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  1. tyler1215

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    I think it has a lot to do with ur bank also. I have chase and it usually hits my card around 930. About an hour or two after people start reporting hits
  2. tyler1215

    2 per year question

    Cool thanks for the info
  3. tyler1215

    2 per year question

    The regs say you can kill 2 per year. Does that mean u can get an archery or ham tag and then go out again during the rifle hunt?
  4. tyler1215

    Wyoming thoughts

    Hey all. My brother and I have 4 pp for Wyoming antelope and want to cash in this year. Looking to hear some thoughts on what unit we should choose? We dont want to buy the special tag and obviously would like a unit that has plenty of public land. This will be our first time going to Wyoming so any thoughts, advice, or feedback is much appreciated. Thanks everyone
  5. tyler1215

    Hitting cards today!

    Any idea when g&f will release results?
  6. tyler1215

    Vortex Kaibab HD 18x vs 20x thoughts

    Wow $730 would have been a steal
  7. tyler1215

    Vortex Kaibab HD 18x vs 20x thoughts

    Thanks for your input. Good luck to all this season
  8. I'm looking at buying the kaibabs for long range glassing and I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the better bino? Vortex kaibab hd 18x vs 20x? I know they don't make the 20x's anymore but I know a place to get a pair. All input is appreciated
  9. tyler1215

    Javelina's for donation

    Thank you to the user who sent me a private message saying they would take the meat. I guess I worded my original message incorrectly, it's not that we can't eat the meat it's that we don't enjoy javelina meat and therefore don't want it. Before I get attacked saying we shouldn't be going out then. This is something my brother and friends love to do together. We love going outdoors and taking on the challenge. Also, we all want to be successful and have every right to be, even if we don't want the meat. This isn't the 1800's, we don't need the meat to feed our family. With the money we will spend on tags, gas, arrows/ammo, etc, we could easily go buy way more meat and still save money. I know there are people (many people) who enjoy Javelina, but we don't. That doesn't mean we shouldn't be out hunting them. I was raised right and will make sure to remove as much of the meat as possible and properly care for it so that it can be eaten by someone who will enjoy it. Hence, the reason I made my post, so that it will go to good use.
  10. tyler1215

    Javelina's for donation

    Hello All - This weekend 3 of my good friends and myself are going out in hopes of taking 4 Javelina's. However, in the event that we do harvest 4 pigs, I'm not sure we could eat that much Javelina meat. Is there anyone who would be interested in some of the meat? We will be hunting in unit 31 but we would be willing to travel to make sure the meat goes to good use. Obviously, we need to get the job done first but would like to have a plan if we are successful. Please let me know if you are interested or know anyone who would be. Thank you
  11. tyler1215

    1st deer of the seaon

    I can't make it out until next weekend. Since I'm itching so bad I thought i'd start this post to kill the time. Who got the first deer of the season? Coues or muley, please send pics and story.
  12. tyler1215

    decoys and calls

    Thanks for all the advice. I really appreciate it. If anyone has any unit 27 specific advice please message me. Not looking for anybody's honey holes, just any advice that anyone is willing to share. Thank you
  13. tyler1215

    decoys and calls

    I'm wondering how many people use cow decoys when early archery hunting? Also, do all the different cow calls make a difference, and if so, how do I know which one to use? I got my first archery tag in 27 and need advice. Thank you