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  1. Whiteboy

    Back to Submersible Pumps..

    Did you try calling Gilbert pump you can get a Gould's pump if it only 200ft you can do it yourself for sure PVC or galvanized pipe call Mike's drilling
  2. Whiteboy

    Fun with the Boys

    Congrats, looks like they could've had a half a horn and they'd still be smiling.always next year for the big one Great job boys.
  3. Whiteboy

    My Son's First Big Game Hunt

    Great story this is what hunting is intended to be like and some people twist a great thing and make it seem like we are the bad people but if there kid was to look up at them after a great hunt and say Dad, I FEEL LIKE I CAN DO ANYTHING. it may change some feelings. Great job little man Dad looks like you got a good hunting buddy.
  4. Whiteboy

    23 youth got it done.

    Congrats! Nothing can top watching kids take there first shot and the look they get when they walk up to there trophy no matter how big or small in there eyes it's a giant. Great buck little man.
  5. Whiteboy

    First Bear

    Nice! I just got my first bear not to sure if it's more of a rush than a big coues buck but I'm for sure going back for a second bear, Bow in hand. Congrats, by the way it taste great.
  6. Whiteboy

    First Elk (Vid added)

    Awesome,congrats he's got a great story to tell his buddies that's smile says it all hooked for life.
  7. Whiteboy

    Youth elk down

    Awesome, great job little man I bet he'll be back for more in the years to come.at least he knows where meat comes from and how to get it.congrats
  8. Whiteboy

    My boys got it done!!

    Nice bucks congrats to the boys hooked for life for sure did any body catch the guys lip in the one pic what did that thing score I wonder he must have got stung or something