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    Primarily elk hunting. Also Coues deer hunting, fishing, trail cameras, golfing. Former registered guide

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  1. Alpinebullwinkle

    horses in elk unit

    "ALPINE- I was in unit 27 quite a bit this year . I did not see a feral horse. those poor wolves can't kill anything . confessing, this knowledge could tempt me. I saw a lot in unit 3. " Great Ron. That means we are not hunting the same areas of the unit!
  2. Alpinebullwinkle

    horses in elk unit

    Wild horse population is growing exponentially in unit 27. Don't recall seeing them pre-2000. Getting to be a big problem requiring attention soon. Wish the wolf reintroduction resources would start feeding the wolves horse meat instead of elk meat!! Would address two issues with one solution.
  3. Alpinebullwinkle

    Must be the full moon

    I continue to try but all I guess is bonus points !
  4. Alpinebullwinkle

    2020 Antler growth???

    Yes I agree considering the biggest bulls as they start shedding their horns late February and therefore start growth at least 4-6 weeks sooner than the young six pointers that sometimes do not shed their horns until the second week in April. Some spikes do not shed until May. In other words........ what we are discussing for horn growth timing is variable according to the age of the bull.
  5. Alpinebullwinkle

    2020 Antler growth???

    Monsoon season officially starts about the 4th of July which would leave at least 4-5 weeks of growth remaining before the more mature bulls start shedding. I personally count the month of June in there as critical to horn growth, and last year was very disappointing, after a very uncharacteristically good spring precipitation thru May.
  6. Alpinebullwinkle

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    You should have been paid for that excellent job of documentation on your hunt. Really enjoyed. Thanks
  7. Alpinebullwinkle

    2020 Antler growth???

    I'm encouraged by the great start to the winter precipitation so far this year. The key will be what spring rains do. Last year was a good winter, excellent spring and disappointing monsoon season that resulted in less than expected horn quality IMHO (based mostly on the exceptionally good spring).
  8. Alpinebullwinkle

    Draw odds

    Squaring the bonus points would make the current system fairer to all. But the last time I explained this in more detail the responses seemed to suggest most hunters prefer the element of luck to have more impact on drawing a tag verses the fairer option to all.
  9. Alpinebullwinkle


    What frosts me the most is I have located three different wolf feeding stations within one mile of residences in or around Alpine. That is just wrong and asking for trouble, enticing wolf interaction with humans. Those wolf reintroduction resources that are doing that should be incarcerated IMHO !! Additionally, I have trail pictures of wolves in my yard at my Alpine residence. Doesn't make my son and daughter-in-law warm and fuzzy when they visit with the grand kids. Unfortunately it likely is too late to reverse this ill-advised government dog experiment.
  10. Alpinebullwinkle

    Docter 15x60

    Yes I've had mine for over 20 years and superior to Swarski in my opinion
  11. Alpinebullwinkle

    Strange things found while out hunting.....

    While hiking in unit 1 about 10 years ago I found a leg hold trap up in a tree with a mountain lion foot in it. Apparently the lion got caught and was able to run off and up the tree. Then chewed his own leg off to get rid of the trap.
  12. Alpinebullwinkle

    Ethics or not?

    My father-in-law grew up as a boy during the great depression era. He was often given two shotgun shells by his dad and told to go shoot a dinner of quail for the family with only those two shells. He would only shoot when the quail gathered close together to insure he could get about 8 quail per shot. This meant only shots on the ground or on fences were possible. When I shot my first quail with him (after about 6 shots) and it turned out to be the century, you can imagine the verbal smack I had to listen to! He taught me the value of only shooting "skillet shots"............. which remains my goal to this day when I hit the hills for quail.
  13. Alpinebullwinkle

    Nov. 29 Current Road Closures

    My father-in-law told a story many times of a brand new Ford Falcon that got stuck in a unit 27 late elk hunt back in the 1960's. He recommended a hot spot for a late elk hunt and a big snow storm stranded the vehicle until it could be recovered in the springtime. Needless to say ...............he never received a Christmas card from the car owner after that "hot" recommendation where to hunt!
  14. Alpinebullwinkle

    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    At this point with the current weather forecast it appears the elk will be the favored team in the elk vs. hunters bowl. After the first day.......... hunter odds will continue to decrease.
  15. Alpinebullwinkle

    Shed dog

    If you had modified the dogs name to "horny" she might have swallowed it.