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  1. hmdOrr

    Pse evoke 35

    Looking for 70# or 80# in this bow for a bit. People say it’s a shooter. Good luck with the sale
  2. hmdOrr

    Pse evoke 35

    What # and what condition are the strings in?
  3. Good. This was tough to look at and convince myself not to buy. Congrats
  4. hmdOrr

    Swarovski 10x42 EL binoculars

    Wish I had the cash. Bump for some awesome nockers
  5. hmdOrr

    WTB Takedown 22lr

    Before I purchase new, figured I’d see whether anyone was looking to get rid of a safe dust collector.
  6. Have I lost my mind or is that a stupidly good deal?
  7. hmdOrr

    .223 Ammo - factory loads

  8. hmdOrr

    .223 Ammo - factory loads

  9. hmdOrr

    .223 Ammo - factory loads

  10. hmdOrr

    .223 Ammo - factory loads

    Up. Will sell lower quantities as well
  11. hmdOrr

    .223 Ammo - factory loads

    East valley. Bump
  12. hmdOrr

    .223 Ammo - factory loads

    Unboxed American Eagle .223 55gr. Bought a while ago. Quite certain that’s the Ammo considering the stamp. 1250+ rds plus Ammo can for $600