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  1. 206

    Elk and cattle.

    Cows = no elk
  2. So I have tag in Az 6A and I need help. Tell me all you spots, GPS coordinates please. I dont want to pay for a guide or work too hard. Haha haha 😂. that is The only type of post I read here. gawww go scout and hunt people.
  3. Watching the sunrise and transplanting broccoli in Yuma. Beautiful sunrise hope someone is shooting some right now!
  4. 206

    Rut Activity

    Where is the rest of the video? thats a tease
  5. 206

    13b HornPorn

    Wow. Brutes!
  6. 206

    Son got it done again.

    Love the 5 x 5’s sweet
  7. This is a great thread. Especially for those of us who are mule deer junkies!
  8. 206

    unit 11M archery draw tag

    Wow, I did not even see the any deer portion of the tag. I was just excited to get an archery tag up north! Has anyone even seen good deer in this unit in December?
  9. 206


    Delete this topic this is completely inappropriate talk. I am offended. Expletive
  10. 206

    Unit ten elk ?? On the Bo not seen one elk

    As amazing as 10 can be for archery...10 can be very tough for rifle. Glassing is the best way to find the bulls. Last time my dad hunted the rifle glassing bulls at 3-4 miles was not uncommon. Then closing the distance to less than 1 mike and better identifying what you have is the normal. Full moon does not mean the will not be out feeding during the day just means the May bed and get up and feed in less typical areas.
  11. 206

    Unit 8 Knowledge

    Pm me I have a few tips
  12. 206

    Heat's 7W Archery Bull Elk Hunt

    Nice Nick that is a great bull! Love the character!
  13. 206

    Got the Muley Buck I was After!

    What a Beautiful Buck. Love it!
  14. My Dad is an archery nut. Lucky for him he also has the time to do it. So he draws another Utah tag, put in some hours with his buddies up North and got another opportunity at monster. Up until this point this year nothing had been coming into the blinds. So he waited for another hunter to harvest his animal. After checking around they noticed some deer using a new trail and set up. The next night this brute came in. His second 200" mulie!! 34 1/2 inch spread and over 200"