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  1. tyler1215

    Go hunt

    Thanks for the replies. I've decided to try it out
  2. tyler1215

    Go hunt

    I'm trying to decide if I should buy access to gohunt. Looking for opinions from people who have used it. I'm looking to expand the states I hunt in and basically have one point for deer, elk, and antelope in most western states. Since I only have 1 I'm wondering if I should wait a couple more years before paying for the service. Any and all opinions appreciated
  3. tyler1215

    Who is hunting where?

    1st whitetail hunt in 32
  4. tyler1215

    Draw Results Posted?

    Yes sir. At least it's my hope lol. I don't want to go through the weekend wondering what I got
  5. tyler1215

    Draw Results Posted?

    Today at 415!
  6. tyler1215

    Total apps

    Any guess's on the final application numbers for this draw?
  7. Yeah I'm curious when the deadline will end up being
  8. tyler1215

    2021 Deer Regulations Finally Out!

    They didn't include the date to have cc updated by. They just put that they will send an announcement. Hahahahahaha
  9. tyler1215

    Results posted????

    Last year results were posted on March 5th. Not cc hit actual results
  10. tyler1215

    Tick Tock

    I'm starting to think maybe next Friday now lol.
  11. tyler1215

    A bunch of BS!

    They haven't processed a bunch of applications according to their portals
  12. tyler1215

    Any portal updates

    I was just wondering if anyone's portal got updated this last week? Doesn't seem like they are updating anyone's since the deadline to update cc
  13. tyler1215

    Tick Tock

    To me, validating every app would include updating the portal. If portals aren't updated, no cc hits. Just imo
  14. tyler1215

    Tick Tock

    Im usually very optimistic but I don't think it'll be till next Friday. Too much of a shot show I think to be any sooner