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  1. Buckwheat893

    WTT/WTS .300 BLK Pistol

    TTT $700 need it sold
  2. Buckwheat893

    WTT/WTS .300 BLK Pistol

  3. Buckwheat893

    WTT/WTS .300 BLK Pistol

    TTT $800obo
  4. Buckwheat893

    WTT/WTS .300 BLK Pistol

    Price drop $850
  5. Buckwheat893

    WTT/WTS .300 BLK Pistol

  6. Buckwheat893

    WTT/WTS .300 BLK Pistol

    Possibly, what do you have in mind?
  7. Buckwheat893

    WTB/WTT 300 Win mag ammo

    Recently purchased a new rifle and looking to try a few different rounds to see what shoots well. Looking to buy or trade for the rounds below. I have 26 Barnes VOR-TX 165gr and 60 Hornady Match 195gr. Would be willing to exchange rounds. Hornady precision hunter 178gr Hornady superformance 180gr Barnes VOR-TX 180gr Nosler trophy grade 180gr Nosler trophy grade long range 190gr
  8. Buckwheat893

    Cool ATL pic

    I always like to start my shed season running fence lines, over the years I’ve found a few singles this way. Wasn’t expecting to find a side by side set right on the fence but I will take it! Second pic is the buck wearing them.
  9. Buckwheat893

    WTT/WTS .300 BLK Pistol

  10. Buckwheat893


    Sorry pack has been sold
  11. Buckwheat893

    WTT/WTS .300 BLK Pistol

    PSA Standard lower SBA3 Brace Q Sugar Weasel 7” barrel 1:5” twist (adjustable block) Q Cherry bomb muzzle device 5/8x24 BCM Handguard Radian Enhanced BCG and charging handle Red dot not included Pistol currently tuned to run subsonic with a suppressor. Will not cycle subsonic without a can. supersonic runs fine. ~300 rounds down the tube. $700 obo / trade for AK of similar value
  12. Buckwheat893

    Calling all Tikka Gurus!

    I did see that one, but I’m still skeptical as Tikka’s website and all the other data I can find shows that they only use 1:11” twist for 300 win mag. I did see on the label pictured in my original post indicates the rifle was made in 2021, and their serial number database confirms that. Looks like I may have to call Beretta for a definitive answer
  13. Buckwheat893

    Calling all Tikka Gurus!

    I would like to have the option to shoot bullets 200 grains and above, every stability calculator that I have input data for bullets those weights/lengths at 1:11” and it shows the bullet SG around 1.26-1.34 (marginally stable) at 59 degrees and sea level. As soon as I start to input temperatures below that SG drops into the unstable range, and I need at least ~5000ft elevation to get into “stable” range. I know there are a lot of good .308 bullets in the 150-195gr range, but I would still like to have the ability to shoot 200+ grain projectiles.
  14. I am looking to add another Tikka rifle to my collection. I have been looking at, but hesitant to buy a T3X in 300 WM as I was under the impression they were all 1:11” twist. Last night I found a T3X in 300 WM for sale, and the barrel indicates 1:10” twist. I cannot verify anywhere that there is a Tikka T3X chambered in 300 WM that comes with that twist rate. The Manufacturers part number is JRTXE331R10, which I cannot find on their website. I have reached out to the seller and to Tikka directly, but so far have not received an answer. I don’t want to buy a gun that won’t work for my intended use. Does anyone know how I else I could verify this gun is legit? Any help is appreciated.
  15. Buckwheat893


    TTT, $400.