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    Primarily elk hunting. Also Coues deer hunting, fishing, trail cameras, golfing. Former registered guide

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  1. Alpinebullwinkle

    Drone usage for exploring/scouting??

    You guys are amateurs. It's much more fun shooting at the Indian Reservation planes trying to herd the elk back to the reservations during hunting seasons. That's what I call big game hunting. Haaa.
  2. Alpinebullwinkle

    good bull

    Ohhhhhh boy. Time for the popcorn and beer. Admittedly I was really impressed that only two shots were shown in the video and it appeared both struck the target at about 1,000 yards. And I do find that hard to believe. I bet I could not have done that even with that fantastic gun.
  3. Alpinebullwinkle

    Good calf recruitment

    Admittedly I haven't gotten out in the field as much this year as normal due to family issues. But it does sound and appear that the lack of precipitation this spring and monsoon has not negatively affected both horn quality and calf reproduction as much as expected
  4. Alpinebullwinkle

    Good calf recruitment

    I have tried to informally monitor what the calf/cow ratio result has been each summer for about the last 40 years in units 27 and 1. I must say an 80% number is the highest I have ever heard of. From my experience a 50% year is exceptional. Most years my guess is 25-35% as an average. This year was one of the weakest spring precipitation and monsoon seasons I can recall, which would surprise me to have a record year with regard to the calf/cow success. Calf survival rate from birth around June until fall is another number to monitor. I had a rancher friend with a large pond on his Beaverhead property that once told me a story about his "personal" herd that came into his pond every evening. He stated that there were about 60 cows with 35 calves starting about June. Each evening he noticed at least one less calf coming into his pond and the herd would actually wade out into the pond to avoid the wolves that also showed up with the herd every evening. By the end of the summer he claimed his calf crop that started out with about 35 was down to 6. His was an interesting testimonial.
  5. Alpinebullwinkle

    Almost time

    Heard my first assertive and energetic bull call yesterday. And he sounded like a very mature bull, not one of the juniors I have heard for a few days
  6. Alpinebullwinkle

    NBA Walkout!

    "Not quite. Both draft players for their ability and/or size. " OW that's exactly my point. Many of the "racists" complain that there are not enough black owners or managers in these two organizations as well as leadership in Fortune 500 companies. "Qualifications Matter" which should supercede the racist slogan IMHO of "Black Lives Matter". All lives matter in my book!
  7. Alpinebullwinkle

    NBA Walkout!

    NFL and NBA "African American" players probably make up over 80% of team makeup. Sure seems like they are racist organizations based on that demographic. Pot calling the kettle black? Surprises me that no leaders have had the guts to call out the requirement for "personal accountability" for all. Not just one sided against the police. It's a two way street IMHO. I'm really offended by team owners and CEO's of our Fortune 500 companies that don't have the guts to address personal accountability in this issue. Yes I understand it is all about money........capitalism which I support, but is not helpful leaving that piece out of the equation in this critical issue.
  8. Alpinebullwinkle

    Where are all the scouting pictures of velvet bulls????

    August 4 is the earliest I have ever viewed a fresh rub. But I have a bullsitter friend that claims he has viewed a hard horned bull in late July.
  9. Alpinebullwinkle

    OHV decal

    My renewal on a 4 wheeler is messed up also as of 3 days ago
  10. Alpinebullwinkle

    Odd Behavior?

    I've seen blind elk on my property, deranged elk in lower desert country where they should not be, and also been chased by a mature cow elk on my 4 wheeler! Diseased I suspect.
  11. Alpinebullwinkle

    Elk and cattle.

    Photofool what you see is correct but there are two good reasons for what you see. The elk know they are much safer in town (particularly with their babies) from the wolves and they are also smart enough to know they are safer from the hunters during hunting season within town limits where hunting is not permitted. That's all beside the fact that the best nutrition is right in the town meadows. I had two semi-trucks of hay committed for the elk after the 2011 Wallow Fire but AGFD wouldn't let me deposit them on private lands because a game warden said he thought it would attract the elk permanently to the town fields!!! Well guess what happened??
  12. Alpinebullwinkle

    Effects of the virus scare?

    How ironic.....can't prop Joe up by the jukebox because all bars are closed!
  13. Alpinebullwinkle

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    Bottom line ........bonus points need to be more impactful, while retaining the element of luck in the equation. Easy change to make, which is fairer to all, no matter the definition of "fair". Change the computer algorithm AGFD. An easily made enhancement to the system.
  14. Alpinebullwinkle

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    Absolutely Swivel. When I bump into other people in the forest I always try to have a cordial dialog to compare notes. As you stated numerous times they are "scouting" during the hunt for a friend/relative that has a tag. Guess that is the way the world turns.
  15. Alpinebullwinkle

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    For some of you young bucks that suggest putting in for less desirable units for the late gun hunts in early December.................it is not hunting to many of us geezers to simply drive around in the truck looking for an opportunity to jump out of the truck and shoot a spike bull for meat. The late hunts are definitely more desirable to the younger crowd, and "less fair" to the older hunters that are less mobile and can't withstand the elements as well at that time of the year. I'll continue to put in for the September gun and archery hunts and likely continue to whine (and suggest system changes) until the pearly gates of the happy hunting ground are opened for me 😢