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  1. AZDirtyTaco

    First Time Javelina Hunting Question

    I know a couple of herds that will bed under the trees and brush within a few yards of cattle. Pretty much living them. Also have a couple others that seem to vacate the immediate vicinity when the cows show up. Head scratcher for me on why it's one way or the other.
  2. What an awesome story and a wonderfully written piece man! I couldn't imagine your grandfather being more proud of the legacy he left behind. Really love that you shared a pic of the family Jeep too!!! I'm sure there are a few chapters worth to be written for the places it has been, which I would happily read by the way. You are a talented writer and I enjoyed your story end to end. THANK YOU.
  3. AZDirtyTaco

    Javelina #20

    Cool phoneskope shot with them all piled up like that and nice work on #20!
  4. AZDirtyTaco

    Free javelina hunting seminar Tuesday 1/15/19

    Thank you for posting this event. I was able to attend with my son, buddy of mine and his daughter. I was really surprised to see such a large turnout and we all really enjoyed it.
  5. AZDirtyTaco

    Archery Javi Minimum Arrow Weight and FPS?

    Wow wow....
  6. AZDirtyTaco

    Archery Javi Minimum Arrow Weight and FPS?

    Outside of the fps, I really don't know what weight he's pulling for sure and I hadn't considered the legal requirement. Good excuse to make a trip to the shop I suppose.
  7. AZDirtyTaco

    Archery Javi Minimum Arrow Weight and FPS?

    Nah, unfortunately not. Right around 25lbs based on my ghetto draw weight methods.
  8. AZDirtyTaco

    Archery Javi Minimum Arrow Weight and FPS?

    It seems to have a nice little thwack on the target. 195 would definitely put the confidence level up higher, but I think he's a little ways away yet. He does at least put it where it needs to be on foam 90% or better. I'd like to see him fling em' a bit faster, but I promised the wife I'd hold off on PED's till he's 11.
  9. AZDirtyTaco

    Archery Javi Minimum Arrow Weight and FPS?

    I just gave the limbs another 1.5 turns and he's now sitting at 25lbs on his draw and that bumped the fps up to 170. I think that going to be his max for the time being.
  10. AZDirtyTaco

    Archery Javi Minimum Arrow Weight and FPS?

    I hadn't even thought of that... Good call and thank you!
  11. Hey gents! Wondering what your educated opinions are on the minimum amount of arrow weight and FPS needed to take an ethical shot? My son has his 1st archery tag and is currently shooting a 323gr arrow averaging 149fps. I feel like this is going to get it done in the 20yd's and under range, but am not 100% confident and thought it was a good question to pose.
  12. AZDirtyTaco

    Glassing question

    I think a lot of it comes down to individual style. For me personally, I like my spotter and don't fatigue much at all while on it for several hours at a time. I use it heavily during the late morning and into the early afternoon hours. I find it fast and easy to move from the lowest power for FOV to highest magnification for high detail at will while animals are most dormant. I'll grid the hillside or just one elevation when really slowing down and then hit it with my 10's every 10-20min by hand right quick for anything that has gone on the move. I run an older model angled Vortex Viper 15-45x65 and find a lot of deer with it that get overlooked by my buddies. Absolutely an invaluable tool that often times has me debating whether to leave my spotter or the 15's at home when cutting weight on days I am primarily still hunting. When my left eye (closed eye) starts getting a little twitchy from fatigue, I just switch over to my 15's or 10's. When scouting or out on a rifle hunt, I will have all 3 optics in my pack 100% of the time and rotate throughout the day. To answer the OP - angled all day for me. Whether sitting or standing, I find the angled eye piece easier to get comfortable behind.
  13. AZDirtyTaco

    Leftover javi tag on portal already

    I'm shocked at how quick they processed those apps and updated the portal... Wow! I think I dropped ours in the mail just last Thurs. Very cool.
  14. AZDirtyTaco


    Cool post man and helluva way to find the positives in life. Not always easy to do for sure.
  15. AZDirtyTaco

    Duracoat Issue

    The Durabake line of paint does require a bake if I recall. It's optional for the normal Duracoat and aids in the curing process to speed things up. I like that garage ingenuity of your box and hair dryer set-up! Definitely will consider it for the next go round.