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  1. WalkingBird

    Best Hunting Multi-Pin Sight?

    Lots of options out there. Everyone will recommend what they shoot on their own rigs, in which case I'd recommend Black Gold as I've been very happy with mine. I'd personally try and decide what style you'd prefer and look for some helpful features. Stuff like housing/bracket materials, 2nd & 3rd Axis adjustment, fixed pins vs sliders, clickable movements (or at least an easily controllable friction adjuster) for your housing placement, easy to access pins for sighting in, Pin size, how many pins you want (single pin, 3, 5 , 7 etc), what colors you want (I personally have a harder time seeing a yellow pin, and see green very well, red is right in the middle) etc. These features (or lack thereof) are what really separate sights from one another and affects the price of each sight. If possible, I'd cruise some of the online sites and see if there are any that catch your eye, and then when you've got a few you're interested in, head down to a local shop and try to get your hands on as many as you can to see what really separates them from one another. For a personal recomendation, like I said above, I really like my Black Gold sight, which is a single .019" ascent (just a stock off the shelf model) as I've always preferred a single pin sight for a cleaner window to the target, although I have also enjoyed 5 pin fixed sights. My next purchase for this seasons archery elk tag however is a custom 4 pin housing for the Black Gold sight I already own
  2. WalkingBird

    Dead battery - need a jump near Globe

    I’m up near Jones Water, on 77 headed towards Show Low
  3. Hey guys, could really use some help. My truck has a dead battery and it drained my jump pack trying to get it started. I don’t have any jumper cables with me. AAA considers this off-road and won’t come out. Thanks in advance! It’s cold out here this morning! 315-800-2240 my name is Jesse
  4. WalkingBird

    questionable AZ history

    I read Apache Wars a couple years before we moved out here while fishing near James Bay in Ontario, not knowing I'd be coming here later on in life. I forgot about the book until we were unpacking and spotted it. I've re-read it since and it's been really cool to read again with a better understanding of the places mentioned in the book and learning how rugged the terrain really is https://www.amazon.com/Apache-Wars-Geronimo-Captive-American/dp/0770435831
  5. WalkingBird

    questionable AZ history

  6. WalkingBird

    questionable AZ history

    This is a great thread! I'm still new to AZ (3 years) but have loved reading about the history and hearing stories, even if they are mostly BS, they're still fun! I met an ole timer at Bass Pro and struck up a conversation about fly fishing, about an hour later he was telling me about the Apache Kid and the Sierra Madres
  7. WalkingBird

    Snake Gaiter recommendations

    I got the True Timbers or whatever they're called at Bass Pro, my Gf was working there at the time, so I got them for like $25, think they're usually $40. I wear them chasing quail and javelina in the cacti and love them, have yet to get cholla to go through them They are definitely hot, I'd give the turtle skins a serious look before I spent the $40 again.
  8. WalkingBird

    Binoculars 10 x42 or 10 x 50

    Yea, what he said^^
  9. WalkingBird

    Cartridge of the Week: .243 Winchester

    I love my .257 Wby Mag! But I just picked up a Howa in .243 Win to serve as a practice/backup/loaner/windy coyote rifle to supplement the Vanguard S2. Can't wait to get the Howa out and see what all the hype is about!
  10. WalkingBird

    AZ Black Rattlesnake color change

    Almost stepped on one in 5A about a month ago while walking to the Rim for a pic. Thought it was the shadow from a rock (I was wearing sunglasses) next to a downed log. I kicked the log to see if there was a rattler on the far side before stepping over, that SOB rattled 8" from my leg. It was like 60* at the time, so I think it was still pretty lethargic. It went under the log and out of my life. Worst part was I was ahead of my snake broke dog and Gf, I guess Boone reacted but by the time we noticed him, the snake already my its presence known
  11. WalkingBird

    Whatcha Lissnin to?

    Reckless has been around awhile, started listening to them and Micky and the Motorcars when I lived in Idaho
  12. WalkingBird

    ADBSS hosted Film Festival 7/27

    Didn;t know about it until now, might have to go check this out!
  13. WalkingBird

    Best 12x50’s (Not Swarovski)

    Never had a pair in my hand, but I'd be curious about a set of Mavens. Their 11x45 B.2's are $1100, and they have a demo program that can save you some $$
  14. I've been liking the outdoor pants by Wrangler, I've got them in long pants and shorts, they're light and breathable as well as wicked comfortable, not a bad mix for $20 For Shirts I've been liking the First Lite Wick 150 with the 1/4 zip (which is actually a 1/2 zip) and it's great for dumping heat on a hike I agree with many that camo itself it overrated, but disagree that that alone should negate people from purchasing some higher end products. While they are camo and that tends to increase the price, it's the materials and design that make higher end hunting clothing nice, not what camo they're in
  15. WalkingBird

    What do you carry with your 15x's?

    That was my situation, I went with a pair of all purpose 10ss before getting a pair of 15s