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  1. Mr. Natural

    6a goat

    This was a couple of years ago.
  2. Mr. Natural

    5B South

    Quality of the roads varies a LOT. There are some crazy rocky, rough roads that will beat up you and your vehicle pretty good. But there are plenty of others that aren't bad at all. Just depends on where you want to get to.
  3. Mr. Natural

    Where am I?

    Courthouse Rd runs east and west. It turns to Centennial Rd at Harquahala Valley Rd, right? So yes, south and west of there.
  4. Mr. Natural

    Where am I?

    This is the closest guess so far, but nope. I won't keep people in suspense, this oddity is at 539th Ave and Eagletail Rd in the Harquahala Valley. I found it while I was taking a different way back to the freeway after an outing in the Eagletail Wilderness. I know nothing of the history of this item, but from the looks of it, it has been there for decades. It is not in front of a building, like a restaurant, bar or house. There are some letters on the concrete curb (lower left part of the photo). Some are missing, but it looks like it used to say "Harquahala Ranch" (or maybe Ranches, plural). Maybe the entrance to a long defunct housing development? Who knows...I just thought it was kinda cool. If anyone knows or can find any history on this thing, post it up.
  5. Mr. Natural

    Where am I?

    Getting a bit warmer, but too far south.
  6. Mr. Natural

    Where am I?

    That would be cool, but no.
  7. Mr. Natural

    Where am I?

    Not any of those spots. It is a pretty obscure location, but it has obviously been there along time so I thought someone here may have stumbled across it. You guys are thinking too far south and east. I'll give a bit more time before I spill the beans.
  8. Mr. Natural

    Where am I?

    This is not in or around Wickenburg. "Down south" is close-ish, I will say it is south of I-10.
  9. Mr. Natural

    Where am I?

  10. Mr. Natural

    Where am I?

    Nope, this one is old, not in Wickenburg.
  11. Mr. Natural

    Where am I?

    No, this is in AZ.
  12. Mr. Natural

    Where am I?

  13. Mr. Natural

    OFFICIAL!! I got a HIT Thread.. Post when you see it

    Still no antelope hits for anyone?
  14. Mr. Natural

    OFFICIAL!! I got a HIT Thread.. Post when you see it

    BINGO!!! Sorry, that was my Tourette's.
  15. Mr. Natural

    37b Muleys

    I have posted these before, apologies to those who have already seen them, but here are some 37B bucks my neighbor and I killed over the course of several years: