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  1. AZDirtyTaco

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    I used to ride way more than I do nowadays but still ride several stretches of BCT occasionally since it's right in my backyard. Several years ago I was doing a lot of solo night riding on the Little Pan loop and man o' man would they be out in force. Running across 6 or more right on the trail or just off to the side was not uncommon. I stopped riding at night because of them. I still miss those Summer night rides with the backdrop of the Bradshaws getting hammered by monsoons and all the crazy light shows from the lightning. Don't miss all of the damned snakes though...
  2. AZDirtyTaco

    Youth shotgun recommendations

    My son liked the youth Mossberg 20ga best of them all. Think it's called the Maverick and comes in a synthetic stock. It was the lightest of the bunch and had the easiest safety to reach as well as engage/disengage. I recall several of the safeties being a bit of a challenge to work with on some of the others. I was ready to spend a couple bucks on a higher priced shotty and he picked the cheapest of the lot for a change... Not the smoothest action, but cycles through the rounds and shoots every time. Probably have 250ish rounds through it so far and no complaints.
  3. AZDirtyTaco

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    Man... Some of you have some great stories of some wicked close encounters! I don't know if I'm any less leary of them at this point but I'm gaining confidence based on the fact that there haven't been any stories shared like, "well... my good ol' pal Dale was a good feller and huntin buddy till that unfortunate day back in July of 20__ when he and that wiley blacktail crossed paths". I spend a lot of time in 20B, 21 and 22 and would love to get to the point where that Aug archery deer hunt isn't off the table for me as it has been. This is all good conversation for me and I appreciate you all sharing your experience.
  4. AZDirtyTaco

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    KoosCrazy - Your take is along the lines of the info I am really wanting to learn. All my guys I hike/hunt with are in the same exact boat as me and most of us have our kids with us 90% of the time or more, which ramps up the anxiety even more. I would love to have the mindset as GreyGhost85, but my analytical and logical side has way too much control over me. I haven't killed one and don't intend to at this point. I'm going with the "don't start none - won't be none" philosophy of rattlesnake psychology. So far their kind hasn't done my kind wrong while I've been out and I am hoping that we just have a universal understanding with one and other.
  5. AZDirtyTaco

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    I've worn the snake gaiters on a number of occasions and they are just hot as ____ and my boots end up overwhelmed with sweat on longer hikes. I've heard or read about dudes not caring much about them. Seems like it's been mostly ranchhands and the like that don't pay the suckers much attention. I once posed the same question to one of the local reptile groups called Rattle Snake Solutions and the answers I received were a bit comical... To summarize a bit - they said to basically avoid traveling during their most active hunting times, don't step where you can't clearly see, don't climb or hike in areas with densely concentrated rock formations, nooks n' crannies, etc. Stick to trails and avoid cross-country hiking. All of that after stating rattlesnakes really aren't dangerous unless you are screwing with them and are mostly misunderstood... LOL.
  6. AZDirtyTaco

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    It's that wonderfully nervous time of year!!! Looking to learn more about these dang things that send my heart rate through the roof when I have close encounters and typically put me on DEFCON-5 the remainder of the time I'm out n' about. I would like to gain some insight from those of you who don't think twice about heading out into the backcountry morning, noon, or night during rattlesnake season. Those suckers keep me out of some of my favorite coues country during the warmer months and I would like to change that. Who doesn't sweat bullets out there over these things and why?
  7. AZDirtyTaco

    Looking for a new GPS

    Yep. BackCountry has the same route making feature as Google Earth. Measures the straight line distances between each waypoint
  8. AZDirtyTaco

    Packer for hire?

    I have an early archery tag and my son has the youth cow tag this season. I certainly won't mind one more trip up to help recover an animal. We live in the far North valley and most of 6A is a short run. I'll PM you my contact info and am happy to help for a couple steaks and a decent six pack of stouts as long as I don't have another obligation going that day.
  9. AZDirtyTaco

    Looking for a new GPS

    The higher resolution and size of the screen on any smartphone is a nice bonus as well.
  10. AZDirtyTaco

    Looking for a new GPS

    That is the one! I won't geek out on you with it all... But one cool feature is that you can mark a waypoint and also take a picture that will stay with that waypoint along with any notes you want to include. Awesome for marking any bedding, water catchments, reference for glassing spots or whatever. I've tried over and over to spend money on a Garmin and just haven't been able to justify it outside of durability and the fact your not using your phone in the field. Only real thing you'd want to be sure to do is upgrade your microSD card to at least 64gb or 128gb if you haven't already. You can also use an old phone and still use the app. I have an old Samsung S5 that I still use for my PhoneSkope and as a backup GPS.
  11. AZDirtyTaco

    Looking for a new GPS

    The GPS apps that you can get for your phone will do everything the high-end Garmin will do and then some. Maybe the only exception being 2-way radio on the Rino's. I've used BackCountry Navigator for Android the past 10yrs and purchase the annual Pro package to get a variety of upgraded maps which includes a hybrid CalTopo w/ Accuterra. Can't say enough good about the app and it's reliability, functionality, customization, compatibility w/ Google Earth and on and on... Blows the doors off anything else out there in my opinion and is a fraction of the cost associated with the dedicated units. Everything you get with OnX is also available on the app and was offered long before OnX.
  12. AZDirtyTaco

    1st Youth Javelina hunt

    Super cool going 2fer and in some tough country to dig them out of from the looks of it. Nice work to you and your boys!!!
  13. AZDirtyTaco

    Javelina in 37A Newman peak

    +1 on the posole recipe. Post it up after you put your tag on one of those suckers!
  14. AZDirtyTaco

    Day 4 Stink Pig /1st Ever

    Cool story and awesome pics! Thanks for sharing. I hadn't considered doing anything with the hide for the exact reason rkv09 mentioned... but you may have inspired me to rethink it a little. Nice work man!
  15. AZDirtyTaco

    Javelina in 37A Newman peak

    You've covered plenty of ground to know what their patterns are in the area. The tracks will tell you most of you need to know while trying to determine the best spot to gain elevation and wait em' out. Glass hard where you've seen the most activity. With all the recent weather, you should be able to more easily see their current bedding with freshly overturned dirt. Good possibility the herd/s in your spot are bedding up the majority of the day and only giving you an opportunity later in the afternoon. They can be a ridiculously frustrating critter to hunt at times. Keep working and good luck!!!