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  1. WalkingBird

    Are there Turkeys in unit 7 ?

    I'm with you man, I spent all weekend scouring the E side of the Kachina's and never cut a single piece of sign. Saw a ton of deer and elk, but nothing in the way of turkeys
  2. WalkingBird

    Wednesday Night 3-D League

    Will be come back around next year? I came and shot the last couple weeks and it was a blast!
  3. WalkingBird

    Recommend me some books/novels please

    x2 on anything by L'Amour. Also William Johnstone's series' "The 1st Mountain Man" and "The Last Mountain Man", they tie in together. As far as history I really liked The Apache Wars. https://www.amazon.com/Apache-Wars-Geronimo-Captive-American/dp/0770435831 I read it on a fishing trip in Northern Canada while I still lived back east and I loved it, it's 10X better now that I can actually put places to the names. Stolen World is pretty good too, it's about illegal reptile smuggling in the 60's and 70's https://www.amazon.com/Stolen-World-Reptiles-Smugglers-Skulduggery/dp/B00AZ82KD2
  4. WalkingBird

    If you could design your own?

    I really like my Alaskan Knives elk hunter, the drop point with a 4" fixed blade, full tang and bright orange handle is a combo that I really like. I've used it to cut branches for work, clear minor brush, gut and skin game, I think it takes an edge well and retains it. just my $.02
  5. WalkingBird

    Archery Headquarters

    White Dodge 2500 with AZ bear and Elk stickers in the bottom corners in the parking lot
  6. WalkingBird

    Music - Songs for the drive

    Music: Jason Boland and the Stragglers Casey Donahew Brenn Hill Cory Morrow Stoney Larue Bobby Bare Dwight Yoakam Merle Haggard Waylon Jennings I think y'all get the picture but I do listen to a lot of podcasts while I'm driving, usually Randy Newburg or Shoot'n the Bull with Ty Stubblefield, Gritty Bowman once in awhile and Jay Scott Outdoors
  7. WalkingBird

    Ross Outdoors Grand Opening

    Hey I can see myself! It was certainly a madhouse, but it was certainly a great time. Got to meet some new folks and gain more insight into this whole Southwestern hunting style, that alone was worth the time spent at the shop, but winning a new bow was pretty sweet too! Thanks Ross Outdoors! I came in yesterday and got it set up (PSE Drive-R) I'll be back for sure