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  1. jjacks2

    (SOLD)Camping full setup

    I will take it all. Pm sent
  2. jjacks2

    Midsouth has retumbo

    Just grabbed some thx!!
  3. jjacks2


    Buy with confidence! Kept his word on price when others offered him more after we made a deal! Stand up guy! Thx again
  4. jjacks2


    sending pm
  5. jjacks2

    7mm 162gr eldx bullets to trade

    If you can get ahold of some, the Berger .284 180 gr. match hybrid bullets shoot lights out in more than one 7mm platform we have put together. Also deadly on game with it being a match bullet.
  6. jjacks2

    WTB 12x42 NL Pure - anyone have a pair?

    I finally found some myself but there was a guy that posted on KSL out of Utah that had a pair if you are OK with shipping. At least last Friday he had a pair available? Good luck!
  7. jjacks2

    Found some Binos! Delete Please

    Sent you a PM
  8. jjacks2

    FYI Primers at Bass Pro

    (Federal Premium GM215M) and (Federal No 215) Cases of 1K $74.99 At least 10 boxes of each!
  9. jjacks2

    Beware of Alexkb

    Yea he replied to my WTB message also. Seemed sketchy from the start so I just ignored him
  10. jjacks2

    WTB Swarovski NL Pures

    Yea I haven't heard anything bad about them yet! Thx for the heads up, I'm a bit leary about out of town transactions with that much skin but I will check those out thx!
  11. jjacks2

    WTB Swarovski NL Pures

    Looking for some 12x42 NL Pures, Thought I would ask around before I ordered some? If anyone has a pair you are wanting to sell please let me know Thx! FYI I prefer a local face to face transaction. I am in Mesa AZ
  12. jjacks2

    Wtb left handed bow

    Gotcha OK no problem
  13. jjacks2

    H4350 to buy or trade for

    I can trade you some if you wanna pm me
  14. jjacks2

    Wtb left handed bow

    Not sure what size you are looking but I have a Matthew's Ignition. Youth bow says 24 draw and up to 40lbs. Nice shape and is all set up to shoot. Will make you a deal LMK if you want more details