the other side of town and wants a discount to cover the cost of his gas. I always just laugh and tell them NO. If you don't want to drive across town to buy something, then look for chit on your side.
  6. guyhaz


    PM sent
  7. guyhaz

    GOLD TIP arrows

    Good to have some of that around up north right now with these cold temps hunting...enough to keep two guys warm. ๐Ÿ˜
  8. guyhaz

    FHF Bino Harness, Rangefinder pouch

    Sent u a PM
  9. guyhaz

    Polaris ranger tire dealers east valley

    I ended up going to discount and bought the Mojave Rage tires. They r 8 ply DOT approved and run about 130 a tire plus mounting and tax.
  10. guyhaz

    Polaris ranger tire dealers east valley

    Thanks for the replys guys. Thanks for the offer Bigj but unfortunately I have aftermarket wheels. Size currently on the front is 30x10x14. I was hoping to find a shop locally to do both, I would like to use it this weekend.
  11. Need new front tires on my Ranger crew. Anybody know of a good shop in the east valley that can sell and mount the tires? Thx
  12. This guy exacts some revenge with some ingenuity and fart spray. Enjoy http://digg.com/video/glitter-bomb-package-thief
  13. guyhaz

    Shower remodel contractor

    The time has come to update/remodel out master bedroom walk-in shower. This will be a first for me and was wondering if anybody has a good contractor that does bathroom remodels.