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  1. Paladin529

    338 RUGER PRECISION RIFLE w/ Strike Eagle 5-25x56 $2500

    Where you located
  2. Paladin529

    223 AR

    Yeah I’ve been on here for a while bought and sold things. Everyone I’ve dealt with has been cool and never an issue. Somehow that bothers you. Must be that time of the month for you 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
  3. Paladin529

    223 AR

    So you’re mad people come on to the classifieds and buy and sell things? Makes sense
  4. Paladin529

    WTB a 25-06

  5. Paladin529

    WTB a 25-06

    Still looking also would consider a 243 win
  6. Paladin529

    WTB a 25-06

    Looking for a 25-06 let me know if anyone wants to sell one 😁
  7. Paladin529

    SOLD Weatherby

    i didn't offer $700 btw lol he said that was the price
  8. Paladin529

    SOLD Weatherby

    Hate these games people play....he said he’d take $700 last night now he told me it sold an hour ago 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Paladin529

    Spartan javelin bipod For sale like new

    Pm sent
  10. Paladin529

    Federal 210 primers

    In Tucson as well
  11. Paladin529

    Federal 210 primers

    Trade Federal 210 large rifle primers for Federal 215 large rifle magnum primers. I have about 500.
  12. Paladin529

    Stuff and Things for sale.

    Yeah do I need to text you for pics of the rifle you’re selling with no listed price
  13. Paladin529

    WTS/WTT Aero Precision .556

    300 win mag isn’t big enough for you lol ok
  14. Paladin529


    Did you read the description?