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    Primarily elk hunting. Also Coues deer hunting, fishing, trail cameras, golfing. Former registered guide

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  1. Alpinebullwinkle

    Find the spike!

    All I view is rodents and they don't have much mass on their horns
  2. Alpinebullwinkle

    4A Early archery

    Much better bulls than what I am viewing in unit 27. Didn't fill out as good on top. Seems the rains came too late for an exceptional horn growth year.
  3. Alpinebullwinkle

    Elk Arrows. KE/Momentum

    Serious question I'd appreciate everyone's input on. I'm practicing with 100 grain target tips. Haven't tested my 100 grain Thunderhead broadheads to compare yet. Seems like 10 years ago when last drawn or elk my broadheads shot slightly higher than the same grain target tips. What is the expectation, or your past experiences comparing the two?
  4. Alpinebullwinkle

    Need Help for bull elk tag in 27

    Haven't been drawn for 10 years and now have dementia. Need recommendations which way bullwinkle might be heading next month in 27? Cranked 12 pounds off my bow draw so hopefully I can still give him a poke. Would appreciate any recommendations from all you sportsfans. Thanks.
  5. Alpinebullwinkle


    Usually I hear a two day warm up by the bulls in Alpine about August 16-19. Then they go silent for a duration. Haven't heard this years first bugle yet.
  6. Alpinebullwinkle

    Help Wanted Auto Technician

    I can attest that this is a good job for a qualified person in a great outdoor location with fantastic job security
  7. Alpinebullwinkle

    Range visit

    Guess I'll avoid Wickenburg if they have monsters running around
  8. Alpinebullwinkle

    Need opinions

  9. Alpinebullwinkle

    Non Covid bug going around

    Me too. Has lingered for almost two weeks. Thought I brought it from trip back east. Bad cough making it tough to sleep at night and slight sore throat. No energy. Will try your amoxcillian recommendation. Thanks for the thread
  10. Alpinebullwinkle

    First Rub for 2021

    Ok lets hear when everybody is viewing their first elk rub for the year. Prior to this year my earliest detected elk rub was August 4. I was shocked this year to find my first rub on July 17. Heard from friends this was possible but never believed it until I verified the fresh shavings at the bottom of a pine tree last week or so.
  11. Alpinebullwinkle

    Field & Stream Article on Arizona Trail cam ban

    Banning for "fair chase" seems like a real stretch to me. I have a buddy that has placed numerous trail cameras for deer and elk hunting for about 20 years or so. He admits killing only one animal from his camera pictures during that time. If one is hunting bull elk during the August to October time frame, all bulls move for the rut, and some more than 20 miles. As for cow elk you don't need a camera to locate them usually. They will stay in the same locale generally speaking unless pushed by hunters. The strongest "fair chase" argument might be for coues bucks that generally stay in the same locale, but even that one is pretty lame IMHO. I agree that a lot of recreationalists that enjoy trail cameras are now going to sacrifice due to this rule change for a few bad apples of unethical behavior. Those kinds likely will contribute their negative behavior in other ways unfortunately.
  12. Alpinebullwinkle

    Bear Wallow Cafe closed?

    How was the fishing?
  13. Alpinebullwinkle

    Bear Wallow Cafe closed?

    Yes I have heard she intends to reopen soon. We need the BW for breakfast particularly and dinners during hunting seasons and other special occasions
  14. Alpinebullwinkle

    Enough moisture?

    Not 100% of the time unfortunately 😊
  15. Alpinebullwinkle

    Enough moisture?

    Anyone know how much snow Alpine got? Last I heard it was only 1"😩