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    Primarily elk hunting. Also Coues deer hunting, fishing, trail cameras, golfing. Former registered guide

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  1. Alpinebullwinkle

    Effects of the virus scare?

    How ironic.....can't prop Joe up by the jukebox because all bars are closed!
  2. Alpinebullwinkle

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    Bottom line ........bonus points need to be more impactful, while retaining the element of luck in the equation. Easy change to make, which is fairer to all, no matter the definition of "fair". Change the computer algorithm AGFD. An easily made enhancement to the system.
  3. Alpinebullwinkle

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    Absolutely Swivel. When I bump into other people in the forest I always try to have a cordial dialog to compare notes. As you stated numerous times they are "scouting" during the hunt for a friend/relative that has a tag. Guess that is the way the world turns.
  4. Alpinebullwinkle

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    For some of you young bucks that suggest putting in for less desirable units for the late gun hunts in early December.................it is not hunting to many of us geezers to simply drive around in the truck looking for an opportunity to jump out of the truck and shoot a spike bull for meat. The late hunts are definitely more desirable to the younger crowd, and "less fair" to the older hunters that are less mobile and can't withstand the elements as well at that time of the year. I'll continue to put in for the September gun and archery hunts and likely continue to whine (and suggest system changes) until the pearly gates of the happy hunting ground are opened for me 😢
  5. Alpinebullwinkle

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    I agree that there are many different personal definitions of "fair" within our hunting group. Having said that......I believe the current system could be "fairer", or improved, if the bonus point weight in the equation had more impact than the luck impact in the existing equation. In other words...... invert the luck/bonus point impacts from the current system. That change would definitely make it "fairer" to all applicants. During my guiding days I focused mostly on assisting those hunters with the "trophy" September tags. I guided many hunters that drew archery tags at least 2 out of every three years. I also guided one hunter that drew the trophy gun hunt (unit 27) in September with only one bonus point !!! I used to have no problem congratulating these "lucky" tag holders when I had maybe 5 personal bonus points and no tag. Now that I will have 12 bonus points and be 70 years of age I admittedly find it difficult not to whine about the system and at least explain how it could be potentially enhanced for all
  6. Alpinebullwinkle

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    The "not fair" comments are appropriate in many cases simply because luck counts more than bonus points in the equation. I'll explain more in detail later
  7. Alpinebullwinkle

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    Looks like 10 straight years of the skunk for me. Tough to swallow at 70 years of age. Hope I get another tag before its time for the "happy hunting ground". 😭 I've proposed making the system fairer many times in the past with the squaring the bonus point suggestion. Unfortunately it seems the hunter population prefers the element of luck over the fairer system when bonus points might count more.
  8. Alpinebullwinkle

    The best 3 weeks of the year...

    Yes I can remember whining to AGFD about hearing in late July. They blamed it on the February aerial survey timing back then.
  9. Alpinebullwinkle

    Coues And Burns

    From my experience the coues bucks are only caught in those open burns nocturnally. Maybe does in the daylight
  10. Alpinebullwinkle


    Anyone know how many inches of snow in Alpine??
  11. Alpinebullwinkle

    2019 ATL pics

    Do you have a picture of your bike?
  12. Alpinebullwinkle


    Bottom line is that the "government dog experiment" is an ill advised wolf reintroduction program that is a disgraceful waste of money, resulting in significant negative consequences to our environment and humans. That is why I have tongue in cheek suggested we introduce the government dogs in Phoenix and Tucson........... so the uneducated and neutral stakeholders that support the program out of lack of knowledge can learn first hand about the wonderful benefits from this ruthless predator.......... that kills more for the sake of killing than self sufficiency.
  13. Alpinebullwinkle


    Wow I didn't expect this conversation to take a left turn at the light, but it seems to have. All I will add is in my work career I worked with black belt data professionals. They were excellent at data mining and identifying opportunities. Having said that, I learned that they could dissect the data excellently, and selecting windows in time, could support any story they wished to tell. Our politicians on both sides of the isle seem to do this on a daily basis. Bottom line......... as much as I respect data and science, there is no more powerful indicator of what truly is going on in the wilderness than those that live and experience it on a daily basis. That includes me and why I think I can contribute to these types of conversations "half" intelligently.
  14. Alpinebullwinkle


    I have to admit that when I went to college centuries ago most of my college professors (that likely had PHd's) seemed to lack the common sense gene. It sounds even worse now days....and that is what scares me about what our youth are being taught, and the consequences going forward for our nation. We are moving closer to socialism as a consequence of this. When I was in grade school our teachers cautioned us about propaganda coming from Russia and China. Now we need to worry about propaganda coming from our own educators. By the way.....my deceased wife taught school for over 26 years and witnessed the educational changes first hand. I know if she was still alive she would agree with all I have quacked.
  15. Alpinebullwinkle


    "It has been my observation than the more degrees involved, the less common sense is demonstrated. " I have to pretty much agree with your comment. After all......does't a PHd = piled higher and deeper?