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  1. Thanks for all the input. After lots of research and talking to some experienced guys and pro shop employees, I have info that others with the same “issue” may find useful. Victory archery seems to offer the most “FOC friendly” arrows I can find. If you are around 28.5” draw and pulling 70 pounds, with a bow in the neighborhood of 330 fps IBO, these are the 2 best options I can come up with. hope it helps someone: 449.85 grains / 277 fps / 76.66 ft lbs / 15.0% FOC 28.5” Victory VAP 166 300 spine 8.7 gpi 125 grain point SHOK aluminum insert 50 grains Blazer 2” vanes x3 18.9 grains F nock 8 grains 400.8 grains / 293 fps / 76.42 ft lbs / 17.1% FOC 28.5” Victory RIP XV 300 spine 7.0 gpi 125 grain point SHOK aluminum insert 50 grains Blazer 2” vanes x3 18.9 grains F nock 8 grains
  2. Buckwheat893

    7mm Remington sendero $1400 -sold

    Bump for an awesome rifle. I’ve personally shot it a few times, tasteful upgrades and excellent accuracy. It will make someone happy 🤘🏼
  3. Buckwheat893

    Black Gold Ascent Verdict 5 pin / Easton arrows

    20% off retail for a like new/brand new item sounds like a good deal to me.
  4. Buckwheat893

    Black Gold Ascent Verdict 5 pin / Easton arrows

    Ttt price reduced
  5. Selling my Montana black gold ascent verdict 5 pin. The sight has been on the bow for less than 3 months, only 1 hunt. Sight looks brand new, no damage or cosmetic flaws. Purchased and installed at bull basin archery of Tucson. Reason for sale is going to a single pin sight. $200 Also selling 1 dozen brand new Easton axis 5mm fletched arrows. 340 spine cut to 28.25” carbon to carbon with Easton aluminum HIT inserts installed. $100
  6. Yeah I have discovered that heavier heads and inserts are causing under-spine. Looking at different arrows, Easton hyper speed arrows offer pretty low gpi with heavier spine, need to look at other manufacturers still
  7. Fair enough! Still “new” at this, doing some experimenting. It looks good on paper, real world experiences are more valuable I suppose.
  8. Not necessarily new to bow hunting, I did it as a kid but not really seriously. I purchased my first “current model year” bow in august and have been shooting it like a madman. I recently discovered the theory behind arrows with high forward of center weight percentage providing better trajectory and accuracy. From the research I’ve done, it appears that arrows with 12-15% foc are “ideal”. I shoot a PSE bowmadness unleashed, 28.5” draw, 70 lbs, pretty standard setup. My current arrow is a 28.25” Easton axis 5mm 340 spine (9.5gpi), 3 - 2” blazer vanes (6.3 grains each), blazer nock (9.0 grains), standard HIT insert (16 grains), and a 100 grain muzzy trocar fixed blade. Total arrow weight - 412.28 grains, for a whopping 9.6% foc, moving at 289 fps, producing ~76.5 ft lbs. I get acceptable accuracy (5-6” groups at 70 yards), but I am looking for more. I have been trying to come up with a high foc arrow build without depleting 30-40 fps, but I just can’t seem to get it done. So far the best option appears to be a 28” axis 300 spine (10.7gpi), 55 grain titanium half out, 18.9 grains of vane, 9 grain nock, and a 125 grain point. That setup gives me a total arrow weight of 507.5 grains (yikes) moving at ~258-259 fps, giving me ~75 ft lbs and an foc of 13.5%. Everything else I try to come up with is somewhere between 435-540 grains, but are causing me to be “underspined”, slowing the arrow to <250 fps, or giving me foc in the 10-12% range. I know that as the arrows get heavier, the bow gains efficiency so my numbers may not be realistic. Anyone have any advice/insight? I know the 507.5 grain arrow will work and provide what I’m looking for, but losing 30+ fps is a tough pill to swallow. Any experience or examples of other arrows that may have a lower spine or lower gpi that others have had success with, suggestions on inserts, vane combinations, etc are welcome, I am all ears.
  9. Buckwheat893

    WTT/WTS Tight Spot 7 arrow quiver

    I believe so, it attaches to my black gold sight mount
  10. Buckwheat893

    WTT/WTS Tight Spot 7 arrow quiver

    Not a fan of the 7 arrow quiver, accidentally purchased it at bull basin thinking it was the 5 arrow. Figured I’d deal with it but turns out it’s not for me. Used on one hunt this past week, looks new. First $130 takes it OR willing to trade for a tight spot 5 arrow quiver in black or mossy oak break up country.
  11. Buckwheat893

    WTB Hornady Precision Hunter 6.5 cm

    Located in Tucson. I’m getting sub MOA out to 500 with the factory loads, would be curious to see what a little speed bump would do. Don’t wanna change too much right before the season though.
  12. Looking to buy some Hornady precision hunter ammo in 6.5 creedmoor. I have a couple upcoming hunts and a hunt for my girlfriend (she still needs to practice). Unfortunately I am down to 11 rounds and literally everyone is out of stock. If anyone has some extra they’re willing to part with, please let me know.
  13. Buckwheat893

    Heritage Revolver .22lr

    Sold pending funds