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  1. SabinoCarl

    Ruger 1022 stainless takedown - sold

    Thank you Curmudgeon!
  2. SabinoCarl

    Ruger 1022 stainless takedown - sold

    What is your cell number?
  3. Hi Curmudgeon,

    My number is 520-248-6633

    i am driving by Flagstaff on Friday. 3/13

     I am interested in the Ruger 10/22 takedown.

    pls call or text to get details...

  4. SabinoCarl

    Ruger 1022 stainless takedown - sold

    You still have the Ruger 10/22 Takedown for sale?
  5. SabinoCarl

    Glock 20 10mm $450

    PM sent
  6. SabinoCarl

    WTB Marlin 1894 357 mag

    Also looking for a lever action 357
  7. SabinoCarl

    Hunting/Recreational Property for sale in Aravaipa

    I am interested in being part of a group buy. Please PM me if there are others interested.
  8. SabinoCarl

    Remington 700 cdl sf .300 wsm

    Where is the rifle?
  9. SabinoCarl

    Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic 6.5-300 For Sale

    Thank you “Gunsmith2506” for adding the correct answers. The location is Northeast Tucson, Sabino Canyon. The rifle is brand new, new shot, in the box.
  10. Hey Coues Whitetail Folks, I have a Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic 6.5-300 for sale. I got it supporting Arizona Elk Society raffle. The same rifle is listed on "Cheaper than Dirt" website for $495. I am selling the rifle in Tucson for $450. Please call - text me at 520-248-6633
  11. SabinoCarl

    Proof Research 6.5 cal barrel for sale

    Where is the barrel located?
  12. Thank you all for the suggestions. The rifle is now with Kyle Craig, who said that he has seen the issue before, and thus knows the fix. To Quienyo, the problem with the Christensen Arms Ridgeline ejectors on the “AR style” dual ejectors is that the ejector faces are “ sharp” angles, and the springs are too tight, causing brass shavings off the cartridges.
  13. I am looking for a gunsmith in Tucson, preferably east Tucson. I have a Christensen Arms Ridgeline 300WSM that needs bolt, ejector work. Please let me know any recommendations.