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    Primarily elk hunting. Also Coues deer hunting, fishing, trail cameras, golfing. Former registered guide

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  1. Alpinebullwinkle

    January Malay Elk Rifle Hunt Advice

    Take chains for your tires. Last time I hunted it in February and the roads were too bad (wet clay) even with 4WD. Couldn't hunt the areas I wanted.
  2. Alpinebullwinkle

    Guess the score

    340-350 Nice bull. A shooter this year for those luckier than me to get a tag
  3. Alpinebullwinkle

    CC Hit

    Sounds like this year was different and most of the credit card hits took place in one day verses three days or so in the past?
  4. Alpinebullwinkle

    So is it still global warming?

    Yes and I've viewed the sewage running in the streets of Peru and into the tributaries
  5. Alpinebullwinkle

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    The following is what I found in my hunting book about the most severe winter storm in my memory. "The winter of 2009-2010 was the most severe winter in 43 years (since 1967). We had over 14' of snow with +8' coming in less than a two day span. Our cabin experienced damages exceeding $23,000 in value due to the heavy weight of the snow. The wildlife didn't fare much better than my cabin as many were stranded in the deep snow and some did not manage to migrate out to lower elevations to survive the severe winter. There were stories heard that when the snowplow made its way to the Beaverhead ranches there were hundreds of elk in a herd that walked by vehicles to gain access off the snow bound mountain." Additionally my wife and I were snowed in for 4 days before we could get out of the cabin........ but luckily we had food, fire and stored water. The power was out off and on for about 4 days. Contrary to what I would have guessed, the horn quality that year for my archery hunt was disappointing. I guess most of the superior nutrients on the ground went into restoring their bodies from the severe winter, and not to exceptional horn growth. It was a fun 4 days at the cabin though with my wife being snowed in. Wish she was still here on earth to have shared this last storm with me in Alpine.
  6. Alpinebullwinkle

    So is it still global warming?

    Very profound Jimmer!!
  7. Alpinebullwinkle

    So is it still global warming?

    I don't like the semantics that is used for this issue. Climate change......obviously been happening since the dinosaurs disappeared and is very legit. Climate change will continue to change regardless of what us humans do. Global warming.......data communicated seems to verify either global warming or global cooling depending on what snapshot of time is used. Kind of like what our politicians do to justify their viewpoints. What is definitely legit in my mind is the catastrophic fires that we have experienced in the last 10 years or more due to the mismanagement of our forests in Arizona, Colorado, California and other western states. Those "abnormal" catastrophic fires without a doubt are caused by humans mismanagement..........many years of Smokey the bear suppressing normal fire occurrences. Without a doubt this issue should cause human created warming impact. Add in all the human impacts from new infrastructure construction of roads, buildings and concrete that go with it........ no doubt that has to have a warming impact on at least the west. But you don't hear anything about these legit impacts ironically.......only the carbon side of it which has become highly politicized. That is why I am skeptical about the whole global warming issue due to the dishonesty particularly by our politicians on the left, and also many left leaning scientists. Semantics and communications about this issue need to change to get me and many others on board with what needs to be done....... or can effectively be done about this issue.
  8. Alpinebullwinkle

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    NTS the year I was referring to was earlier than the picture you provided. I'm thinking about 25 years ago based on the age of my kids at the time that are now about 40. The banks at Hannigan Meadows were 8-12' tall after the plows went thru.
  9. Alpinebullwinkle

    Cool Rocks Found

    Quartz rocks but it does look like a touch of blue chryscola which means copper related
  10. Alpinebullwinkle

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    NTS you must be referring to the year a herd of about 200 elk followed the snow plow out of the Beaverhead Road from Sprucedale Ranch
  11. Alpinebullwinkle

    Do we really need a border wall?

    Now our politicians on both sides of the isle are arguing whether "number of beds" should be limited to 49,000 verses 40,000. Ridiculous argument. What does that argument tell you about legitimacy of the issue? Without question common sense tells me this is a huge issue with long running and potentially serious consequences that one party seems to be ignoring for their personal gain. We currently live in a scary world of absurdity when it comes to politics. Our politicians need to get to work on the root cause of our immigration issues. It is much more than simply throwing money at a wall and physical barriers.......even though I support that effort as part of the solution.
  12. Alpinebullwinkle

    Arrow tree

    I wish whoever retrieved the fallen tree would donate it to one of the town establishments in Alpine so it could be a monument. Everyone's comments on here endorses how special that tree is. Perhaps its place should be in front of the Forest Service building since it was USFS property that we all own after all.
  13. Alpinebullwinkle

    Do we really need a border wall?

    Republicans should be advertising that recording on TV of what you posted NTS. Haaa.
  14. Alpinebullwinkle

    Do we really need a border wall?

    We need a combination of both physical and technological barriers. It's common sense that the "left" has to agree with and possibly would if not hung up on the semantics calling it a "wall". But even more so the root cause of the immigration issue is our laws.....many that are outdated, and need renewal....and many that are just not enforced. The "left" has a good reason not to cooperate fixing the root cause. Illegal immigrants=democratic votes and socialistic behaviors which the "left" has recently come to favor as a party platform. That is why it will not be resolved like it should be....not until some politician can communicate a politically correct explanation of the issue better....... so that "common sense" can become part of the solution. Unfortunately common sense was eliminated about 10 years ago.
  15. What extremely bothers me is all the wolf feeding stations (with processed elk meat) that the reintroduction group maintains within a one mile radius of residential areas. That should be a crime and those participating in that irresponsible action should be held accountable and go to jail! The last feeding station I tripped over even had an Arizona Game & Fish trail camera at the location.