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  1. AZDirtyTaco

    New pack recommendation?

    Kifaru is overrated and many of the designs are half-baked in my opinion. They also admittedly aren't fans of the meat shelves and it's very apparent when you are putting their system into use. You'll end up fishing through the hardware section of Ace Hardware to Frankenstein a functional system. I think MR is the best pack out there for the money.
  2. AZDirtyTaco

    Bear hunting rough start

    But man they ride like butt unless you air them down to <20lb. I personally miss the larger tires running C range. I had very few problems and didn't have to spend 30min airing back up all the time.
  3. AZDirtyTaco

    Hunting soap

    How many days before the rash starts to show up??? lol PM inbound.
  4. Thanks kidso for posting up the video! I thought it was super cool and loved getting to see the country you got to hunt. I was 100% envious of your hunt as you posted it last year and still am of the adventure you had. I'm sorry it didn't play out with a bear coming home but appreciate you sharing the experience.
  5. AZDirtyTaco

    New Sig Cross rifle

    I haven't followed any of the issues with the Axis series to have a base of knowledge. My models 10 and 110 have been incredible for me. The 10 will reliably run .65-75MOA and the 110 all day .375MOA. For grins, I looked up the rifle on their website and am impressed with the statement they make at the end of this description - The Savage AXIS II has built a reputation as a budget friendly rifle that doesn’t sacrifice accuracy or performance. Now the AXIS II family has been given a Precision Series upgrade. Savage has partnered with Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) to take the AXIS II to new distances. The AXIS II Precision will open up new possibilities for the shooter that wants one hole groups from a rifle that won’t shoot holes in his wallet.
  6. AZDirtyTaco

    New Sig Cross rifle

    I like that Savage Axis for the money. The Sig looks pretty sweet, but I bet it won't outshoot the Savage for twice the cost.
  7. AZDirtyTaco

    Pelican Elite 50 $150obo

  8. AZDirtyTaco

    Skin stapler for first aid kit

    I'm afraid if I got one that I would find myself a little too enthusiastic to start Frankensteining my pals. I would cringe a hellova lot less watching my buddies use those Havalon's knowing that every time that sucker comes apart, opportunity awaits!
  9. AZDirtyTaco

    Talk me out of this

    Thanks to all the replies that were helpful and for those that took into consideration what I was looking for. Thanks azelhunter for turning me on to the VX6 and thanks to Azlance for saving me a few bucks by going with the Seekins over Nightforce on the rings. I've ended up with 11.4lb soup to nuts as seen and have just run my 1st 20rds of plinkers to begin the barrel break-in process. I'm pretty happy with a .875" group to start things out and expect to see that number shrink considerably. My largest group was my first group at 1.25" after a rough zero and all others were just shy of the 1" mark. Nothing to brag about, but a good starting point considering the ammo used and while working off of a casual shooting platform of a fold-out table, Coleman chair, bi-pod and bean bag. There were a number of other considerations thrown out there that took up more time researching than I care to admit and I did a deep dive into all of them. Again, thank you all for chiming in and adding your .02 - much appreciated. CA MPR .300WM / Leupold VX6HD 4-24x52 / Seekins MX 34mm mount / Magpul bi-pod / SilencerCo ASR muzzle break
  10. AZDirtyTaco


    Backcountry Pro on the phone and USGS quads. I laminate my quad maps at Wide World of Maps which makes them nearly indestructible and they fold up quite nicely after some creasing.
  11. AZDirtyTaco

    Pelican Elite 50 $150obo

    I would consider, but not at my cost. It would likely cost $60-80 plus cost of a box just guessing...
  12. AZDirtyTaco

    Too much whiskey...passed out

    I'd pay money to walk up on that! I bet few can share a similar experience from that close... Super cool.
  13. AZDirtyTaco

    Pelican Elite 50 $150obo

  14. AZDirtyTaco

    thoughts on putting up stands early

    I apologize if I'm misinterpreting the "throwing trash from your 460" piece and I hear what you're saying with the opportunists and people that are not respectful of someone else's property. I just don't agree that there is any form of entitlement to a spot unless you are there first, and regardless if that spot has a stand or blind brought in by someone else. I regularly see crap people have left for entire seasons or indefinitely - how can anyone honestly assess whether or not a stand is being used actively, every day, all day? Secondly, how easy would it be for me to cast out a net of blinds on all the tanks in area and therefore claim them all as my spots and just act like the jackwad elkoholic's story?
  15. AZDirtyTaco

    thoughts on putting up stands early

    Super sad. I think he would have a few secret supporters of his actions on this site, unfortunately. As mentioned previously, it's pretty rare for me to be on a tank. But I have nothing but good things to say about the people I've come across on a few occasions.