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  1. Ran up to Rio Salado yesterday to check my zero and get some pics of groups to post. Both are 3 shot groups, not sure which one I pulled. lol
  2. Apologies to everyone, I just noticed I should have put this in the classifieds. Could someone give some guidance on how to delete this post? I cannot find a delete option anywhere. Thanks again.
  3. Hello all, newcomer to the group & happy to be here. I have too many 7mms in my safe, needing to make some room. I bought this rifle from the original owner in original configuration in about 2002. Put maybe 200 rounds through it before deciding it needed a better barrel. Accuracy Speaks rebarreled with the Krieger in 2013. I worked up Berger 168 VLD loads and have put less than 200 rounds through it since. I kept pretty good records of work ups and round count. Used it last fall to fill my bull tag in 4A at 822 yards. Rifle shoots about 1/2" groups at 100 if I do my part. Details as follows: -Older B687xxxx serial number action, squared/trued/lapped, bluing & bolt jeweling perfect, no wear -Krieger Stainless, fluted, 1:9, 27" w/brake, Rem varmint contour -Factory BDL high gloss stock, Loggerhead adj comb hardware, Marine Tex pillar bedded, barrel channel floated -Jewell trigger -Vortex 6-24x50 FFP XLR (moa) long Range, cat tail & bubble level, original box & all paperwork -Weaver 20 moa base w/#8 screws & rings -Approx 30 loaded rounds, 50 pieces total of Norma brass, 3 reloadings with all load data Asking $2000 for the complete rig. Please feel free to call or Txt with any questions, Alan 214-662-6569