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  1. tyler1215

    Loyalty Point

    Can you get a bonus point for the spring and then again for the fall? And if you can do you have to get both to get/keep the the loyalty point?
  2. tyler1215

    Backcountry coffee

    I would buy a jet boil and get the coffee press. I love mine
  3. tyler1215

    Anyone wanna join me tomorrow?

    We moved to Linden (just outside of show low) and couldn't be happier. Its just on the edge of the pines where it starts to turn into juniper. Most of our neighbors have juniper but we have about 60 pines on our property.
  4. tyler1215

    Fires every where..

    I was about to drive from show low to globe. Any idea when they'll open the 60?
  5. tyler1215

    Bushmaster AR15

    Posting this for a friend, if interested please text or call Jason at 9282021437. Bushmaster AR15 with wylde stainless spiral twist fluke 16" barrel. He is asking 1500obo so make an offer
  6. tyler1215


    Another question, I have multiple bucks on camera over the past three weeks all being nubs except the one posted. I know they are still gonna grow over the next 6 weeks or so. However I'm curious how much can expect to see from now until opening of archery?
  7. tyler1215


    This was my favorite pic from the last two weeks on this particular camera.
  8. tyler1215


    Good to know. Thanks
  9. tyler1215


    One of my cameras took this pic. This guy's coat is not what I would consider to be typical coues coat. It looks more brown to me. I wouldn't expect to see mule deer in this area. What do u all think?
  10. tyler1215

    Spotting antelope

    Thanks man in gonna cruise this area this weekend and see what I can find
  11. tyler1215

    Spotting antelope

    Thank you
  12. tyler1215

    Spotting antelope

    Where is that?
  13. tyler1215

    Results on the phone

    32 late nov for me and 31 december for my wife
  14. tyler1215

    A Bull Elk...in Roll, Az?

    This bull was hit near fort Thomas a few years ago. I had heard of elk living in the river bottoms around there but had a hard time believing until I saw this
  15. tyler1215

    Spotting antelope

    I have never been antelope hunting before and have a tag this year for Wyoming. I haven't even spent much time in the field studying antelope like I have deer and elk. I'm wanting to spend some time between now and oct getting out and glassing/watching/field judging antelope. In looking for areas around show low that will give me this opportunity, any suggestions?