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  1. sheephunter2

    Various ammo for sale

    I will take the 243s I will also take the 3006s Let me know cost to ship to 81631 in Colorado. Thanks.
  2. sheephunter2

    Back Surgery & Elk Hunting

    Had my L4, L5, L5S1 fused with titanium rods and screws about 20 years ago. I could hike up into anything but coming down I felt like someone was sticking me in the back with an ice pick each step. Glad I got it fixed. All the pain never goes away but I probably got 90% relief which is good. I use poles now for most my serious hiking which helps the back. Don't play as much golf as I used to because it isn't worth the stiffness to me. I still hunt and hike as much as I ever did including horseback and backpacking. You just have to be careful and smart when healing. You only get one chance to heal and you do not want to rush it. Follow your doctors orders explicitly and walk a lot. Walking is the best thing you can do for recovering from back surgery. I know a guy here in Eagle who rushed it after a fusion by playing golf, etc. His back is more screwed up now than before he had the surgery. I took a year off from golf after my surgery. What does happen however is that the next disc up above the fusion gets all the torque and extra use so it goes bad over time. My L3 is not good but I can live with it as it is. The lower lumbar fusion will relieve your day to day pain but your back will never be the same. You can however still hunt, hike, pack, etc. with time if you use your head and don't get in a hurry. Hope this helps.
  3. sheephunter2

    Results up!

    19A late rifle bull, pretty fired up
  4. I got the STX so this one needs to go. It is in great shape.
  5. Swarovski STS 65 HD Spotter, 20-60 Zoom Eyepiece, Swaro Hard Case, Swaro Cordura Stay On Cover, All Caps and Lens Covers, Has Always Had the Swaro Cordura Stay On Cover On It, Perfect Glass and Body. 2004 Model year. $1950 tyd pp f&f, add 3% reg pp. Thanks.
  6. sheephunter2

    Swarovski 10x30 CL Binocular As New $775 tyd

    sold Thanks
  7. sheephunter2

    Swarovski 10x30 CL Binocular As New $775 tyd

    $750 tyd f&f
  8. sheephunter2

    Swarovski 10x30 CL Binocular As New $775 tyd

    Same exact size as the 8x30 CL's. A little more compact than yours I think.
  9. sheephunter2

    Swarovski 10x30 CL Binocular As New $775 tyd

    If you want em and don't like em as always with me send em back for full refund.
  10. sheephunter2

    Swarovski 10x30 CL Binocular As New $775 tyd

    I am in Eagle Colo.
  11. Swarovski 10x30 CL Binocular, As New, Perfect Glass, Box and all paper work, never registered with Swarovski, $775 tyd paypal friends and family, regular paypal add 3%. Thanks.