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  1. Go glass, do not sit water for at least a week. Put a camera up…. Oh wait that’s illegal now.
  2. 206

    How bout them Devils!

    Go Cats. That SundeviL crap is overrated.
  3. 206


    This is a funny thread
  4. 206

    My son's photo AZ Trophy Outfitters FB page.

    Post what you kill from the best to the least. That’s reality.
  5. 206

    My son's photo AZ Trophy Outfitters FB page.

    That is completely BS. I get a lot of pictures and post them with my logo attached???? I would never use a guy like that.
  6. 206

    Slipperyer?? Slope

    You saying Cabela’s and B.A.S.S. Pro will not have a credit card that will work at one of their stores???? Come on that is not good business and they will find a way around that. You guys are not think about the largest retailer not having pull with what company they use?
  7. 206

    If you were looking for a 300" bull...

    23 is no joke. you can see bulls all day….. and can’t kill them.
  8. 206

    11 pointers….

    Let’s go get one!
  9. 206

    Hunters Ed field day

    More field days will be offered after the new year.
  10. 206


    These are all nice rams for that unit. We killed in that unit 10 years ago. Pm if needed
  11. 206

    Any Info On West Fork Oak Creek

    Plenty of water. More water down low and yes big browns in there. pm if needed
  12. 206

    Camp Navajo

    It’s what a forum does right here to help. Anyone who gives up information to these guys is an idiot. pm if anything but even then.
  13. 206


    Haha they never stop bugling. good luck had to turn my Tag back. Ahhh
  14. 206

    Couple Bulls From GMU 27

    Nice pictures!
  15. 206

    elk location help

    What the heck? Never have I ever