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  1. hmdOrr

    wtb used horse shoes.

    D0 u n0 lik3?
  2. Hell0 I’ve 3m@iled u 8 times n0 resp0nse. H0pw 2 hear fr0m u soon. Tnxs
  3. hmdOrr

    Entertainment Center/Shelves

  4. hmdOrr

    WTS Chef's Choice 115 Knife Sharpener

    If that falls through, I’ll take it.
  5. hmdOrr

    WTS Chef's Choice 115 Knife Sharpener

    Hahahaha dang
  6. hmdOrr

    WTS Chef's Choice 115 Knife Sharpener

    Price? I’m interested
  7. hmdOrr

    For Sale - Burris Veracity 3-15x50 FFP

    Yup, I have one on my 30-06. Excellent scope and I paid more than this. Can’t believe it hasn’t sold.
  8. hmdOrr

    WTS: Ruger Mini14 Stainless $800

    What do they normally go for? It’s $1k new, yeah? maybe I’ll just keep it. I can’t see myself giving it away. Such a fun gun to shoot.
  9. hmdOrr

    WTS: Ruger Mini14 Stainless $800

    Bump. Also, where do folks sell guns now? Miss back page
  10. Probably going to regret this, but I just don’t seem to shoot the ranch rifle often enough to keep it. Excellent condition. Located in Tempe I’m in the market for a long range rifle scope so a trade is possible
  11. If you do end up separating the scope, message me.
  12. hmdOrr

    A couple of Rare Bottles for TRADE

    How much cash for the first one? I don’t drink clear alcohol
  13. This still available?
  14. hmdOrr


    I apologize, I meant for the rifle by itself.