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  1. azowl

    Old Guns and Collectibles

    Update: The Mauser C96 and Inland carbine have sold. I’ve lowered the price on the Walther to $450 obo and the Colt to $350 obo.
  2. azowl


    What a cool bull! Congratulations!
  3. azowl

    Need a Good Gunsmith

    The 06 was the upper end of what I could do with it. I had a couple of issues after it was completed, the last one with the safety which would not work smoothly. I had a new safety installed and finally just picked up the completed gun this past week. Here is a picture of it.
  4. azowl

    Need a Good Gunsmith

    I wanted to update all on this rifle. It’s a Manchurian Mauser chambered in 243. The gunsmith told me the same thing I heard here first, that it’s a great platform if I decided to do something else with it. So I decided to build it as a graduation gift for a young friend. It’s being set with a 30-06 barrel on a maple stock. Should be completed in a few more days. We’re going to set a Vortex Viper 6.5x20 scope on it when finished. I’ll post some pics of the completed project when I can.
  5. I love calling. I’ve called in hawks, elk, mule and coues deer, turkey, bear, lion, rabbit, a wolf, javelina, foxes, coyotes, hunters and loved every minute of it. I’ve called in cows and once tried to spook 3 angus bulls with a bear growl. Instead of running off they went for the call. No fear at all of the bear. I had to turn it off so they wouldn’t stomp it. You learn about the animals behavior in ways you never could in other ways. It’s elk cows that respond to a calf call almost exclusively yet when several elk calves hesitated by a water hole and the other elk were leaving, it was 3 bulls that returned to escort the calves back to the herd. Not saying it’s always that way but it was that time.
  6. Ok. Read the other posts and found where you said it was Uber Glove Co. awesome mittens.
  7. Couestracker who made those mittens for you? I can’t find anyone to do this type of work!?
  8. azowl

    Old Guns and Collectibles

    A few more pictures of the C96 and M1 actions.
  9. azowl

    Old Guns and Collectibles

    Thanks. I had no clue to this potential issue.
  10. My uncle died last fall. Interestingly, even though he was opposed to hunting, he did enjoy owning guns. My aunt has given me the assignment of selling them for her. So I brought them here to Arizona from Alabama to do just that. Since I know next to nothing about many guns, especially older ones, I took them to Wright Armory for their take on the condition and value of each of them. I’ve included their remarks in my descriptions. Please feel free to ask me any questions if I have not addressed anything. Here goes: 1) Colt Detective Special, .38spl, serial number & service tag are intact. Manufactured in 1972. “Nickel finish is in bad shape in some places and the cylinder has been sanded/filed on. Grips are worn. Revolver is in need of a detailed cleaning. Lockup and timing are still good. The revolver is safe to shoot in it’s current condition.” My asking price is $450. Comes with soft case as pictured. 2) Walther P38, 9mm, serial and service tag are intact. “Pistol is in need of a detailed cleaning. Manufactured in the Spreewerk factory between 1942 and 1945. Barrel has been cut down and will drastically affect the value. These pistols SELL for around the $850 mark in original condition (many people ask more but they don’t sell). As it sits the pistol seems to be safe to shoot but the accuracy will suffer with the barrel not crowned.” My asking price is $500. Comes with soft case and full clip as pictured. Some things they verbally told me but did not put in the description was that it was an assassins gun as indicated by the sawed off barrel. They also felt it could be a battlefield pickup. The pockmarked condition of the finish is sometimes caused by dried blood common with battlefield pickups. None of this is confirmed but I’m including what they told me. 3) Mauser C96, 762x25mm, serial number and service tags are intact. “Made between 1915 and 1921. Matching serial numbers on the pistol, stock does not match. The upper has been refinished which will hurt the value. The gun is in shootable condition.” My asking price is $2000. The pictures show the cleaning kit included in the leather case. The only flaw I saw that they did not mention was a chip missing out of the wood case which I’ve pictured. The gun operates smoothly including the attaching/detaching of the wood case/stock to the pistol. I have no ammo for this gun. 4) Inland M1 Carbine, .30 carbine, serial number and service tag are intact. “Manufactured April 1944 by Inland Manufacturing division of GM. In need of a detailed cleaning. Needs recoil springs replaced. Other than needing a cleaning the rifle is in good condition. The springs should be replaced before firing.” My asking price is $1200. This gun includes 3 banana clips, two of which are filled and two straight clips, one of which is filled and the other has two rounds. 77 total rounds. Here are the pics in the order I’ve listed the guns:
  11. azowl

    Need a Good Gunsmith

    Stomp442, would’nt mind talking to you about this at some point. Not sure how to go about it from this format.
  12. azowl

    Need a Good Gunsmith

    Here is the symbol that was under the front scope mount. I removed the action and barrel from the stock but still couldnt see anything other than a couple of 2 and 3 digit numbers here and there on the trigger and bolt. It does look just like the gun that 10Turkeys has.
  13. azowl

    Need a Good Gunsmith

    Stomp442 and firstcoueswas80 thank you both so much. I have direction with this now.
  14. azowl

    Need a Good Gunsmith

    Good idea. Here are some pics. I live in Casa Grande. Dont really care where the gunsmith is though as long as he knows what hes doing. Hopefully in the state:)
  15. I was given a bolt action centerfire rifle as a thank you gift. The catch is that the stock looks homemade and doesnt fit properly to the barrel or action. Additionally there are zero markings on the gun other than a number that may be a serial number. I have no clue of its origin, caliber or even if it would be safe to shoot if those things were known. Any recommendations of a good gunsmith who might be able to figure these things out for me?