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  1. AZDirtyTaco

    Salt and Verde River Lakes are filling up

    Crazy to think that Horseshoe was just drained down to 7% I think it was just less than a year ago. Pretty cool to have all this moisture coming through!
  2. AZDirtyTaco

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Nice share! I bird-dog this thread for a kind of social temperature check along with some of the marginally funny humor. Adding some good fact-based resources isn't a bad idea!
  3. AZDirtyTaco

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Did you mean to state 100 instead of 1,000 deaths? If you did mean to state 1,000, would you mind sharing where you received that info? Not intending to challenge your statement, but I think it's important to point out those figures differ from what is widely being published, from the CDC in particular - COVID-19: U.S. at a Glance* Total cases: 7,038 Total deaths: 97 Jurisdictions reporting cases: 54 (50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands) * Data include both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID-19 reported to CDC or tested at CDC since January 21, 2020, with the exception of testing results for persons repatriated to the United States from Wuhan, China and Japan. State and local public health departments are now testing and publicly reporting their cases. In the event of a discrepancy between CDC cases and cases reported by state and local public health officials, data reported by states should be considered the most up to date.
  4. AZDirtyTaco

    Suppressor-Where to start

    Anywhere that has the SilencerShop Kiosk is likely to be a good option and the Single Shot Trust is the way to go at only $25. The whole process is very easy with the kiosks and takes about 30min total, which is a fraction of the time it took for me to make the move (years). Many shops will allow you to run your can/s after purchase in their facility or at a scheduled time, calling it a conjugal visit - kinda funny. ATF cashed my check back in July and it's just been hurry up and wait since. I was hoping to be good to go for javi season but should be able to safely say that I'll have them by the Fall for deer. I went with the OMEGA .300 and an Osprey .22 by SilencerCo and I'm not sure exactly which one I'm more excited for. Can't speak to either other than look and feel at this stage. Hunting suppressed with the kids was had me finally make the investment. Total game changer them not having to fuss with the earplugs and then also being able to quietly communicate with them while setting up and through execution of the shot. Get on it while your interest is peaked and then forget that you just unloaded a wad of cash for a likely 7-12mo wait!
  5. AZDirtyTaco

    Teamwork and spotting/guiding a shooter in on a buck

    Man... Some of you dudes are some class acts to say the least of you. OP asks for advice on specific topics and the Judgement Trolls come crawling out from under the rocks. Y'all aren't as big of D's to the guys asking "where should I go hunt in ___ unit". I bet at least a few of you have backcountry etiquette that would make others sick. Bunch of dang Nancy's. LonePine - lots of good advice in between the nonsense trolling here. Working with a partner is tough tough, but practice will make a world of difference as several have mentioned. Keep it up and consider it a small victory to just have an opportunity to put a stalk on!
  6. AZDirtyTaco

    Last Day Bull (pics)

    Holy schmokes man! Awesome bull and way to pull it out in the clutch!
  7. AZDirtyTaco

    Rut Activity

    West side of 6A was lighting up on Sat evening about 8pm till 3am! It was awesome hearing the action, listening to locations of the bugles and comparing to the sound to all of my dropped pins for rubs! Hard work was paying off. Bulls were progessively getting more aggressive and the bugles were almost nonstop Sat night after a very slow start. FINALLY! The moment we all lose sleep over in anticipation - the rut was on!!! THEN at 3:00am all went quiet in the house when not a single bull could be heard snoring till, Mooooooo... Mooooooo... Mooooooo.... A heard of cattle got dropped and shut then place down like a light switch got flipped. Haven't heard a bugle at night since and the bulls I've been working have gone deeper in the canyons and quiet. There's a few head of cattle in every canyon, every meadow and hillside for 100 square miles. Love me some cows!!! Keep getting after it to those still working hard to make it happen. 4th quarter on deck!
  8. AZDirtyTaco

    Pelican 50qt elite cooler

    Will you take $150?
  9. AZDirtyTaco

    Verde Rim Access

    Super sucky roads and that rim road is among the worst around and gets flat ugly with any weather. It'll break the spirit of even a new truck with a novice driver behind the wheel. I haven't been on a couple of the roads you mentioned, but that whole part of the unit is nothing but mean on a rig and not a place to venture without a reliable 4x4. As already mentioned, best off with an ATV/UTV to spare your vehicle. Helluva 1st time draw for the kid!!! A lot of the local herd has moved out of the area but there are still some fantastic bulls hanging around back in there. Which tag did he draw?
  10. AZDirtyTaco


    I appreciate your organization and all that contribute do to collaborate on all of the important projects. You've certainly pointed out a few and deserve full credit. It does not, however, change the reality of what is truly happening out there and the fact that there are more ranchers breaking those rules and agreements that were so hard to reach. If you've spent time in any of the wildernesses that have been mentioned here and have nothing but generic responses in defense... I'm sorry, but that is a tell to me that there's more to your partnerships than what meets the eye. These are the hard truths the outside world are seeing and maybe why it's so dang easy for the anti's to gain so much traction in the court of public opinion. Be offended all you want and aim your defenses at me, but I am just the dude that will say it. Edit: You can throw in the obligatory teardown by calling those that disagree with your POV "so called sportsman", and I'll again refrain from the tit for tat. I've never related to that title and you can have it to yourself. I consider myself more of an "outdoorsman" anwho...
  11. AZDirtyTaco


    I'll pass on the tit for tat petty name calling. Says a lot about who you are and it is very consistent with your point of view. Well played Sir. To be clear, and since you've either missed or not read my initial post on this thread: Bar X is NOT the ranch that I take issue with. Far from it based on what I've read here. Bar X is the exception and not the rule is my point. Now carry on with your denial about what is truly happening in our wildernesses and closed-minded statements.
  12. AZDirtyTaco


    I feel you couldn't be more wrong if you have directed that statement toward me. If I were to take pictures and share them the next time I'm out in any of the wilderness areas I frequent, you wouldn't be able to hold a candle to that statement. Believe me, you don't want that if you are an advocate for cattle on public land... My best guess is you either don't spend time in the backcountry (>1,000yds from the 4x4), are affiliated with the industry, or have your drinkin goggles on as it relates to this conversation. Fact of the matter is that your attitude is what will hands-down lose this fight to maintain our rights as hunters and unfortunately there are many with similar attitudes that don't know how to practice 'leave no trace' ethics and prefer to throw every can of Copenhagen, beer can and bottle in the fire pits that they leave behind. Far too many of these types in the old guard hunting culture. Say what you will about those infamous organizations everyone loves to hate, but they are FAR better at caring for the land than the average hunter. Feel free to take aim - READY GO!!! Lol There isn't anything hippie or Cali about protecting the environment and preserving what we still have for future generations. It's about living responsibly and sharing the resources we all enjoy.
  13. AZDirtyTaco


    I don't like to talk too much of that area on the interweb for selfish reasons. I'll only mention it for the purpose of speaking the truth about cattle and there impact. But if you've been out there, you know what's out there and it would make you sick to see what has happened to all of the springs and vegetation. It is/was truly a gem of a place and unique. The wildlife and fauna in there is nothing like it once was.
  14. AZDirtyTaco


    Double T Ranch owners should be ol' school tarred and feathered publicly for what they have done out there. I've spent a lot of days and nights in that wilderness over the past 5-6yrs. It's only occasionally that I will see another soul more than 1/2mi from the primary trailhead used. Trust me when I say - it ain't the hikers.
  15. AZDirtyTaco


    Pine Mt is the worst case I've seen - cattle stretch the wilderness end to end, Hellsgate in the past (haven't been out there in a few years), North end of the Superstitions near Rogers Trough area, is what comes to mind without digging too deep. I spend a bunch of time in 20B out the Bradshaws and though not wilderness, lot's of disheartening stuff going there as well. I have honestly yet to see grazing not overlap wilderness where ranchers have leases butting up. Fence lines are almost always not kept intact, particularly when in-line with access to water. Coincidence...???