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  1. jjacks2

    Leupold 6.5-20X50 VX-III LR

    Pm inbound
  2. jjacks2

    Savage 338 lapua SOLD

    Sent pm
  3. jjacks2

    Safe and reloading room clean out

    Sent another PM
  4. jjacks2

    Safe and reloading room clean out

    Sent you a pm with some offers, haven't heard back? Not sure if you received it? Thx
  5. jjacks2

    Safe and reloading room clean out

    I sent you a pm. Thx
  6. jjacks2

    Sold plz delete

    Pm sent
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    Pm sent
  8. jjacks2

    Kuiu Attack pants

    Pm sent
  9. jjacks2

    For sale: Swarovski 10x50WB SLC

    Thx! Yeah I hate to get rid of them because they came back so nice but I have two pair and don't really need them.
  10. Swarovski 10x50WB SLC's non HD binoculars. These were a lightly used pair of binos that I just got back from Swarovski for repairs both under warranty and some out of pocket. Anyhow they came back looking brand new!! They look and function perfectly. Repairs include entire internal focus mechanism, focus wheel, polished lenses, new armor and new eye cups. They do not make the 10x50 SLC any longer and you don't see them for sell often. I feel these are the best all around binoculars to have. If you want an excellent used pair please call and come check them out. Asking $1400 Contact Jason 480-206-0464 Located in east Mesa I will not ship and no trades please. Thx!
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  13. jjacks2

    Cooper 295/70/18 tires

    These are sold, I know the guy that bought them FYI
  14. jjacks2


    NE Mesa, FYI can do PayPal or Venmo and ship on your dime.