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  1. 206

    2021 Rut Activity

    It will fire up
  2. 206

    2021 Rut Activity

    As the cool down starts
  3. 206

    Flagstaff camping

    Wide open no problem go kill a big one.
  4. 206

    Something like this ever happen to you?

    Lol 😂 he seems like an expert
  5. 206

    Unit 9 Late Season Help for Son

    Even though it’s wet up north the tanks will still be getting used.
  6. 206

    Enough moisture?

    So does anyone think there is enough moisture now to make some size?
  7. 206

    Elk Arrows. KE/Momentum

    Cat is on the money.
  8. 206

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    According to the report fire is south of garland now. Is this a Backburn or the actual fire?
  9. 206

    Need Your Spots

    Just PM me and I will spill the beans.
  10. 206

    Enough moisture?

    More expected Wednesday. My units are buried.
  11. 206

    Enough moisture?

    In Flagstaff tonight another 6” down in town. Could be 10” up on the mountain. one thing is for sure I have not seen the snow as deep as it is now around town. Still need more spring and a good monsoon to make it real good.
  12. 206

    Close Encounter of the First Kind

    That’s close! Cool bull.
  13. 206

    Enough moisture?

    More storms are coming this winter and spring but it won’t be like last year. We had good growth last year because our winter was super wet. Summer was dry but horn growth was good. In order to salvage this year we need more this spring and an awesome summer monsoon to finish the growth. I will be in for the draw.
  14. 206

    22 N backpack hunt

    I think this year could be problematic for antler growth if we done get some winter rain and snow.