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  1. azowl

    Need a Good Gunsmith

    Stomp442, would’nt mind talking to you about this at some point. Not sure how to go about it from this format.
  2. azowl

    Need a Good Gunsmith

    Here is the symbol that was under the front scope mount. I removed the action and barrel from the stock but still couldnt see anything other than a couple of 2 and 3 digit numbers here and there on the trigger and bolt. It does look just like the gun that 10Turkeys has.
  3. azowl

    Need a Good Gunsmith

    Stomp442 and firstcoueswas80 thank you both so much. I have direction with this now.
  4. azowl

    Need a Good Gunsmith

    Good idea. Here are some pics. I live in Casa Grande. Dont really care where the gunsmith is though as long as he knows what hes doing. Hopefully in the state:)
  5. I was given a bolt action centerfire rifle as a thank you gift. The catch is that the stock looks homemade and doesnt fit properly to the barrel or action. Additionally there are zero markings on the gun other than a number that may be a serial number. I have no clue of its origin, caliber or even if it would be safe to shoot if those things were known. Any recommendations of a good gunsmith who might be able to figure these things out for me?
  6. azowl

    Shot lion-need help tracking

    Hey, heres a pic of the rug of that cat. I especially love the way the face turned out. Mogollon Taxidermy came well recommended with good reason.
  7. azowl

    Bear hide project

    What a great idea. How did you prepare the hide?
  8. azowl

    Not what I wanted to see

    I had a cam on the same water hole almost continuously for nearly two years. Saw lions more than once even 3 at one time (2 3/4 grown cubs and a female) but also kept seeing deer. Lions have such a large home territory, at least in the desert, I think it'd be rare for them to push deer out of an area except maybe temporarily.
  9. azowl

    One day to hunt, one bull and one arrow

    That's why you never say never. Way to make the most of what you had available in time.
  10. azowl

    Here kitty kitty..

    And my buddy wants to call them at night! I think he's crazy. But I'll probably end up doing it...
  11. It would be cheaper if we just went to the store and bought meat! Back in 2004 I had tired of not getting drawn and applied for a limited opportunity elk tag in Unit 2 with my buddy. On the 3rd day having yet to find even old sign, he said "I'm starting to understand what they mean by 'limited opportunity'". I had to crack up. Just got back from Alamo last month for the second time in two years and still elkless. I'm encouraged by what I learned about them this year and trying to figure out how to get at them next time. But my wife wants to know why I try such difficult hunts. She tells me 'you always get one with a rifle in your usual area, why go on these hunts where there's almost no chance?' I tell her that I haven't been drawn in 6 years now, I have to hunt. If it was the kill, I could go conk them on the head at a slaughterhouse but its the hunt I crave. About the time you think you have it figured out you always learn something new (usually at the expense of a filled tag) and it keeps you humble. I learn more on these hunts than on ones where I quickly fill my tag. I don't think I've ever had a year where I didn't have more unfilled tags than used ones (lion, bear, otc elk, otc javelina, etc, etc). I've found I love the challenge and the perks like seeing things in nature that others may never see, and get just enough success to make me think I figuring it out. I'm grateful that she puts up with it. It does help that she loves the meat! Why do you guys do it?
  12. azowl

    Who needs a good tent $$ drop

    Where exactly is that camp site? I have a propane stick like yours, used it for years and love it.
  13. azowl

    Bomber Velvet Coues

    What a great buck
  14. azowl

    2 week cow hunt end of july

    Would bison respond to calling? I've called a great variety of animals. Beef cows respond on the run to a calf in distress call, they are related. Deer and elk also respond well if you're looking for females and often the females drag males along with them when they come in. Just a thought. It's pretty thick on the plateau and it'd be easy to miss them even when they're close by. Haven't found anyone who's tried it anywhere else but the conditions for this hunt are fairly unique.
  15. azowl

    My first deer 1986

    Love to see it