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  1. Levi2122

    Swaro BTX with 95

    PM SENT! Very interested!!
  2. Levi2122


    PRICE LOWERED TO $550 for everything
  3. Levi2122


    Hoyt Satori 17” Riser with Medium Length Carbon X-Tour Limbs 40lbs / Hoyt Pro Series Tiller Bolts / Hoyt 6 Arrow Quiver / 17 Easton Axis 5mm 500 Spine Arrows with 220gr Up Front. Also comes with Hoyt soft case and Far North Hard Case. I used this bow during the 2018 season. It’s an amazing bow and shoots darts with the arrow set up...but I have to sell. I have over $1,580 in the bow. I will sell everything in the picture for $550.00 Located in Chandler and work in Tempe. Call or text Levi at 307-331-3537
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  5. Levi2122

    Hoyt Satori Recurve with Carbon X Tour Limbs

    Price Drop to $700 The Limbs alone are over $700
  6. Selling my Hoyt Satori Recurve with Satori Carbon X Tour Limbs, pro series tiller bolts, and Hoyt 6 arrow Quiver 17” Riser Medium Length 40lb Limbs Have over $1300 in bow. Selling for $700 Also have Easton Axis 500 spine arrows with 225 grains up front that this bow shoots amazing with. Call or Text Levi if interested 307-331-3537 Located in east valley.
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  8. Levi2122

    2018 antler growth

    Here are some from 06/23/18
  9. Levi2122


  10. 46 Aluminum arrows for Sale 26 - Easton 2117 Gamegetter at approximately 30.25" $60.00 14 - Easton Gamegetter II 2216 at approximately 31 3/16" $30.00 6 - unknown brand of aluminum arrows which look exactly the same as the Easton Gamegetter 2216 at approximately 30 1/8" $15.00 Measurements are from insert to end of nock. Located in Chandler or Tempe. Will not ship. Call or text Levi at 307-331-3537
  11. *PRICE DROP* $120.00 OBO Browning Mirage 33 29-31 Draw 60/70lb. Comes with pictured bow case and release. Located in Chandler. Will not ship. Call or text Levi if interested. 307-331-3537
  12. Archery accessories! Most of these items are from last season. Scott Longhorn Release $159.99 $60 Tru Fire Hardcore Release $99.00 $35 Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Drop Away Rest $139.99 $60 Plano Bow Guard Bow Case $109 $50 Bee Stinger Stabilzer $89.00 $20 Axcel Armortech Accutouch Pro 5 Pin Slider $424.00 $200 *SOLD* Spot Hogg Wiseguy $99 $45 *SOLD* Tight Spot Quiver $135.00 $70 *SOLD* Rugged Patriot Grunt Front and Back Bar $201.50 $100 *SOLD* Stokerized SS1 Stablizer $129.99 $40 *SOLD* Will not ship items. Live in Chandler and work in Tempe. If you interested or have any questions please call or text 307-331-3537
  13. Levi2122

    Results up!

    Levi2122, on 08 Mar 2018 - 2:18 PM, said: Congrats man, how many BP you had? I only had 4 bonus points. Ended it up drawing it on the random...only had a .7% chance of drawing the tag. I only put in for 10 and 27 early rifle hunts because that was my only option with the time frame of hunts I have planned in Wyoming and Alaska. but now Alaska took a back seat and this has taken priority this year because the odds of drawing it again in my life are pretty slim.
  14. Levi2122

    Results up!

    Unit 10 Early Rifle...caught it on the random