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  1. rcorley

    On X?

    Thanks all. Finally got the answer to my sync question. User name & password on any device accesses all waypoints et. al. Bob C.
  2. rcorley

    On X?

    PseAZ, Well, I purchased a one year Ariz version. Question: After exploring, dropping map layers & waypoints on my desktop, How do I then sync that with my I-Phone for in the field use? Or how do I "pull it up on my phone?" Can't find an answer to that ? Bob C., Globe, Az.
  3. rcorley

    On X?

    Thanks all. I carry a Garmin Astro 320 GPS for my bird dogs. Can mark waypoints. Have found it very useful. Just don't know if I want to also carry an IPhone too. Technology overload?? Any thoughts?
  4. My son, Matt, now lives in Montana. Guess most hunters up that way use OnX. Anyone have any experience with this? Guess especially useful for differentiating private vs public lands and placing your location with GPS? Apparently syncs with desktop, Iphone, Ipad, and Garmin devices. I currently use a Garmin Astro 320 in the field while desert quail hunting.Wondering if the smaller screen may be a unwise to use with OnX? Just wondering if you have used such as these? Any first hand reviews?Thanks. Bob C., Globe, Az.
  5. rcorley

    2018 Dove

    https://arizonaquailhuntingcamp.weebly.com/2018-2019-quail-reports.html Here's a report of days one and two. Scroll down to September, 2018
  6. Prediction for Gambel's this season are looking tough. Sightings of birds of the year are rare in most places. Our town birds around Globe didn't even pull off a hatch that I can tell. Most are putting all their hopes now on monsoonal rains for scalies and Mearn's and a possible re-nest or late nest for Gambel's. This could be a very tough year to start a new pup or a new hunter. My Belle is 9 and Gunner is 4. If you have a new, young, just-starting hunter it would be advisable to take them dove shooting -- a lot. Even the late winter dove shoot. Looking back, that's how I became a wing shooter as a young guy. Boxes and boxes blasting away at doves. My favorite quote from last year from C. Peterson, Gunnison, CO, "The difference between a good bird dog and a great bird dog is 1,000 wild birds." Perhaps the same can be said of a good wing shooter? (Although some coaching, hints, gun fit and lessons would go a long way to shortening that process!)
  7. Cannot find the dove hunting regs for 2018-2019??? Can anybody help? Bob C. Ariz Quail Hunting Camp https://arizonaquailhuntingcamp.weebly.com/
  8. rcorley

    Garmin Astro 320 w DC50

    Solo Hunter, PM sent regarding email addresses. Bob C. Ariz Quail Hunting Camp
  9. rcorley

    What ammo for quail

    Some links in case you're interested: I commented on shot size and chokes in my tips page. Have loaded 7/8 oz 7's now for about 20 years. Always start the season with IC/LM. As the season progresses, that evolves into either IC/IC or SK/IC depending upon circumstances and species. Reminder that I shoot over pointing Britts. Hunting w/ not dogs would necessitate tighter chokes I'm sure. Overall standard for most double upland guns is IC/M. http://arizonaquailhuntingcamp.weebly.com/quail-hunt-recommendations.html Last season, in January 2016-17, I loaded some 6's for the first time. Found that 7/8 oz in my little 20 ga did not throw a good pattern. Tried 1 oz and liked it. Was worried that I would shoot them up so much that birds would not be good table fair. Was not a problem. Late season, even with good Britts. Like others have mentioned, very few cripples and actually extended my effective range several yards. http://arizonaquailhuntingcamp.weebly.com/2016-2017-quail-reports.html Here is beginning of 2017-18 quail reports. All the best, Bob C., Globe, Az. http://arizonaquailhuntingcamp.weebly.com/2017-2018-quail-reports.html Uh oh. Re-read this this morning. Let's make that "table fare." Had a good smile over that faux pas. Would blame my secretary, but don't have one!
  10. rcorley

    Garmin Astro 320 w DC50

    One dog system. For photos, description, asking price, and details go to: Arizona Quail Hunting Camp, Quail Reports 2017-2018