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  1. tyler1215

    PointGuard Plus - Priority positioning?

    My problem isn't with game and fish trying to make more money. My problem is someone getting a tag based on the fact they paid extra money. I simply don't buy point guard because I know I'll make sure to use the tag I get. Now my chances of obtaining a tag is decreased if I don't pay more money
  2. tyler1215

    NM mule deer

    Thanks creed_az_88. You've been a huge help to me with this muzzleloader. I really appreciate it
  3. Hello, I was drawn for a new mexico mule deer hunt and I'm looking for some insight on how far I can shoot ethically. I have a CVA Accura V2 and thanks to creed_az_88 I shoot 120 gr blackhorn by volume with a 250gr traditions smackdown bullet. I shoot a good group up to 300 yards. However, my question is does the bullet still was what it takes to take down a mule deer at that range? I know the shot placement has to be there. That said, if the shot placement is there, what would be my cut off distance? TIA for any and all feedback
  4. tyler1215

    New Mexico draw

    I'll make sure to update you after the hunt. I have no expectations as it will be my first time hunting new mexico and only second mule deer tag. Already planning at least three scouting to trips, one in the northern part of the unit, middle, and southern part. Hopefully after those trips I'll have it narrowed down as to where I want to focus
  5. tyler1215

    New Mexico draw

    I drew unit 23 muzzleloader mule deer! Can't wait for my first NM hunt. Already been escouting all morning and can't wait to start getting boots on new ground!
  6. tyler1215

    New Mexico draw

    Kicking myself for not selecting etag. I know it's just a few more hours but still lol
  7. tyler1215

    7 day backcountry elk hunt

    Get a jet boil. They're awesome for back packing. Just got back from a trip in the grand canyon
  8. tyler1215

    Draw Results

    My app said I had 2 bonus points when I have 4. Yeah I wasn't expecting to draw but I think its complete bs that every year we see mistakes like this but game and fish never has to be held accountable
  9. tyler1215

    To Soon?

    A week from today the fun should begin
  10. tyler1215

    Unit 31 & 32 access

    I heard about this last month and couldn't find any info on where the access gate it. I'll be Javalina hunting in klondyke this weekend and hope to find it once we're out there
  11. tyler1215

    AR question

    Hey guys I've seen posts on here debating using ARs on the ham hunt. Straight forward question, is it legal? Thanks in advance for the responses
  12. tyler1215

    New Draw

    I applied but my portal hasn't updated showing I applied 🙃
  13. tyler1215

    Go hunt

    Thanks for the replies. I've decided to try it out
  14. tyler1215

    Go hunt

    I'm trying to decide if I should buy access to gohunt. Looking for opinions from people who have used it. I'm looking to expand the states I hunt in and basically have one point for deer, elk, and antelope in most western states. Since I only have 1 I'm wondering if I should wait a couple more years before paying for the service. Any and all opinions appreciated
  15. tyler1215

    Who is hunting where?

    1st whitetail hunt in 32