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  1. hmdOrr

    Nikon prostaff 5. 3.4-14 bdc

    bump; open to trades as well.
  2. $175 obo. Located in Tempe. Glass looks solid. Body has some marks from rings and from use. Solid scope that served me well for years; just sits in the safe now. 480540 zero seven 50
  3. hmdOrr

    Cabelas big horn tent

    What tire rack is that for the ranger?
  4. Yeah we took a buddies beater out a few years back, before I picked up this rig, and there’s a huge difference. Theoretically this thing will be sold and transferred tomorrow morning. If that changes, there’s one more person who has dibs. Otherwise, I’ll throw it back up.
  5. hmdOrr

    Athlon Ares BTR 4.5x27x50 FFP IR MOA w/rings

    Dibs rescinded. Thought it was something else. Disregard
  6. Coues forum price is $7,500. Listed on Craigslist for $8500. 480 five four zero 0750 These things are excellent and has treated me very well, but I'm selling to buy a UTV as I do most of my camping out of a backpack or in the truck bed. Its used, in excellent condition, and I will continue to use it up until someone decides to buy; have a deer hunt in November, so I'm sure my hunting partner hopes this doesn't sell before then. We've used it on many hunts where the temperatures got into the single digits and the heater kept us nice and toasty. Some noteworthy items: - Upgraded off-road tires (travel over 65 mph easily & get back into anywhere your truck can) - 19,000 BTU furnace with automatic ignition (no lighting from the outside, it has a thermostat) - You can run this off of two 6v batteries all night with no problem. - Carbon Monoxide detector - Heated foam mattresses (never used) - AC Unit (I've never used it) - Hot water heater (I've never used it) - Interior 3-burner stove - Exterior stove - Removable Dining Table - Outdoor shower (I've never used it) - Dometic 3-way refrigerator - Powered roof vent - 1 piece, easy-install door - 2 foot metal storage deck (Hence "BH" for "Bike Hauler") ****Note: there is a small imperfection in the top of one of the bunk beds (see picture), but it doesn't affect anything as the pop up gizmo (included below) covers the area anyway. What is included: - ADCO cover (cost me ~$120) - Pop Up Gizmo super high wind covers & interior bunk liners (cost me ~$250.00) - Pop up Gizmos are the covers on the top of each bunk end, and a liner that can be installed inside to make it super toasty during those colder camping adventures. Read the reviews on popupportal forums to see why this is such a useful add-on. - Two 6v batteries which can be paired in parallel to run the camper at night (no noise from generator) - Two battery tenders for the batteries - Battery case & wiring (I can show you how to set it up, its simple) - Battery tender solar charger & maintainer with extension cord. 480 five four zero 0750
  7. hmdOrr

    Swarovski EL 8.5x42 Field Pro

    You forgot to start it with very poorly constructed, awkward sentences to coax your target into trusting you. Examples: “Hello, I am so happy to read back from you and kindly have the check deposited at your bank and do deduct the binocular funds and do have excess funds sent. Good day” “Good morning and I hope you had a restful night. Do deposit funds ASAP and do deduct bino funds and do send excess payments to my brothers iguana. I await your sharp response and do have a blessed day” “Good morning and how was your night, I hope you had a wonderful night rest? Do kindly deposit funds and do kindly deduct funds and do kindly blessed and with all the kindness send excess funds do post haste to kindly arrive at my iguanas house in good funds. So blessed good funds day and obtain nights restful great.”
  8. hmdOrr

    wtb used horse shoes.

    D0 u n0 lik3?
  9. Hell0 I’ve 3m@iled u 8 times n0 resp0nse. H0pw 2 hear fr0m u soon. Tnxs