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  1. tyler1215

    Spotting antelope

    Thanks man in gonna cruise this area this weekend and see what I can find
  2. tyler1215

    Spotting antelope

    Thank you
  3. tyler1215

    Spotting antelope

    Where is that?
  4. tyler1215

    Results on the phone

    32 late nov for me and 31 december for my wife
  5. tyler1215

    A Bull Elk...in Roll, Az?

    This bull was hit near fort Thomas a few years ago. I had heard of elk living in the river bottoms around there but had a hard time believing until I saw this
  6. tyler1215

    Spotting antelope

    I have never been antelope hunting before and have a tag this year for Wyoming. I haven't even spent much time in the field studying antelope like I have deer and elk. I'm wanting to spend some time between now and oct getting out and glassing/watching/field judging antelope. In looking for areas around show low that will give me this opportunity, any suggestions?
  7. tyler1215

    CVA Accura v2 set up

    I cant seem to find those exact bullets, can you tell me where you get them? Thank you
  8. tyler1215

    Bull Elk Tag Transfer

    My first early archery bull tag I was 19, asked to take a leave of absence and quit when they said no. Two years later I got drawn again and was able to take a loa. Now I have a family and a career and would not be able to do that. You always have to set priorities in your life and unless you have a family to support imo hunting a limited chance hunt would be the priority
  9. tyler1215

    CVA Accura v2 set up

    Thank you creed_az_88 I will try that exact load. I left the store yesterday empty handed as I didn't realize all the different factors that go into a muzzleloader round. I've been reading since yesterday to learn all the ins and outs. Appreciate the info
  10. I bought my first muzzleloader and when I went to buy bullets powder etc, I got a little over whelm. So many options. Curious what you all suggest for a cva accura v2 set up
  11. tyler1215

    Ground blinds

    Thanks for the info. I'll set it up the sunday before archery season opens and cover in brush. Also will use plenty of scent blocker
  12. tyler1215

    Ground blinds

    Curious what everyone's opinion is on how long it takes a deer to get comfortable with a ground blind going up on a dirt tank?
  13. tyler1215

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    I'm hoping I'll find out by next Friday
  14. tyler1215

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    My wife has a December tag for either 31 or 32! I'll be hunting whitetail in 32 maybe I'll get double lucky and mine is a late dec tag also
  15. tyler1215

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    I will get a text when a charge hits my account but I've still checked my account three times already today. 😆