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  1. hmdOrr

    Kodiak canvas 12x9 deluxe

    what propane heater are you running into them?
  2. hmdOrr

    Hoyt Nitrum 30

    I’ll do $65 🙃
  3. hmdOrr

    Glock 20 10mm $450

    Love mine. Solid price too
  4. 100% wouldn't sell them to me either.
  5. I honestly don’t want/need it, but at $1500 I’d certainly take it off your hands. Can’t believe they’re still up for sale.
  6. hmdOrr

    Looking to buy a 2013-16 Tacoma .

    They’re just capable and reliable. Loads of cool aftermarket camping/hunting parts. I’ve owned 4 and the only truck I could ever see myself owning otherwise would be a monster to pull a toy hauler.
  7. hmdOrr

    WTB Swarovski 15X56 Doubler

    You actually do not want to buy one
  8. hmdOrr


    Not a pawn shop, but I've received excellent prices on new guns from AZGuns.com. Pricing hasn't even been close to others. No, I don't work for them and have no relationship to anyone who works there; couldn't name a single employee.
  9. hmdOrr

    Looking for work

    I could probably use some fascia (sp?) replacement around the base of my roof. What do you charge?
  10. hmdOrr

    Nikon prostaff 5. 3.4-14 bdc

    bump; open to trades as well.
  11. $175 obo. Located in Tempe. Glass looks solid. Body has some marks from rings and from use. Solid scope that served me well for years; just sits in the safe now. 480540 zero seven 50