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  1. tyler1215

    Help identifying

    Thanks guys
  2. tyler1215

    Help identifying

    No I looked for tracks but the ground was too hard
  3. tyler1215

    Help identifying

    Can I get some help identifying this sh!^? On my property in Linden. The pile is a little bigger than a fist. I'm guessing javalina but wondering if it could be possible a cat or even bear
  4. tyler1215

    1 week difference

    Last weekend while scouting I found about 7 different heards of cows but not one bull. This weekend every group I saw had a heard bull. Also, heard many bugles and saw a lot of rut activity. Crazy how much can change in just a couple days. Can't wait
  5. tyler1215

    Sitting water might be a good strategy.....

    My main two tanks just have a little mud in them. A tank that has been dry the last few years was completely full this weekend. Completely not what I was expecting. Its throwing a wrench in my game plans
  6. tyler1215

    Sitting water might be a good strategy.....

    I agree 100% with this topic. I have a early archery tag this year and I'm thinking I'll be sitting more water than usually. Even if they're being more vocal and aggressive
  7. tyler1215

    Unit 27 hunters

    Any members going to be hunting 27 during the early archery season besides me? I set up cameras last weekend and will be out there scouting every weekend until the season starts. Can't wait
  8. tyler1215

    Top units

    I'm addicted to coues hunting and don't see me switching over. I asked the question because I've been seeing some mule deer in 3c that look like they'll be close to 200. I was curious if 3c was considered a top unit? I moved up to show low last year so new to the area
  9. tyler1215

    Top units

    Excluding the strip and kaibab. What do yall think is Arizona's top big mule deer producing units?
  10. tyler1215

    Early season

    Thanks for the advise
  11. tyler1215

    Early season

    Yeah I prefer cooler temps/later hunts but dad duties are making me hunt earlier this year.
  12. tyler1215

    Early season

    Unit 32. I do glass the majority of the day. Also, I know the unit and where I'll be hunting. I plan on doing what I do ever year and have been successful. I just haven't hunted in Oct and really eager to see how it differs. Thanks guys
  13. tyler1215

    Early season

    Hi guys. For the last five years or so I have always hunted the late November early December hunt. However, this year d/t other obligations I put in and drew the oct hunt. Any advise on what is different between those times? I know itll be a lot hotter so I'm curious on what I will need to do differently. Any suggestions, thoughts, or comments are appreciated. Thanks
  14. tyler1215

    Love snakes, but not these ones!!!!

    I'd be curious how those would serve as fishing bait
  15. tyler1215

    2018 left over list

    So I know I'm now asking a lot but anybody have 2017 left over list???