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  1. The new proclamation is up on the game department website. See link below. Good luck to everybody in the draw this year!!!! http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/download/publications/rib/2021/hunting/2021_2022-New-Mexico-Hunting-Rules-and-Info.pdf
  2. GilaCoues

    Midwesterner Heading SW

    Good luck Speedy! This has been a fun thread to read. I'll be retired in a couple of years and looking forward to hunting this hunt since I only live a couple of hours away from the AZ state line.
  3. GilaCoues

    WTB Remington 721/722/725

    Lee, that's good advice regarding buying a long action to take full advantage of handloading. Yes, i currently handload and will keep that in mind. Thinking of selling my wife's 7mm-08 Rem 700 SPS and using the money to buy another .280 Rem model 721. Kinda cool to go old school.
  4. GilaCoues

    WTB Remington 721/722/725

    Sweet. Have fun with it. Another member gave a me potential lead on a 722. Good people here.
  5. GilaCoues

    WTB Remington 721/722/725

    Thanks, good luck with your search as well. I'll keep a look out for your preferred choice.
  6. GilaCoues

    12 Gauge Buckshot and Slugs $250

    all gone
  7. GilaCoues

    .40 Ammunition $500

    ammo is gone
  8. GilaCoues

    .40 Ammunition $500

    Trade for 9mm?
  9. GilaCoues

    Swarovski BTX with 85

    still available?
  10. GilaCoues

    WTB Remington 721/722/725

    Very cool Flatlander. Did the same thing with great grandpa's 721!!
  11. GilaCoues

    WTB Remington 721/722/725

    Here is my boy this year with his Grandpa's 722 .257 Bob. First pronghorn!!
  12. GilaCoues

    WTB Remington 721/722/725

    Yep, incredibly accurate and fun to shoot. Thanks biglake, been looking at that one. might have to pull (or squeeze) the trigger on that one!!!!
  13. GilaCoues

    WTB Remington 721/722/725

    Looks like i may have to keep saving my pennies. Problem is I'm saving my original pennies for Swarovski BTX!!!
  14. GilaCoues

    WTB Remington 721/722/725

    My son used his grandfather's Remington Model 722 in .257 Roberts to harvest his first pronghorn and first Coues' deer this year. We also have my great-grandfather's Remington Model 721 in .30-06. Very, very accurate rifles and awesome to shoot. I've been on the lookout for other rifles in these models (725 was the deluxe model of the time), however the ones listed on the usual gun websites are either way too expensive or the reasonable ones don't ship. Therefore, I'm seeing if anybody here has any of these models willing to sell at a reasonable price? I grew up reading about .280 Remington (which i have a Model 700), so I'd like to get one of those (.270 would work as well). I also want to buy another .257 Roberts because i love my father's but it is looking like the boy is going to get that one!!! He loves shooting it, especially at critters! Anyway, thanks for the consideration and look forward to seeing if anybody has one of these for sale. Thanks!!