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  1. Bowtechian84

    My boys got it done!!

    Ya I no first thing Grandpa said lol Fantastic Buck and story. Just curious - was the buck bedded in the shade or sunlight the entire time you were waiting for him to stand? Great question!! The buck was in the direct sunlight from 10 till he stood and it was hot
  2. Bowtechian84

    My boys got it done!!

    Ya I no first thing Grandpa said lol
  3. Bowtechian84

    My boys got it done!!

    Well the day had finally arrived and the boys hunt was here. We were watching some smaller bucks starting to bed when Shane says "I got a good buck for Owen" we watch the good buck as he went into his bed and after making a plan we had decided our only option was to get in close. We decide to split up and me and my son made the 1000 yard stalk and got to the spot we wanted to be. We set up and I told my son it was going to be a long wait, but we were there, and once he stood up it would get real exciting ..real fast. Wind was blowing hard in our face and we were 85 yards from the buck. The wait was on from 8:30-3:30 I was so proud of my son. He was going on hour 7 when I looked up hill and the buck was up, I said okay buddy he's standing there, get in your gun. Like all 11 year olds I said do you see him in your scope and he said ... "no". Now mind you I'm looking Into the eyes of a stud coues less than 100 yards up the hill from us and calm as could be my son says.." I see that cactus we were practicing on" I zoom him in to max power and he says dad there's a deers head oh wait he has horns.. dad there really big horns!!.. I'm heart pounding, don't look at his horns (smiling from ear to ear) .. you got him son now just wait and he'll step forward. I hear the safety click he said dad Im perfect on him. Ok just wait and right then that buck stepped towards us exposing his whole body. I look to my son and said go ahead when your ready and before I could look back to my binos the shot was off. The buck didn't go 20 yards, piled up In the rocks he was bedding in. The excitement kicked in ..we were laughing ,hugging, highfiving ..he had done it.. what some may never get to experience in there whole life.. in walking up on one of these old brutes... I have been hunting these deer since I was his age and may never shoot a buck of this caliber and that's fine cause the look in my young boys eyes, when it was over .. was well worth it. well after the dust had cleared and pictures were done, we set off to fill my nephews tag. He loved this young velvet buck and was proud to have him. My nephew had put in work as well, shooting this deer on a follow up shot, the buck stopped at 270 yards and clay smoked him. I was very happy with the way these boys hunted. All in all we had a successful season and the boys are hooked for life.
  4. Bowtechian84

    Diamondbacks vs Dodgers tickets Monday 10/9

    Still available? P.m. sent
  5. Bowtechian84


    I got my Eastmans bow hunting Journal magazine last night and it had a good write up on coues deer.. I probably have my user names on here mixed up I just assumed that was the story you were talking about
  6. Bowtechian84


    Coues in EBJ = Awesome!! Congrats on all around great job Bonecollector777
  7. Bowtechian84

    Credit card hits

    For the first time in a long time I'm not to worried if I draw. It's my son and nephews first year putting in and I'm praying for youth tags.. Good luck everyone
  8. Bowtechian84

    Colorado Rainbows

    Ok here's the honey hole but let's keep it in CW
  9. Bowtechian84

    Colorado Rainbows

    Thanks guys, we were up there just north of Durango on Columbine Lake by Purgatory fishing on the bottom with nightcrawlers. We hit the areas close to the beavers and it seemed to work
  10. Bowtechian84

    Colorado Rainbows

    Spent the last week in Colorado with friends and family, probably the best week of trout fishing I've ever had. My oldest boy learned how to set a hook, and the fight of big trout. I may of spoiled him a bit but it was worth it. The pictures do no justice to these big guys. What a trip and a early father's day we will never forget
  11. Bowtechian84

    Rocky Point Fishing Pics

    That's awesome.. I was at the Sonoran Sun all weekend, nice fish
  12. Bowtechian84

    One found me

    Always a good feeling.. I found this one last weekend
  13. Bowtechian84

    Utah card hits

    Fingers crossed, hoping for my first out of state tag
  14. Bowtechian84

    Your Favorite Archery Shop in the Valley

    +1 Ross Outdoors .. worth the drive
  15. Bowtechian84

    135" + coues deadhead

    What a find.. that's really cool